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'Pokemon: Detective Pikachu'

Live-Action Movie

Ryan Reynolds plays the voice actor of Pikachu.

What do Ryan Reynolds and Pikachu have in common? The level of cuteness? Hmm...maybe. Or rather that Ryan Reynolds is the voice actor of the first Pokemon action movie. As a fan of both Pokemon and Ryan Reynolds, my otaku heart couldn't take it! However, it is set that the Hollywood hunk is behind the voice the extremely adorable Pikachu. The upcoming film is set to come out in May 2019. Below is the official trailer of the movie, check it out.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

As seen in the trailer, Tim Goodman (Justice Smith, and no he is not related to Will Smith for those of you that are curious) pairs up with Detective Pikachu to find about the disappearance of Tim's father, Harry Goodman. Tim, being a failed Pokemon trainer, finds no hope and joy in life and accidentally bumps into a talking Pikachu! This fateful meeting leads to both Pikachu and Tim to embark on the journey of their lifetime.  Together they find themselves in Ryme city, investigating the disappearance of Tim's father. The film is bound to bring in a lot of family, fun adventure and action pack!

The movie trailer has made a tremendous impact on many anime fans. The movie thus far has made a forever lasting impression on many adults that idolized Pokemon in their younger years. There have been some reviews by well-known anime YouTubers, that the movie will likely not disappoint them but it has made a humorous impression of Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu. From a personal point of view, I was completely surprised Reynolds was picked to be the voice actor a worldwide known anime character. If it had been me, not quite sure if I had personally picked out Reynolds to play the voice of Pikachu, but perhaps it was meant to bring in some comedy to the movie. After all, Reynolds is well known to have played the comedian role in a variety of films. 

Also, some fans are actually creeped out by the live-action Pokemon in the movie. That's right, people are freaking out by how some of these characters have been designed. For example, the one and only Mr. Mime has raised some alarm among many fans. Mr. Mime is a Pokemon based on an actual 'mime' and 'clown' persona. Therefore, it can be understood why so many people think Mr. Mime looks way too creepy in the film, especially for those fans that are scared of clowns.

Mr. Mime

The design of Mr. Mime does not fall short of what the actual anime Mr. Mime looks like. Therefore, it is pretty accurate in design and looks very realistic. Some fans are shocked Mr. Mime was given freckles and little fuzzy hairs on top of his head, that makes "too realistic." Let's remember, that this is all a fictional movie based on one of the most successful animes of all time. Once those characters are computerized into special effects, obviously the characters will come to life in a different perspective. However, in due time, hopefully, Mr. Mime will receive a little bit of love from the fans. 

Meanwhile, Jigglypuff has gotten a lot of love from fans. Jigglypuff was always one of those Pokemon characters that were pretty cute, to begin with, and now he has finally made his first film appearance as a CGI-creature! Also, the quick appearance of Psyduck has fans rambling about how the Pokemon looks identical to the anime character. There are many, many other Pokemon that do make brief appearances throughout the movie trailer, and several of them looking 'very much real'. In my opinion, it looks great! As an anime fan, and fellow Pokemon Go Trainer I would not miss this opportunity to watch the first live-action film of my childhood anime. After all, many of us have been waiting years for this right?