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New 'Orange Is The New Black'

Is this the end?

Okay, so, this show is probably one of my favorites on Netflix. Ever since the first season I was absolutely and utterly hooked on it, most like the majority of the world. Waiting for each new season was like waiting for another hit of... uh... coke. Before you read any further, if you haven't finished the new season, or if you haven't even started, don't read on because I'm about to spoil some things and you won't like it (unless you're into that). If you read on you've already been warned so don't blame me when I said there were spoilers because it's your fault at this point.

What we know when starting this new season is that a riot has erupted since Poussey's passing, CO Piscatella is dead, Lorna is pregnant (help us all), Frieda is a only looking out for number one, Red is getting her footing with her girls and her new group (she was also almost scalped by Piscatella), and Piper is still insanely annoying. We clearly know more but, whatever you know. Let's keep this train rolling. 

If you remember way back when, CO Bailey accidentally killed Poussey in the cafeteria by sitting on her and closing her airway basically. RIP. While it wasn't on purpose, the inmates still wanted justice for her accidental murder. Although, I don't think they realize that Bailey is a little puppy who really doesn't belong in that job position, but there he is anyways, and he beats himself up for it every day. But with that being said, there should have been light shed on the passing of Poussey and who did it. After all of this, Taystee, (Tasha Jefferson), decides to take matters in her own hands and seek justice for Poussey. All of this carries on to the next season and plays a big role for Taystee.

Moving forward to the new season. All of the inmates have now been transferred to Litchfield Maximum Security down the hill. With them being in a little summer camp up the hill, this is Alcatraz compared to what they're used to. The only person that has been there, that we know of, is Nicky, but she did come back. All of the new transfers from camp are now in Ad Seg. at the beginning of the season. Which is kind of like solitary but not quite because they can have roommates while waiting to be released back into gen pop. The new inmates from up the hill are now being investigated by the FBI and what-not for Piscatella's murder. What nobody knows besides the FBI, and Black Cindy and Suzanne, is that he's dead. Why does nobody know? Because none of the inmates actually killed him. A rookie member of the SWAT team clearing the prison accidentally shot and killed him, but no one else knows that.

Moving on further.

After being released into their new cell blocks, we all find out that there has been some beef between two sister inmates for years at this place. Now separated into C and D block, Carol and her sister Barb are feuding to the death (literally) basically over whose story from waitressing is whose and over, you didn't guess it, Frieda. That was a shocker to me and I don't know why.

Some new characters we meet thus far are Madison "Badison,"—I refuse to call her Badison because she gave the name to herself and made everyone call her that—sis, you are trying way too hard. Anyways, we meet Carol, Barb, Daddy (love her), Creech, Adeola (LOVE), CO Ward (friend of Taystee's), CO Ginger, CO Hellman (a right doo-doo stick if you ask me), Tina Swope (in love with Daddy, well, Daddy's drugs), and there are more but I've named so many I'm out of breath. Oh and also there's a baby killer but we won't talk about her.

Madison is basically Carol's right hand, which seems very annoying to me but she would do anything to seem badass so she does anything for Carol trying to win her approval. Carol and Barb are sisters, as we have established. They've been in a never ending feud all because of Frieda who ratted them and their drug stash out to the Warden at least 30 years ago. The show cuts to a flashback of the Warden saying, "Stay out of trouble up the hill. You just made a lot of big enemies down here." Frieda, finessing her way out of being in C or D Block when arriving back at Max, cuts her wrists to make herself seems suicidal, then plays the whole "I'm just an old feeble granny" trick, rats out some people from the pool during the riot, and boom, when put into General Population she was put in Florida, which is neutral territory that nobody touches. "Florida" is filled with loonies, like Suzanne, and basically grandmas. They get to relax and eat pudding all day pretty much.

Piper, after a lot of frustration and ratting out Red to the Feds thinking Alex was dead (she's not), gets word that she's only got nine months left, to serve, not live. We're missing Big Boo though, she's only seen at the beginning of this season and is never seen again. We miss you, Boo! Now, throughout the season there's drama and whatnot. Blanca tries to get pregnant with a make shift turkey baster, Daya becomes addicted to drugs after the guards beat her for "killing" one of their own, her mother is dating a guard smuggling drugs to her and working a pyramid scheme, Alex is still stuck in prison for five years I believe is what was said, and Piper and Alex get prison married. Towards the end of the season Piper reveals that she only has a couple more months to serve to Madison, who does not like that. Madison hates Piper for orchestrating a kickball game between C and D Block like old times—PAUSE—which in the 80s is when Frieda ratted Carol and Barb out. During that game they were all planning to shank each other on the field. Now, Madison is trying her best to mess up Piper's date, but Piper happens to tell CO Hopper, who happens to be filing early release forms for Ferguson, when Madison buys off CO Hellman to fudge some paperwork to make it seem like Piper jumped her. When Hellman gives the botched paperwork to Hopper, Hopper catches on, then admitting paperwork for Piper's early release.

So, there are many girls getting out on early release on the same day the big kickball game is going down. Which also happens to be when C and D Block are going to do what wasn't done 30 years ago. Blanca and Piper are getting out, Piper and Alex get prison married, Lorna is going into labor while the kickball game is happening, and Carol and Barb aren't on the field. They've swiped pink outfits that Florida block wears so that they can get to Frieda while everyone is busy outside. But they can't stay in the same room together for more than five minutes. They soon get into an argument leading to them killing each other in the last episode. All the while, we see Piper getting out and Blanca as well. But when they walk down the hallway it seems there are two lines going separate ways. Blanca appears to be in the process of being deported by ICE, and Piper is in the front of the prison meeting with Cal, her brother. The camera pans to Diablo multiple times, Blanca's boyfriend, waiting for her to walk out the door. 

I could spoil much more but my fingers are pretty tired to be honest. My mind is scattered much like this post, but hey, that's okay. Anyway, this means next season we should see Piper adjusting to life on the outside, Alex and her new posse, the prison community now that Carol and Barb are dead, and what happens to Blanca.

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