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Reasons Why Ross and Emily Were Never Meant to Be

Believe me, all the signs are there.

There were so many signs coming up that Ross and Emily were never meant to be.

  1. Their relationship was moving too fast. It happened so fast that even Ross' friends thought it was too fast. When he talks to Joey and Chandler, he comes up with this crazy idea for them to move into together and Chandler claims he's had a relationship with a milk carton that lasted longer. That was an obvious giveaway if you have something molding away in your fridge longer than your relationship has even existed, then slow down!
  2. Ross was not ready. When he asked Emily to move in and she says it would be different if we were getting married. Ross just drops down and proposes right then and there without any planning and without a real wedding ring. This is was a spur of the moment thinking and it was not something they both talked about extensively.
  3. Emily was clearly still in love with Colin. Colin and Emily got married not too long after Ross' divorce, which probably meant she was not fully committed to Ross in the first place.
  4. Emily not liking Rachel. If someone told me that I had to get rid of one of the people closest to me, they would be out the door and my life so fast. Ross, however, seriously contemplates cutting Rachel out of his life. That did not make it fair for Rachel nor Ross.
  5. Ross not thinking. He did not think to go away to Vermont with a person he just met. He did not think when he proposed. He did not think when he wanted to impress her with rugby. Some people may think that's because he was in love, but he was more in love with the idea of her.
  6. Parents. During the wedding weekend, the parents of Monica and Ross did not want to pay to refurbish the Waltham's house. They had an argument before the wedding even happened. They had only met each other once before the wedding.
  7. Waltham's did not see eye to eye with the Geller's on the wedding set-up. Waltham's did not see this as a wedding as much as an opportunity to redecorate and refurbish their house. They were charging Jack for carpeting and other unnecessary things. The two families did not fit together.
  8. Ross was blindly getting rid of all of his stuff just for her and even his friends thought he was compromising too much to make a marriage work. They all saw he was clearly miserable with her.
  9. Ross saying Rachel's name. He clearly always wanted to have Rachel up there and Emily clearly knew that he always wanted Rachel even though she went through with the marriage and the wedding. Ross had reassured her time and time again. They are just friends.
  10. The food. Emily was complaining that the food was not right and that nobody understood what it meant for her to have a wedding of her dreams.
  11. The venue. The church was torn down early. That must have been the clearest sign that there ever was. If the church is being torn down, it's for the reason that the wedding was not meant to happen.
  12. The wedding nearly got called off when Ross explained to her that postponing the wedding was not an option, and if he had not talked to Monica, their wedding would have never happened.
  13. Where was Ben for Ross's big day? I get maybe he would just be in the way of the plot, but still.
  14. Ross saw Emily in her wedding dress before the wedding. Big no-no unless if you are doing that first look thing.
  15. Ross asked Carol and Susan to change their entire lives to make it work with Emily. Clearly, this was a relationship never meant to be.
  16. Monica tried on Emily's dress. Isn't there some kind of bad luck with that too for someone else to wear your wedding dress before you get married?
  17. Everything seemed broken from the start.

There you are— a good seventeen reasons.

Ada Zuba
Ada Zuba

Hello! I am 24 years old and I have two older sisters. I love to write and finding new hobbies! my aspirations are to become a writer as well as finding a job that I look forward to everyday! I love spending time with my little chihuahua!

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