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Have a listen.

Not everybody has enough time to pick up a book to read or watch something on television, so podcasts were created to grace the ears of millions, manifesting entertainment and storytelling into voices coming through speakers or headphones (mainly headphones, though).

Podcasts are as diverse as TV shows. One is bound to fit everyone’s need; recurrent episodic shows/chapters. They give listeners a new medium for continuous stories, news, information, guidance, and relaxation. If you need noise in the background, put on a podcast. If you like to multitask, put on a podcast hands free. Podcasts can be listened to anywhere, giving you the chance to let your day be fulfilled or at least able to fend off boredom. Podcasts range from fictional stories to examinations of our politics to journalism of stories that haven’t gotten much screen time, if any at all, on the major news outlets.

Here are some to give a listen:

(These categories are loose for a lot of these podcasts.) (These are my opinions/podcasts that I have listened to and recommend.)


  • Welcome to Night Vale – A strange town with a radio host that loves his town and reports on his strange town as the lights above the Arby’s continue to shine in the partially stars mostly void sky.
  • Lime Town – The entire town has vanished, and no one knows how. Follow Lia Haddock trying to track down any clues that the rest of the world has written off as a myth.
  • The Bright Sessions – A very atypical twist on therapy.


  • EOS 10 – How much stranger can life be on an interstellar space station? Follow the doctors of EOS 10 and their daily struggle keeping their patients, but mainly themselves, alive.
  • Dear Hank and John – A comedy podcast about death and two brothers giving dubious advice, giving the week's news about AFC Wimbledon and Mars.


  • The Highly Sensitive Person Podcast – Are you sensitive? Like extremely sensitive? Don’t know? Listen to this podcast and learn something new about yourself or those you have noticed to be sensitive.
  • Introvert/Extrovert – A podcast following the psychology of personalities with the intention of helping others understand themselves and others.


  • Tokyo Tales the Simon and Martina Podcast – Two Canadians moved and lived in South Korea for years then moved and are now living in Tokyo, Japan. They give their personal experiences and recommendations of the places they see, do, and live.
  • The History of Rome – From the arrival of Aeneas to the exile of Romulus Augustulus, follow the tale of one of the greatest kingdoms, empires, and influences of time modern time.
  • Myths and Legends – Learn about the myths and legends that have shaped modern stories and storytelling.

If you didn’t find any podcasts from my list there is no need to fear. If you go to the podcast app on your device you can explore the thousands of different titles and find your die hard podcast. And don’t think that you are tied down to just one. Subscribe to as many as you want because they are free and who doesn’t like free?

Podcasts are a new bread of entertainment thanks to the modern technical world. Podcasting gives a new creative outlet that allows for the creative to be creative and give stories to be told that wouldn’t have the chance to be told. Those that can’t read or don’t like to read are given the experience of the magic of storytelling. People that get upset watching the same news outlets have a chance to strip back the content to what the topic is really about. There are different pathways that a podcast can go. Go to wherever to find podcasts and press play.