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North Shore Music Theatre Hairspray Is Phenomenal Show!

The whole cast showcases their talent through immense dancing, powerful singing, and their bubbly personalities.

 Bill Hanney’s North Shore Music Theatre Hairspray is a hair-hopping entertaining show that will keep you dancing and smiling in your seats the entire time! The whole cast showcases their talent through immense dancing, powerful singing, and their bubbly personalities. Each cast member worked together to make their personalities shine through memorable characters who have been brought to life since 1998.

Hairspray revolves around a plump, but very energetic girl named Tracy Turnblad living in Baltimore. Set in 1962 audience members are brought back to the cruel times during of segregation. The Corny Collins Show is looking for dancers! It's Tracy’s dream to live out her chance to dance on her beloved TV show. Along the way Tracy meets some new friends, seeks love, faces body shaming challenges and even a jail sentence!

Brooke Shapiro performs as the energetic Tracy Turnblad. From the moment she hits the stage her energy blasted around the audience! Her best friend Penny Pingleton played by Christina Emily Jackson will have you laughing at her many well acted one liners. Tracy runs after the musically talented Zane Phillips as Link Larkin who is already in a relationship with the snarky Amber Von Tussle performed beautifully by Marie Eife. As for Penny she finds herself in a forbidden interracial love with Stephen Scott Wormley performing as Seaweed J. Stubbs who bounces around the stage with rhythmic feet and a voice like no other.

I was blown away by Altamiece Carolyn Cooper as Motormouth Mabel. She held her head high and belted out in tune. Motormouth Mabel clashed with endlessly talented Merrill Peiffer, the producer of the Corny Collins Show. I could write a review about every single cast member in this show but it may turn into novel! The entire ensemble contributed their smiles, talent, and endless energy to this spectacular show.

However I will talk about Blake Hammond. Since the show’s debut Hairspray’s tradition is for man to perform the boisterous role of Edna Turnblad, Tracy’s faithful and big-hearted mother. Blake Hammond and Philip Hoffman (Wilbur Turnblad) did a spectacular job in the roles of Tracy’s parents and even ballroom dancing around the stage.

Hairspray is filled with show stopping numbers from "Good Morning Baltimore," "Welcome to the 60’s," and "You Can’t Stop the Beat" which ends off the show with a bang. I was bobbing my head to the tunes for most of the show. I even wanted to get up and dance with the actors in stage. I wonder if that was allowed because in a round theatre everyone has a front seat.

Hairspray is playing at North Shore Music Theatre from October 30-November 11. I suggest that you get your tickets before times runs out. You don’t want to miss out on the beautiful set pieces, gorgeous outfits, beautiful makeup, and hair that raises like a beanstalk! North Shore Music Theatre welcomes you to have a splendid time. I know I did! I will be back for more.

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North Shore Music Theatre Hairspray Is Phenomenal Show!
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