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Parent’s Anime Life

Signs You Have an Otaku Child

Konata Izumi (Lucky Star), the Coolest Otaku in Anime History

Dear Parents, if you ever hear screams, moaning, and groaning on the other side of your child’s door, you might think “Is he watching ‘those’ videos?” 

Don’t worry, he is just watching some anime. In addition, if you see posters of Naruto or Dragon Ball, he might be an Otaku. If you don’t know the term “Otaku,” it means a person who is obsessed with anime and manga. Here are some signs that your child might be one.

1. You might hear the word “Japan” a lot.

Micheal B. Jordan Pointing to Japan, the Country He Wants to Travel To

Your child might ask you to have a family trip to Japan for summer or for Winter Break. Even though you have said no to him, he is extremely persistent. 

Yes it’s expensive, but take it into consideration. You might see the beauty of a whole new culture. Your child might have mentioned visiting some shrines or a ramen restaurant. Why not save up some cash and plan your next trip?

2. You might hear some Japanese words in the household.

Jotaro Kuujo (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders)

If you hear “nani”(what?), “arigatou gozaimasu” (Thank you) or even “Konnichiwa” (Hello), then your child is an Otaku. 

At least BOTH of you will learn a new language. It may come in handy when you go to Japan. For your child, he just wants to watch anime without reading the English subtitles.

3. Japanese Leftovers

Goku (Dragonball Series) eating ramen

When you ask “What do you want to eat for dinner?” they will immediately say the name of a Japanese restaurant. You might have ramen, dumplings, you name it! If you are eating takoyaki, then there you have it! Your child is an Otaku!

4. The Common Question

Ritsu Tainaka, Mio Akiyama, Azusa Nakano, Yui Hirasawa, and Tsumugi Kotobuki (K-On!)

Once you look over your child’s shoulder, the back of your mind thinks that he is watching a cartoon. You noticed one thing: the noses are missing! “Where are the noses?” you ask.

It’s no cartoon, it’s anime! It’s a Japanese animator’s way to draw the characters. It’s their style. In some anime shows, they do draw realistic noses. It all depends on the manga the studio is adapting.

That is one of the things of having an Otaku child.

5. Your Anime Schedule

Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)

You might be forced to watch anime yourself. You will see your child going completely “geek mode” when watching his favorite anime. 

It might seem energy consuming but you’ll see how your child is so passionate about anime.

6. Early Halloween Costume?

If you noticed sewing kits and fabric laying around the bedroom floor, you might think he is making a Halloween costume. Nope! If your child is planning to dress up as his favorite anime character, then he is a cosplayer!

A cosplayer is a person who dresses as a character from anime, manga, and video games. Yes, it is a normal hobby.

I'm positive you heard the name of an anime convention he is planning to go to. Is he going to Anime Con, Super Con, or Anime Expo? You might need to look it up.

7. Figurines... Everywhere

"They are not dolls, mom!" says every Otaku child. In his bedroom, he must have a ton of figurines. Are they on his desk or his library? A figurine is just a small statue of any character. Some of them might be limited edition.

Where do they come from, you ask? They are either from an anime store your child goes to a lot, or they are from an anime box subscription. If you see tons of boxes written Loot Anime, Akibento, or Anime Bento, then you have a figurine collector in the family.

8. In a Relationship With an Anime Character

Yes, it is a thing. Your child might even introduce you to his waifu or her husbando. It might seem unhealthy but what can you do? As an Otaku with more than two husbandos, I feel like it is way better than feeling sorry for myself being single.

If your child is fanboying or fangirling about their anime crush, give them a break.


Have you finished your checklist? If so, you have an Otaku child. Having an Otaku child may seem like a hassle, but you might as well learn how to get used to it. Anime is life to them, so don’t try to take it away from them. Unless they are having bad grades.

If you can handle an Otaku child like a boss, then kudos to you!

Good luck!

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Parent’s Anime Life
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