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Ravenclaw or Pukwudgies

Why not both?

During the release of each Harry Potter book, and the years after, readers all around the world believed that there were only three wizarding schools in existence, and they were all in Europe: Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, and Hogwarts. All that really mattered was Hogwarts. Of course knowing the inner workings of the school for the most part helps with its popularity; readers will know the types of classes, teachers, layout of the grounds, how to get into Hogwarts, and most importantly how to be sorted into one of four houses.

For years, readers, including myself, took all kinds of tests to find out what house we would be placed in: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw. The one test that is the test to take for fans of the wizarding world is on Pottermore, the official website for J.K. Rowling and the world that has inspired generations. This is where people can be placed into their house as the official sorting without placing the Sorting Hat itself on your head. We all became loyal to our sorted house and the world was divided into four… then Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came out.

With the introduction of this new story in the Harry Potter universe came the introduction of eight more wizarding schools, with the most emphasis on the North American school Illvermorny—probably because the first movie of Fantastic Beasts was set in a New York City and there needed to be an explanation for all the wizards that happen to be in America. And in all the information that Harry Potter fans got about the American school, the biggest thing to be given us (in my opinion) were the introductions to four new houses based off magical creatures found in North America; Thunderbird, Wampus, Horned Serpent, and the Pukwudgie. With the new houses also came a new sorting quiz on Pottermore. This quiz gave the chance for fans to have a house that fits your location/the probable school you would go to. But lets be honest, fans took both quizzes and now you have two houses to be fiercely loyal too.

And now the name combinations begin.

Just like couples that want to combine their names, or shippers (people who ship or support a pair of people as a couple) that combine their favorite couple's names together, the wizarding world fans now had to come up with a combination of Illvormorny and Hogwarts houses. And hopefully the name sounded cool.

This is where I get bias.

I am a Ravenclaw from Hogwarts and I am Pukwudgie from Illvermorny. How does one take a house that prizes wisdom and the individual, and a house that values healers? Are we Puckclaws or Ravenwudgies? Are those they only names combos? A website describes this combination as “a person who tends to be… compassionate, empathetic, and above all, non-judgmental." And so we must have a name so worthy of a discretion.

There are 16 different combinations that a person can fall under and have one house from each school. The idea is that the Illvermorny houses are similar, but not mirror image of the Hogwarts houses, allowing for the individual to end up in two houses that have the same kind of people found already in their first house, and an outlet for an individual to focus on a different aspect of themselves that their first house hadn’t focused on before. Though it would’ve been unlikely to end up in two house from two schools that were an entire ocean away in the Harry Potter universe, in our universe it is as easy as taking two quizzes and allowing for your house pride to double.

What’s your duo house?

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Ravenclaw or Pukwudgies
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