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Pixar Theory: The Unseen Cannibalism of Wall-E!

Yeah, it's hard to believe this was a G-rated movie now...

Man, wouldn't you love to live on the Axiom? You get to sit around all day, you never have to exercise or work, and you get to consume all your food by slurping it down in liquid form.

Until you realize, of course, that that liquid you're drinking is actually the human flesh of your fellow passengers and you realize, "Oh, crap, I'm eating JULIO?!"

Now, I could answer a bunch of other questions about the magical Pixar movie, Wall-E, such as "How are there babies on the Axiom if these American human blobs are too lazy to get out of their chairs, take off their suits, and f**k each other?"

But I think we need to address this idea first.

This was a theory created by MatPat of The Film Theorists, so go check him out and I will leave his video at the end of this article. But anyways, here's the awesome fan theory for today: the passengers on the Axiom are all CANNIBALS. It sounds crazy, but the evidence makes this theory make a lot of sense.

So, here we go!

It was made clear in the film that the passengers were only supposed to be on the Axiom for five years, but by the time the main events of Wall-E rolled around, they had been there for 700 years.

If they only planned to be on the ship for five years, then how did people still have food on the seven hundredth year? I mean, even if they brought extra food with them, could they have expected to bring 695 YEARS' worth of extra food on the Axiom?

I mean, it's not even like they're rationing out their food or anything. All the passengers on the Axiom are clearly well-fed, and food just comes to them endlessly.

Like, these passengers were eating "cupcake in a cup". Where could they have gotten ingredients for liquid cupcakes? There aren't any animals or plants onboard.

So, here's another question: when people on the Axiom die, where do they go? I mean, their bodies aren't just disposed of because we see the trash area and there are no dead bodies in sight.

And even when you see things being sent out into space, there are no corpses included.

Now, if you're thinking that just because we didn't see any dead bodies in the film, that doesn't mean the corpses WEREN'T getting burned or sent into space, but if you think about it, it makes sense for the dead human bodies to be recycled as food.

Because over time, the amount of food would reasonably decrease as the number of dead people reasonably increases. So, the best way to maintain order would be decreasing the number of dead bodies in order to repurpose them and INCREASE the amount of food.

Sorry. You guys are dinner.

But if you're thinking that almost no one on the Axiom would reasonably agree to eating their old friend, Julio, then you're right. But they don't know what they're eating. In fact, the person who is behind all this is...well, not a person at all. It's AUTO.

AUTO follows directive A113, which prevents him from letting humans return to Earth. And he LIVED by this directive, and he has no sympathy for letting humans eat each other.

By having everyone eat dead bodies and calling it "cupcake in a cup", this prevents the Axiom from having to return to Earth for resources, and it fulfills AUTO's duty. And look at the passengers on the Axiom:

The president even says that due to microgravity, people on the Axiom have suffered some bone loss.

But this just doesn't make sense, because microgravity doesn't make you as overweight as the people on the Axiom. And besides, the Axiom mimics the Earth's gravity, given the way everyone falls near the end of the film.

Now, yes, the passengers were so inactive they didn't know how to stand up, but sitting down all day doesn't make you fat. Obesity is caused more by the calories that you take in, so while the inactivity is a contributing factor, the calories they're consuming is the main cause for their obesity.

And according to an article from The Verge, which looked at studies of human meat in the past, eating one human would provide your body with up to 125,000 calories.

And about half of those calories come from adipose tissue, which is basically fat.

So, not only does this theory fill plot holes, but it makes sense. The best way to mask a human flavor is by blending it and serving it through a straw, which is exactly how the passengers consume their food.

And that's the theory! Here's the video:

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Pixar Theory: The Unseen Cannibalism of Wall-E!
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