Pink "#FailingBeautifully" At Parenthood

Singer Known For Images Which Normalize Breastfeeding, Parenting

Known for hits like "So What" and "Raise Your Glass," songs which have traditionally encouraged and even celebrated the fierceness of women everywhere, if not everyone's inner party animal, Pink may have once been the last person on Earth that people would have expected to become a role model for working moms.  Sure, the rock star has enough money now that she could probably hire several different nannies to look after her two young children, Willow, who's 6, and Jameson, who is around 6 months old now, but it would seem she's still a very present parent in their lives.

Moms are loving her approach to parenting, too, or at the very least, they're loving the honesty with which she's approaching parenting.  Just this past week, Pink posted a shot of her and Willow on Instagram, and Willow is shirtless as she's riding her bike through the Hart house.  "Yeah my kid rides her bike inside," the singer noted. "Without clothes. And helmets. While I ignore her and look at my phone."

It will almost certainly become one of the many shots that Willow will probably come to be horrendously embarrassed by when she hits her teen years - all parents have those - but the singer received an outpouring of support for her post.  Another shot, this time featuring Jameson, has also garnered a great deal of positive attention for the singer.

Pink is front and center with the shot, a big grin on her face as Jameson plays with a makeup brush with one hand and has some dinner at the same time.  It's clear that the singer is trying to multitask before a concert, and judging from the increasing number of likes the post is getting on Instagram, it would seem that a lot of women can relate to Pink's efforts to breastfeed and work at the same time.

"OOOOOMMMMGGGG!!! I know this ONLY TOOOOOO WELL!!! Love it!!!!!!" posted Instagrammer jenna_kressroy.

Pink's makeup artist Kathy Jeung also posted the photo, tagging it "Makeup artist in training," but what's perhaps most striking about this and similar photos by Pink is that she has done more to normalize breastfeeding among moms everywhere than pretty much most child experts.  Pink is probably one of the best-known rockers in music today, at least as far as the pop music scene goes, and even though she's had two kids, she's still flying around a stage, performing some pretty incredible aerial stunts and belting songs out as though her life depended on it.

In being so open about the same sorts of issues that every mom has thought about - like breastfeeding while working - Pink has not only connected on a more significant level with her fans, she's basically said, "I'm not perfect.  No one is, but motherhood should be celebrated regardless of how you approach it."

She's taken her considerable fan base and brought them into a world where she's a working mom dealing with the discomfort of pregnancy, having her second child and trying to balance work with the simple practicality of trying to breastfeed and get ready for work at the same time.  Yes, Pink is a rock star and her job is quite a bit different than any of ours.  So what?  That doesn't mean that she does not find her various roles - wife, mother, worker - any less challenging to balance.  She might have more resources at her disposal, and she might be far more in the public eye than anyone else, but she's still a working mother.

Pink is really also doing what everyone else does on social media.  She's out there, posting pics of her and her children, and sometimes her husband Carey Hart, and sometimes posting about the goofy and down and dirty "stuff" that life as a parent of two smallish kids is all about.  Why shouldn't she, and why shouldn't she celebrate the realities that life with an infant is all about?

The best of all of this is Pink does not expect any sort of fanfare for posting the pictures of breastfeeding or of her kids running around shirtless.  This is life, and that's what is probably most remarkable about Pink's pictures.  Yes, she's likely got all kinds of money, but by the same token, she's living a life that so many of us can relate to - trying to look after kids and work at the same time, going for hikes, and kids doing somewhat crazy things in the house.  Pink is merely showing everyone that what she goes through is what everyone should go through, and that's what makes her pictures so awesomely real.

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