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'Once Upon a Time' - Characters We Would Have Liked to See

They could have even saved the show.

With Once Upon a Time coming to an end after seven seasons, many, including me, are left to wonder what could have been. What if this character made an appearance? What twists in their story could have been added? How would they interact with the other main cast? Here's a list of characters and possible storylines for each one. I believe that a few of these could have also enabled the show to continue or a season or two.

1. Captain Jack Sparrow

He and Killian Jones, a.k.a Captain Hook, can have a past, either a nice bromance or they can be ultimate rivals. If ultimate rivals they can include Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann-Turner so it can be Jack, Will, and Elizabeth vs. Killian, Emma, and maybe Charming. I think that Emma and Elizabeth would get along pretty well and develop a friendship. I also think they could all band together to fight a common enemy—maybe Blackbeard. This is one of the ideas that could have saved the show.

2. Stitch

I think it would be cool to see him going haywire and causing havoc in Storybrooke and all that.

3. 'Toy Story'

Buzz Lightyear could be this super villain that has magic and can maybe even fly. Woody and Jessie can be these country loving lovers and the heroes that help stop Buzz's rampage. Him, Woody, Jessie, and the rest of the gang can be life-size in Storybrooke, but small toys in their backstories. The roles can even be reversed for Woody and Buzz in their backstories. Buzz can be the toy that Andy cast aside when he moved on from space things to cowboys and country, and this is what caused him to become a villain. Andy could also be in Storybrooke, grown-up, and be the key to undoing Buzz Lightyear and the perfect companion for Henry. This is another golden idea that could have increased the show's ratings.

4. Jack Skellington

Halloween could have come to Storybrooke indefinitely, Oogie Boogie could make an appearance as the next villain with some incredible backstory, and Jack's love interest, Sally, could also make her interesting—maybe as his wife. They could also have a child, maybe even a living one, cursed with a beating heart. That'd be cool—the Princess of the Pumpkin Patch, the Pumpkin Princess, the Princess of Halloween could be a little girl who has a heart that beats, unlike her parents. She and little Hope, Emma Swan, and Killian Jones's child, could be like best friends. Another good idea that could have helped the show.

5. Bolt

Penny and Bolt could be seeking temporary shelter from Dr. Calico and his men. The Storybrooke gang could help Penny get her father back. Calico could create an evil clone of Bolt that they have to defeat along with him.

6. Simba

Could you imagine Simba and Nala having an adopted human child? Putting a bit of a Tarzan twist in the story, the infant girl was raised by Simba and Nala and became "The Lion Princess." She could talk to animals much like Tarzan. To put a Once twist on things, she could be the lost child of Regina and her first love, Daniel. With this twist in there, this could have brought in more viewers—Regina is a very beloved character. This could have been a new main character too.

7. Moana

She and Maui could have brought more mythology into the show. She could have married Maui and become a goddess herself; of the waves or something like that.

8. Melody

We saw Ariel and Prince Eric, but we didn't get to see their daughter, Melody. I think she and Moana could be life-long friends/partners for some adventures in their backstories. That could explain why the ocean chose Moana to restore Te'Fiti's heart.

There are many more characters that I would love to see, but I don't have any stories to go with them so they aren't listed.

Thanks for reading.

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'Once Upon a Time' - Characters We Would Have Liked to See
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