Top Ten Hottest Men In Shadowhunters

Joanna White
in Entertainment

Here are the top ten hottest men in the TV show Shadowhunters!

Twin Peaks, and How To Enjoy It

A.R. Minhas
in Entertainment

Twin Peaks Season 3 is now in progress, and so far the show has been getting a lot of mixed reception. The criticism has been mostly focused on the show’s pacing which has been very, very slow; unlike...

Scariest Marvel Villains

Madeline Basirico
in Entertainment

The Marvel Universe was created in the 1960's by Stan Lee alongside Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. The world of Marvel revolves around the supernatural, and characters who have special powers. In the Mar...

Horror Movies

Freda D
in Entertainment

I want to tell you about a few movies that scared me. They are Silent Hill, 13 Ghosts, and 28 Days Later. The only thing that provokes genuine fear in me regarding any horror movie is whether or not I...

Twin Peaks 2017: Part 7 - There's a Body Alright

James Giles
in Entertainment

For fans who have felt The Return has been too slow in driving the plot, has strayed a bit too far from the tone and narrative style of the first two seasons, then "Part 7" must have provided a huge s...

Battle of The Anime Bad-Asses

K Hawks
in Entertainment

Like Fight Club, there are some unspoken rules to being a bad-ass in anime. The first rule of being a bad-ass: A bad-ass does not purposely try to be a bad-ass. A bad-ass is simply a bad-ass. Period. ...

MCU vs. DCEU: Why DC Movies Are More Important Than Marvel Movies

Robert Santana
in Culture

Nine years and 15 movies into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Films have sought to cash in on this idea. So far they have released four movies in an effort to move forward with their own ideas of a ...

Urthona and Rintrah: The Last Days of Dr. Strange, Vol. 2

F. Simon Grant
in Entertainment

Peter B. Gillis, my favorite Dr. Strange writer of the 1980s, debuted two underrated and tragically forgotten alien creatures in the same storyline that brought volume 2 to an end: Rintrah, the green ...

Evil Batmen Invade DC Comics' September 2017 Solicitations Just in Time for School

Jacob Elyachar
in Entertainment

Just as schools and universities get back into session in September, DC Comics will continue to bring their blockbuster stories to life, which will even satisfy the grumpiest professor. Before you sta...

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright

Chloe Gilholy
in Entertainment

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright is a game for the Nintendo 3DS that was released in Japan in 2012 and eventually released to the rest of the world in 2014. Having been a fan of both Professor Layt...

The Fun in Fandoms

Clara Lin
in Entertainment

Like many adolescents nowadays, once upon a time I had indulged a majority of my time in reading renowned fiction books, varying from the Harry Potter series to the Heroes of Olympus series. I've also...