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Parks and Recreation's Greatest Easter Egg: The Time Star-Lord Met Star-Lord

The Parks and Recreation's finale aired the show's greatest irony: Star-Lord meeting Star-Lord.

Chris Pratt is Star Lord.

On a day as sad as today, what with Parks and Recreation's finale, the show aired what I will forever call the show's greatest irony. What happened, you say? Well, we saw Andy Dwyer (played by the lovable Chris Pratt) open the door to a group of trick or treaters. The costumes were fairly standard, a witch, nerd, a princess, etc. Except for one:

Yup, down there in the corner. It's...


You can see in the kid's body language (intended or not) he's shocked to see... himself!

Now on a more serious note, this means a lot for Andy - and by extension, the show.

It all starts with Patton Oswalt's filabuster.

If you are, for some reason, unable to watch the video, our geeky friend here talks about the connection between the Marvel and Star Wars universes, and references the Avengers movie. By referencing the Avengers, he confirmed another movie.

If The Avengers exists, then so does Guardians of the Galaxy.

Yup, the Marvel Cinematic Universe helps make another theory possible. Because Andy opens the door to the trick or treaters in the year 2019, that means a sequel to Guardians came out too, with the fame level of Chris Pratt only rising. And because we know Guardians of the Galaxy exists...

Andy Dwyer is walking around looking like a celebrity.

Which is interesting, because he's never been hounded by fans of any sort. I mean, even if you resemble a celebrity a little bit, people are gonna chase you down or want to get a photo. Unless of course, Chris Pratt doesn't exist either, but is instead a particular undercover agent...

Bert Macklin

Indeed it did

So there you have it. Bert Macklin was so deep undercover, that he made Andy Dwyer, then so deep there, that he made Chris Pratt.

Mr. Chris Andy Peter Bert Johnny Pratt Dwyer Quill Macklin Karate is a walking paradox.

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Parks and Recreation's Greatest Easter Egg: The Time Star-Lord Met Star-Lord
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