5 Disney Channel Original Movies and the Awful Lessons They Teach

Jason Schwartz
in Entertainment

Some of my favorite childhood movies were the Disney Channel Original Movies, (DCOMs). When I think of DCOMs I think of movies like High School Musical and Halloweentown, fun movies that have great mo...

6 Marvel Characters Who Need Their Own TV-Show

Joachim Heijndermans
in Entertainment

Marvel's rise in the film and television scene has been staggering, with movie after movie and tv-show after tv-show hitting it big. It is noticeable how critically acclaimed their tv-exploits have be...

Best Slice of Life Graphic Novels

Rachel David
in Buyer's Guide

I seek not to undermine the likes of Superman, the Avengers or to disrespect anyone in cape, for that matter. The fact is, that comic books have been synonymous with vigilante justice-seekers and acti...

'Trainspotting 2' Movie Review

Robert Cain
in Entertainment

Released: 27th January 2017 (UK) Length: 117 Minutes Certificate: 18 Director: Danny Boyle Starring: Ewan McGregor, Ewan Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle and Anjela Nedyalkova Trainspotting h...

'Trainspotting' Movie Review

Robert Cain
in Entertainment

Released: 23rd February 1996 Length: 93 Minutes Certificate: 18 Director: Danny Boyle Starring: Ewan McGregor, Ewn Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle, Kevin McKidd and Kelly McDonald Cult films...

History of the Wilhelm Scream

Scott Snowden
in Culture

Frequently used in situations where someone falls from a great height or is shot or possibly even blown up, its unique shriek usually reflects the unpleasant death of a sacrificial subordinate in a tense scene, thus serving as stark reminder to both the audience and the protagonists of the seriousness of their situation. The origins of this modern day scream meme are a little hazy, but it’s generally believed to have its beginnings in a movie called Distant Drums, made in 1951. At about the 45 m...

Emotional DC Comics Moments

James Lizowski
in Entertainment

The comic book world is filled with emotional DC Comics moments. While Marvel has had its fair share of stellar scenes, one cannot deny the heaviness of DC Comics at times. After all, the comic book p...

Marvel Comics Romances

Patricia Sarkar
in Culture

A lot of couples have come and gone in the Marvel Universe. Some survive the hardships that come with the life of a superhero, but others crumble under the pressure of conflict, and still others die. ...

Excerpt from 'Darkstorm' by Breakout Fantasy Author M. L. Spencer

M.L. Spencer
in Buyer's Guide

When Merris Bryar stumbles across a secret meeting in the forgotten passages beneath Aerysius, she has no idea the harrowing sequence of events her discovery will set into motion. Merris discovers tha...

Best Horror Anime TV Shows

Stephen Hamilton
in Entertainment

While many of us (particularly ladies) are allured by chick flicks where Prince Charming and his “damsel in distress” fall head over heels in love, bravely face the agonizing dilemma of being torn apart, and ultimately rejoice in reunion towards the end of the series, there is a whole group of people who prefer to revel in nauseating blood-bath scenes full of undead zombies, possessed-with-evil deadites, and brimming with darkseekers (a hybrid between a vampire and a zombie). Although these die ...

Totoro: Divine! Divine! Open Up a Path!

Luis Andrade
in Culture

Shortly before my son returned home from his three years work term in Japan, he sent back a few boxes with clothes and books he accumulated over that period. He used Japan’s postal service for that an...