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'Once Upon a Time' - Favorite Fairytale Show Comes to an End - Final Thoughts

Seven seasons later—what are our thoughts? *Finale Spoiler Alert*

Being a huge fan of this show as I am, I am one of those that was extremely upset when many of the main characters either quit or were asked to leave following its sixth season. I was even more upset when it was published that the seventh season would be its last season ever. 

However, all good things must come to an end at some point.

These are some common thoughts and concerns with the ending and what we didn't get to see in the show.

The most talked about part of the ending was the last part. In the end, Regina, played by Lana Parrilla, came up with a way to unite the realms (in other words—bring them all to Storybrooke) and Regina was crowned the first leader of the united realms. I felt this was one of Regina's most important moments. When you go back to season one, Regina was by far the most evil villain in the show. I mean, she was the "Evil Queen" for goodness sake. But now, seven seasons later, she has changed so much that Snow White names her "The Good Queen" and she is chosen by all the people in the realms to be their leader/queen. She has changed so much and the ending did a good job of reflecting that.

When Regina is giving her speech at the end, the screen flashes to some of the best and heart-wrenching moments in the show's history including Belle and Rumple dancing in their iconic Beauty and the Beast gowns, Neal/Baelfire's death, and Emma waking Henry up from the sleeping curse. I thought looking back at iconic moments from previous seasons was a great way to wrap up the series.

I would have loved to see all the people from all the realms intertwined though. Like their reactions to seeing and trying new things would have been hilarious—much like Hook with modern technology.

One common issue/complaint that I have heard is how Emma Swan wasn't crowned as the Queen. Even though she has a newborn infant to care for, she is "The Savior" and won the final battle against the Black Fairy that saved all the realms from oblivion. I believe the decision by the creators was made to show Regina's progress from evil to good.

In addition to this, Jennifer Morrison, who plays the iconic role of Emma Swan, had very little screen time in the finale's episode. This is what upset me most—she's my favorite character. This could probably be attributed to the fact that 1. Jennifer Morrison is becoming more of a household name as she is directing as well as starring in movies and plays and 2. there was an incident in an interview where she accidentally spoiled the name of her character's child and then made the comment of "What are they gonna do? Fire me?" and proceeded to spoil more things about her character's return and the baby. While I love spoilers, this was a highly questionable act on her behalf. Long story short, I would have loved to see more of Emma Swan, and even how she and Killian are doing with their newborn baby girl, Hope.

Another common complaint I have heard is about the absence of other past guest stars. While we did see several past guest stars in the finale, such as Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Ariel, and the Blue Fairy, many others should have been seen in the audience of Regina's coronation and maybe even subtle hint of what happened to them in the time we didn't see them on the screen. Little things such as Aladdin and Jasmine close together with a shiny wedding ring on her finger or Anna and Kristoff with an infant in their arms, and a playmate/most likely best friend for baby Hope, would have most likely driven the audience even more wild.

One of the things many are upset about is the characters and stories that were never introduced. This show was designed in a way that the idea well would never run dry. They could always bring in more characters and introduce new realms. There's so many that we never got to see. Guessing which character will come next is definitely something I will miss.

I have another article with a list of characters and possible story ideas for each one. Definitely worth reading, I think it's pretty creative.

Thanks for reading.

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'Once Upon a Time' - Favorite Fairytale Show Comes to an End - Final Thoughts
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