The 'Doctor Strange' Controversy: Is Marvel Whitewashing?

Anne St. Marie
in Entertainment

With Marvel’s Doctor Strange on the verge of hitting theaters everywhere, the conversation regarding it is only getting louder ---- and, with that, the controversy. Said controversy kicked off the mom...

Movies and TV That Helped Shape the Modern Superhero Universe   

Alysha DePerna
in Entertainment

With the recent release of Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix, and its overwhelming popularity, it’s not hard to see the impact that superheroes have on our culture. The show is a great example of the clev...

Funniest Webcomics for Gamer Geeks

Sarah Quinn
in Humor

From classics like Penny Arcade and VG Cats to newer strips like Intelligent Life, these satirical webcomics poke fun at gamers and geek culture while sharing inside jokes that never make it to mainst...

The Best Fandom Culture Podcasts

Alysha DePerna
in Entertainment

The online world of geek podcasting is pretty vast and filled with just about any niche you can think of. However, the one downside - especially for us ladies - is that many of the top fan shows that ...

Dressing Up, The Geeky Way

Sarah Quinn
in Beauty

From sedate to sexy, these amazing dresses are all you ever dreamed of in your adorable geeky heart. Maybe you’re a serious scientists or programmer; maybe you’re just extremely serious about superher...

Most Binge-Worthy Fantasy Webcomics (And They're Safe for Work, Too)

Sarah Quinn
in Entertainment

There’s a slew of superb fantasy webcomics to choose from these days, but some of them could get you fired (think Oglaf, one of the most notoriously NSFW fantasy strips on the internet). But you don’t...

Top Super Villains Turned Superheroes 

Stephen Hamilton
in Entertainment

Everyone knows that for every superhero there is a super villain. But what of the super villains turned superheroes? The super villain turned superhero is one of the most exciting devices used in comi...

The Best Games Of All Time

Samantha Bentley
in Entertainment

I’ve never been much of a gamer, except fighting games, which I am tremendously good at. So good, that recently, my boyfriend and I went on a double date with another couple to a gaming bar, and I bea...

Marvel Archenemies: The Most Heated Feuds in the Marvel Universe

Peter Carriveau
in Entertainment

Marvel archenemies have resulted in some of the most dramatic storytelling in the Marvel universe. They come in a variety of forms and occur on a multitude of levels. From the cosmic scale that can de...

Hollywood Vs. Television

Marina Caitlin Watts
in Entertainment

For decades, going to the movies was a great way Americans consumed media. They would see cartoons, get their news, and see silent film. In 1927 and on, films would have sound and narratives became mu...

Best Graphic Novels for Women 

Patricia Sarkar
in Buyer's Guide

Are you a female with a huge interest in comic books and the best graphic novels for women? It may have been against the grain once upon a time, but they’re becoming more popular than ever with female...