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Princess Eugenie: The Original Brunette of the Palace

Princess of York

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

On the 12th October 2018 we watched Princess Eugenie of York marry her long term love Jack Brooksbank. After a seven year romance Princess Eugenie walked down the aisle, beautifully, at St. George's Chapel, Windsor. The second Royal wedding of the year. Who doesn't love a wedding? Especially a Royal one! Champagne and confetti were at the ready! The day was very special indeed.

What with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan Markle, getting all the attention, let's not forget that this brunette, Eugenie, was the first on the scene! She is such a credit to the Royal Family, and I believe she is a real inspiration and a great role model for daughters everywhere.

True Love

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

On a daily basis we see photographs of Kate and Meghan, with reports of which outfits they're wearing, which duties they're taking, analyzing their every move, but where is Eugenie? Well the Queen's sixth Grandchild is busy, working hard in her role as a Director at Hauser and Wirth Art Gallery, in London. This brunette is a working girl, a modern Royal, who keeps out of the limelight, and happily gets on with her career, without the fuss and the attention of the press. She privately goes about her business, in a very modern Princess way. Eugenie shows us that hard work is the way to be, and this lady could chose not to work, but she sets a fine example of I will work, I will have a career, and this is the best way to be. Work is good.

Born into the Royal Family on 23 March 1990, at Portland Hospital, London. The second daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York. The younger sister of Princess Beatrice of York. Eugenie was born a Princess, she knows her role and her duty. This Princess doesn't need to be photographed daily, she is discrete, takes a back step, and this is very refreshing indeed.

Eugenie has lived in the real world, becoming a student at Newcastle University. She also spent two years working in New York. Returning to London in 2015, and has worked for Hauser and Wirth ever since. She is of divorced parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, who divorced when Eugenie was six years old. Her parents remained good friends, which is an inspiration to divorcées. They then blissfully co-parented their daughters.

Hard Working Princess

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

So on the 12 October 2018, it was time for the usually private then 28 year old Princess to shine, to be the full focus of the day. The attention truly deserved to be on her. It is her day. We have watched her grow up from cute child, and blossom into the beautiful, career girl she is today. The day was a day of celebration, celebrating what an incredible lady she is. The House of Windsor had a Princess marrying. The ninth in line to the throne, was tying the knot with her 32-year-old love, Jack.

I looked forward to and took joy in this very special occasion. "Who will the guests be? Who will or won't be invited? What colour hat will the Queen be wearing? What will the bride's dress look like? Will we see the wedding cake?" I excitedly thought! 

We should fill our minds with all these exciting questions and enjoy it! Even put the bunting up outside your home. Fly the Union Jack. Have a tea party of cucumber sandwiches, scones and tea. Make it a day full of happy memories, you and your family will cherish forever. I certainly did!

Move aside Kate and Meghan, the 12 October was Eugenie’s, the original brunette of the Palace's, day. The love shined on this remarkable, inspiring, modern Princess.

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Princess Eugenie: The Original Brunette of the Palace
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