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Pixar Theory: Are Cars Really Cars?!

Who thought talking cars was a good idea?

Pixar has never ceased to amaze me with how they can take seemingly absurd ideas and make great stories with them. They gave us talking toys in Toy Story, talking fish in Finding Nemo, talking rats in Ratatouille, talking bugs in A Bug's Life, and talking emotions in Inside Out.

But one of their more ridiculous ideas was the idea to have talking cars in the Cars movies.

Like, I'll buy the idea that an asteroid can miss Earth and save dinosaurs from extinction, but the whole premise of a talking car confuses me. Like, what happens if you open their door? How did the cars come to life in the first place? Do they get life insurance or car insurance?

Questions like these rattle around my head as I question the movies that I loved so much as a little kid, but now confuse the hell out of me as a movie theorist.

Well, MatPat of the highly popular YouTube channel, The Film Theorists, has come up with a theory as to what these "cars" are, because there is evidence littered everywhere that the cars in Cars aren't actually cars.

This is gonna be a unique theory. I'll leave MatPat's video at the end of the article.

So, here we go!

This theory is going to tie into Jon Negroni's Pixar Theory. If you are unfamiliar with the theory, you can read about it in the link above, but it essentially states that all the Pixar films take place in the same universe, kind of like a Marvel cinematic universe.

And the theory states that Buy-n-Large (BnL) took over the planet and as a result, Earth was left covered in trash. They send away humans on the Axiom, while Wall-E robots are left on Earth to clean up the mess made by humans.

While humans are left on the Axiom we see in Wall-E, machines are left behind to take over Earth. Cars come to life, assuming the personalities of their previous owners, and we don't see any humans in the Cars movies because they are all on the Axiom.

And the theory states that cars came to life with human energy, which is the same energy that gave life to toys in Toy Story. However, the cars in Cars don't work the way toys do in Toy Story.

These cars aren't being run by some crazy artificial intelligence or the energy that could give off life to toys. At the end of the day, these cars are supposed to be machines, yet they don't act like machines at all. They act like living organisms, much more so than toys.

Remember that infamous "pistachio ice cream" joke in Cars 2?

If Mater looked at wasabi and thought it was pistachio ice cream, that means he's had pistachio ice cream in the past and likes the taste. And we see Mater react strongly to the wasabi later in the film, as well. If these cars are just machines, why would they need to eat food? Wouldn't they just need to drink some oil or something?

By the way, how did anyone think it was a good idea to have Mater, the most annoying character of the original Cars, be the main character of Cars 2? And why'd they make the movie an action spy thriller?

But anyways, back to the theory.

There's some more evidence to suggest that the cars are actually organic creatures and not just machines. In an episode of Tales from Radiator Springs, we see Lightning get the hiccups.

In order to have the hiccups, you need to have a diaphragm. Cars don't have diaphragms, but an organic creature would. So, we have "cars" that can digest food with their digestive system and can have hiccups with their diaphragm. No actual car has any of these!

There's actually a video made by the people behind Cars. It's part of their "Pixar Studio Stories" series, and just click on the video below to basically get confirmation that these cars aren't really cars.

You get that? If you were to open Lightning's doors, you'd just see his brains. You wouldn't see a car seat.

So, that's pretty solid evidence right there. The cars you see in Cars lack all the qualities that real cars have and contain all the qualities that an organism has. These cars have brains, diaphragms, mouths, tongues, and stomachs.

They even have f**king TEETH to chew their f**king FOOD!

So, if these cars are just organisms with a car-like exoskeleton, then what animal are they?

According to MatPat, they're a highly developed and evolved form of insect. I'll allow MatPat to explain it to you. All you gotta do is click on the video below for the explanation.

And so, if cars really are a developed form of insect, this would mean that Cars takes place after A Bug's Life, and not before Wall-E.

But that's all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed the theory and please go check out Mat's channel for more insane theories like this.

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Pixar Theory: Are Cars Really Cars?!
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