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‘One Punch Man’ Season Two is "Confirmed" to Air in April 2019!!!

New Information About the Release of 'One Punch Man' Season Two and Much More!

Image Credit: #OnePunchManSeason2

The world is in danger and only one baldy can save it.

You guessed right, and it is Saitama!!


One Punch Man Season 2!!!

We got some new news regarding One Punch Man season two. This news was covered by Yonkou Productions, who is a very reliable source for Dragon Ball and for anime in general. Yonkou always gives us news and translations. 

Awesome dude!!! 

I will link his bio right here so you can check it out for yourselves. So I am pretty much initiating some stuff that he said and explaining why this is happening from an animation staff perspective. 

 Proof of 'One Punch Man' Airing in April 2019! (Image Credit: @YonkouProd)

So we got some really great news and some really bad news if you are a One Punch Man fan—more so on the bad side. The good news is we have episode one of season two, which is awesome news. 

Now the bad news is that the rest of the season airs in 2019!!! 


So we are not going to get the full season two until early 2019, which is a long ways away. The writers have been working on this for over a year or two. Do not quote me on that. I know that they announced once One Punch Man season two was going to be in production. 

Now, we just got the news, and the show will be airing in Japan, and the first episode is available now. So we will be able to see it somehow online. 

Saitama & Genosa

The reason for this hiatus and why it is taking so long is because J.C. Staff wants the animation quality to be up to par with season one. What you guys have to understand is that season one was made by Madhouse Studios, which is my favorite studio. Madhouse is just leagues beyond everybody else. 

There are some studios that came close, like Bones Inc., which have done exceptionally well with My Hero Academia for example. There are some really good studios out there, but, in my opinion, nobody comes close to the quality of Madhouse. 

They are just ridiculously good!!! 

So J.C. Staff has done a ton of projects in the past, but not a lot of mainstream name ones you probably have heard of or seen before. Just because they have not done a lot of mainstream anime, does not mean that they are inexperienced. 

Now, they have done a lot of very well-known anime series like Slayers, Revolutionary, Alien 9, Battle Vixens, Honey & Clover, Food Wars and many more.

So taking on this big task, which is One Punch Man season two trying to compete against Madhouse, they are like, “Okay. This is a big problem because we were given this big project.”

'One Punch Man' Season 2 Visual!

I do not know why Madhouse is not doing season two. Maybe they do not have the resources for it, but J.C. Staff is like, "We got this big project. Everybody is eagerly waiting for One Punch Man season two, and we have to do this show justice.”

In order to do that, they have to get the animation quality to be up to par with season one. One Punch Man season one took them a year to do 12 episodes for Madhouse. 

However, it looks like J.C. Staff have been working on this, and they probably got a cut from the first 12 episodes. So they may be saying, “If we release this big project, One Punch Man is going to die.”


People are not going to watch the show because they got into it for the love and quality of One Punch Man. So, J.C. Staff wants to take a step back and be like, “Let’s go back in the tank for a year and polish this thing so much, make this the flagship anime that we can use a representation of our company and give it out to the world. Not only will this make us look great but it will keep our fans interested in One Punch Man, which will give us the opportunity to make more One Punch Man seasons in the future."

This makes a lot of sense, and, honestly, I am okay with that. I'd rather wait another year and a half to get a season two that looks like season one, rather than getting it now and it's just crap quality and ruins the show. So think about it in that sense. 


I do not know if you guys have been keeping up with the One Punch Man manga, but it has been going deep into the whole Garou story. So if you want to know who Garou is, the main antagonist of season two, read the manga. I do not want to spoil too much, but I will say this, which is a spoiler:

There is this “Monster Association.” So the cool thing is you have the Hero Association in season one, and in season two we will get introduced to the Monster Association. We will also get introduced to Garou, who is an anti-villain. 

Now if you know the term “anti-hero,” it’s a person who is a hero, but they lack the characteristics of a hero. For example, an anti-hero saves the day, but that person may kill a lot of people or kill the villains on the way so they would not carry a justice mentality and be more like a vigilante. 

That is an anti-hero. Garou is an anti-villain, and he does not want any part of the Monster Association, but he wants to be a villain and wants to be against the heroes. 

'One Punch Man' Returns!

So he has got an interesting character personality, and I am so excited about seeing Goro in season two. So now we know that we will not get the full season until 2019 and One Punch Man is “confirmed” to air in 2019.

That is all the One Punch Man news I have for you today! 

Thank you for reading!!!

Thank you for contributing to my post, and I really appreciate it!

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Until next time ^_^

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‘One Punch Man’ Season Two is "Confirmed" to Air in April 2019!!!
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