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Reasons Why the Superhero Genre Is Here to Stay in Hollywood

Superhero fatigue or not, the genre isn't loosing steam anytime soon.

From Marvel's Infinity War trailer credit [Marvel Studios]

Over the last few years, there have been opinions from respected people in Hollywood saying super hero movies are “bad content,” ruining what viewers want to see in theaters. Or running its course, similar to western movies; this comment being Spielberg’s comment. I’m here to shed some perspective on why those opinions are wrong. I have a few things I can point out. The main & probably the biggest reason I’m saying the genre is here to stay is kids. As long as there are kids there will always be marketable & profitable audience for the genre of superhero movies. For every animated/kid friendly movie there is a kid out there who dreams of being a hero & with characters like Black Panther & Wonder Woman being made into big Hollywood films, that audience keeps getting bigger & more diverse.

The infinity war isn't gonna be the end of the MCU.

Three movies in, with the people wanting a 4th. The mases aren't tired yet of RDJ and his role as the armored Avenger

Robert Downey Jr. with fans at the marvel booth for Ironman 3

Which leads me to my next reason, diversity. There’s a diverse cast of characters I feel that Marvel, DC & other comic companies/studios that are just now tapping into for Hollywood to shine the mainstream spotlight on. Diverse meaning race, religion, size, sexuality, whatever. An example of this diversity is before the new Spider-Man was announced there was some excitement at maybe seeing Miles Morales on the big screen. For those who don’t know, in the world of Marvel, Miles is an African American kid who took on the Spider-Man mantle when Peter Parker “died.” Died being in quotes because no one in the superhero world truly ever dies. Peter comes back & a different universe Peter vists & both give him their blessing letting Miles know he’s doing a great job. The way his story is told, Miles is more than just “the black” Spider-Man. He’s his own Spider-Man. A story like that is important to tell to young kids. It lets them know you don’t have to be a certain color to put on a certain uniform because the overall message of doing the right thing overshadows that. I could list other examples of diversity but I think it would be fun for you to search out for the books.

Melissa with Supergirl Fans



Spider-Verse Coming Soon?

Peter (Tom Holland) with Miles Morales from the comics

Onto my next reasons: brand new stories & the adult viewer. Despite what some people believe, not every superhero movie operates to the same tune. Sure there are similarities, but with the recent success of Deadpool & Logan (Oscar nominated) tapping into the adult market, stories like Kill Or Be Killed get the green light to be made into films. Kill Or Be Killed not being entirely a superhero movie more like a comic movie. “Yes there is a difference, which shall be explained in a different article.”

Oscar-Nominated Movie 'Logan'

One can’t help but think Deadpool & Logan help opened doors for rated R superhero /comic based movies. Fans have been wanting a Walking dead telltale big screen adaptation for a while now as well. Next reason brand new stories explained. Other than the yearly Oscar buzz worthy films which are only a handful. Viewers always flock to see special effects, chick flicks, action flicks & the occasional franchise established films films. A superhero flick is always a nice break from the generic action film. How many drug dealer, shoot out cartel films can a person watch. Some franchise films are screaming for an ending or reboot or the viewer hasn’t seen the first few films yet.

Coming soon to a theater near you


Conclusion the genre has been getting flack simply because it’s one of the hottest markets to invest in Hollywood right not. It might’ve peaked, but the sizzle has been steady. The fandom is loyal the demand will simply never die. At the end of the day you can chose to tune in what you want to tune into the superhero genre isn’t going nowhere. Its stands right next to the any type of fandom. It doesn’t matter it its Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter whatever. The superhero is here to stay!

Guardians of the galaxy 3 coming to a theater near you 2020

starlord and many more are here to stay

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Reasons Why the Superhero Genre Is Here to Stay in Hollywood
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