Preeminent Among Gay Activists And Actors, Harvey Fierstein Discusses Career At The Harvey School

Rich Monetti
in Entertainment

Last Friday, Harvey Fierstein entertained approximately 100 fans at the Harvey School and detailed his life as an actor, playwright and four-time Tony Award winner. But he admitted to Pat Collins, mod...

Ruffin Prentiss: The Voice Behind Watch Dog 2's Marcus

Natasha Sydor
in Culture

The acting triple threat: Theatre, Film, and... Video Games? In recent years the gaming world has exploded with exponential opportunities for actors to lend their talents in motion capture and voice a...

X-Men Films Ranked From Worst to Best

Anthony Gramuglia
in Buyer's Guide

Fewer film franchises have lasted as long as the X-Men films. Over the course of nine movies, they have thrilled children and adults alike, made superheroes relevant again, and offered thought provoki...

Squirrels With Guns

Timothy Trimble
in Humor

I threw this together during my lunch break one day. A short read with a little light humor, but could turn into a major disaster. Enjoy. The man reached into the trunk of his car, grabbing the last b...

Richard Linklater’s 'Boyhood' Left Out the Boy in Coming of Age Movie

Rich Monetti
in Entertainment

Boyhood was 12 years in the making. Imagine embarking on a film project that adheres to the pace of real life, while actually holding onto all the actors through their own travails. Kudos are certainl...

Damien Chazelle and Barry Jenkins On That #Oscars Moment

Christina St-Jean
in Entertainment

For two relatively new Hollywood directors, the 2017 Oscars couldn't have been any more of a nail biter. It took directors Damien Chazelle - a director who saw two out of three of his movies make it a...

Why Do you Game?

Sarah Reeson
in Culture

My first experience of computing was, I suspect, similar to many others in an earnest peer group: 10 type ‘Sarah is Ace’ 20 goto 10 run It is 1980. I’d tried all the girly stuff (ballet, horses, Jacki...

Tig Notaro's "One Mississippi"

Frederick Park
in Entertainment

With the advent of many streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, many artists have been given the opportunity to create original content that might not otherwise be seen by audiences. Of t...

29/1/1967: Re-watching... The Death Game

Nick Brown
in Entertainment

My ongoing mission: to watch classic television fifty years after first broadcast... Simon Templar is walking along a foggy London street. There is the sound of a marching band which turns out to be a...

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway Pull a "Steve Harvey"

Christina St-Jean
in Entertainment

Anyone watching the Oscars last night had to feel deeply sorry for actors Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. In what is sure to become one of the biggest Oscar fiascos in history, the wrong Best Picture winner was announced at the 89th Academy Awards ceremony on February 26. The legendary Beatty and Dunaway somehow acquired the "Actress in a Leading Role" envelope which Best Actress Emma Stone (La La Land) says she'd been hanging onto throughout their presentation. In many versions of the moment, B...

24 Reasons Time Travel is the Ultimate Superpower

Roy Huff
in Entertainment

It took confronting a rabid pit bull in middle school to understand the awesomeness of superpowers and how not having them sucks when you’re in a bind. Imagine staring down a beast foaming at the mout...