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Pretty Little Liars

Series Finale

It was a bittersweet ending for all the liars a few weeks ago. Some of us enjoyed the finale, some of us hated it. Others were left with more unanswered questions. The following is how I felt about the finale, as well as many of my unanswered questions.

Mona killed Charlotte accidentally. We saw this coming, but at the same time we didn't. We knew she wasn't well, however her obsession with the game and helping Hanna, as well as the other girls took a turn for the worst. They all agree to get in touch with Dr. Sullivan, so hopefully the police won't be as hard on her as they thought. We find out that Wren is the one that visits Mona, before the year time jump.

Wren's involvement on the show has always seemed shady. He was engaged to Melissa, briefly and had an on/off relationship that seemed to last almost the entire series. He also briefly got involved with both Spencer, and Spencer's twin Alex. I originally thought Wren was going to be A.D., but he ends up finding Alex in the U.K. and notifies Charlotte. Alex didn't become A.D. until Charlotte died, and she controlled the game.

The twin theory was brilliant, I saw so many theories all over the internet, and I was annoyed for a while. However, the show had to end eventually. Marlene King stated that the finale was an homage to the fans. She originally wanted A.D. to be Wren, but with conflicting schedules, it was unable to happen.

I thought the actress that played Spencer and Alex did an amazing job, especially with the British cockney accent. In the books, A was Alison's twin, so it was cool to see them play out another twin theory based off of the books and fan theories. 

I was a little unhappy that they rushed the finale. I felt they didn't give us enough information about Sara Harvey's involvement, or Noel Kahn's. I didn't understand why Alex kidnapped Ezra of all people, she could have taken another one of the girl's hostages, and it would have made a better story line.

They rushed the fight scene with Mona and Charlotte, as well as the fight scene with Spencer and Alex. Also, how did they manage to get a replica of Rosewood completely underground, without Toby's involvement? How did Mona get to have her own shop and doll house towards the end? It would have been  perfect to have a Mona spin-off, it would fill in the blanks of our favorite villain. I also wanted to see more of Mona and Charlotte interacting. 

I didn't understand why Wren, of all people, had to die. I also didn't understand how long Alex was actually in Rosewood, pretending to be Spencer. Why be so vindictive and jealous, when you have the tools you need in order to succeed? 

Hanna and Caleb are expecting, and Ezria are about to head to their honeymoon. I was unhappy that both of their on screen brothers, were unable to come back. The dream sequence with Aria, Mona and Ezra, was played out. They had promo ed that clip for over a year, and it was disappointing, but wow, can Mona sing or what? Although not many questions were answered aside from the obvious, I thought it was well done. I however do not like how there might be a possible spin off with a younger cast. It's too soon, and I am afraid it will ruin this series entirely. 

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