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Netflix Film Gems to Check Out

Some Underrated Films to Sit Back and Watch

Sometimes you don't feel like watching a nine episode long show on Netlfix and would much rather watch a nice two hour film. Well, I'm here to provide with some underrated films on Netflix that I feel deserve your attention and you surely will have a good time with!


From director-writer Sean Baker (The Florida Project), comes the Iphone-shot comedy drama film Tangerine. The film surrounds two transgender sex workers, one of which just gets released from prison and discovers that their pimp boyfriend is cheating on them. This then prompts her to go on an all out rampage to find him and his mistress through the streets of Los Angeles. This film is a hilarious romp that uses transgender actors in the lead and supporting roles. It's a raunchy, great time.

'All These Sleepless Nights'

For fans of raves and partying, this pseudo-documentary/narrative film shows the life a partying, dipping in and out of the scene each and every night, wondering what the world must be doing when they're sleeping so much. This is a beautiful film with great music and visuals that is surely worth your time.

'God's Own Country'

A tearjerker for those who love gay romance stories with very little dialogue. The quiet drama takes place in the United Kingdom with a farm boy falling for the family's Romanian migrant worker. It's sad, beautiful, and eye-opening. 


Starring recent Oscar-winner Sam Rockwell, Moon is the story of a lonely astronaut aboard a space station who discovers a secret that only he knows. This film is gorgeous and heartbreaking at the same time. Sam Rockwell delivers one of the best performances of the century and is able to hold his own as being somewhat of the only character on screen. For the fans of sci-fi and crying.

'A Serious Man'

From the Coen Brothers comes one of their most underrated efforts in their underrated careers. Having a cast of mostly unknowns at the time, A Serious Man is a modern day retelling of The Book of Job in which man loses everything and questions God. This film is absolutely hilarious with its commentary on religion and 1960s societal standards. Highly recommended. 

'Paris Is Burning'

A 1990 documentary chronicling the world of underground drag queens in New York City during the 1980s. This film is just oozing with ferocity and sassiness like its subjects. Every interview and scene is just so much fun to watch and learn about. At times, it does become very sad, but in the end you'll want to be a part of the party.

'Faces Places'

Nominated for a Best Documentary Oscar in 2018, Faces Places is co-directed by French New Wave goddess, Agnès Varda and visual artist, JR. This film and its message of spreading happiness around the world is just so beautiful and the two personalities of Varda and JR keep the film afloat. Even at the ripe old age of 90, Agnès Varda can sit down and show the rest of the world that she still knows what to do.

'Mr. Nobody'

For people who enjoy films that stretch over the course of one's life and include many different alterations to a timeline, then Mr. Nobody is for you. The film follows Nemo Nobody, played by Jared Leto, as he is the oldest man still living in a future of immortals. He tries to remember back to his life and what happened. Did he go to live with his dad or his mom? Did he marry Diane Kruger or Sarah Polley? The film is a mind bender, but in the end, you'll have appreciated at the twists and turns you went down.

This is just a short list of some recommended films that I love. If you have any more, please share them with me and I hope to do a second part to this in the future.

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Netflix Film Gems to Check Out
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