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Recommending Thomas Sanders

Here are some reasons to look into content by Thomas Sanders.

Nowadays, a lot of people like to rely on the internet for entertainment. The internet, especially YouTube, consists of various ups and downs (but what entertainment source doesn't?). A good amount of these downs might include pranks (real of fake) that might disrupt the peace or a sense of safety at times. Amongst the ups, however, there is a sense of belonging and diversity due to exposure different communities and backgrounds (cultures, mental and physical health circumstances, sexual identities, race, etc.) One content creator to consider looking into is Thomas Sanders.

Thomas Sanders started out on Vine making comedic videos with his friends, family, classrooms, and/or strangers. He even continued his short videos on Instagram and Twitter when Vine was shut down. On Vine, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube, he has shown his love of Broadway, Disney, Pokémon, and cartoons overall, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

A good amount of his videos have the vibe of being just entertaining. However, there are certain videos of his that manage to function both as something that is fun and something that is needed. A signature series of Thomas' on YouTube called "Sanders Sides," which consists of him talking with different aspects of his personality (portrayed by him) in order to solve certain dilemmas in his life. One two-part episode of this series was about coming to terms with having anxiety and learning to work with it (and it ending with him showing the numbers to certain hotlines to call in case others have anxiety that gets out of hand). Another type of videos he does that can prove to be educational and fun are the Q&A videos on his channel. He does them alone or with his friends and they have shown to help certain people. An example of that is the premise of the Q&A Thomas has done for Pride Month since he and a good amount of his friends are part of the LGBT+ community. He has also done other series like "Reasons to Smile," which he and his friends work on to provide reasons for people to smile if they need to. He has also done a series where he partakes in certain trivia with certain groups of friends to learn about their communities (so far, the communities he has done these trivia videos about have been African Americans, women, Asian Pacific Americans, and people that are/work with the autism spectrum) and proves how open-minded he is. There are a bunch of other videos of his that show how much of a big heart he has. Even his posts on other social media sites show how much Thomas admires in his friends and his fan community. He even trusts this community enough to show them that he's not happy all the time. One of Thomas's videos involves him talking about how important it is to have body positivity and how he has had trouble being positive about his body in the past and the present. Another example of him trusting his fan community enough to show that he's not always happy is in another two-part episode of "Sanders Sides" where the dilemma consists of him lingering on to the past regarding his now ex-boyfriend (who has remained anonymous throughout the episode) and expressing his sorrow. The episode concludes with the solution of accepting that the past is in the past and moving forward toward a lot more opportunities.

A lot of entertainers have various communities made up of fans of them that show their enthusiasm and, even though Thomas Sanders isn't the only one who does this, he does draw in a community that is incredibly diverse in many backgrounds and mindsets. There is a good chance that the exposure to his open-mindedness plays a part in drawing a lot of people together and come across people they feel like they can trust and relate to.

I'm not the kind of person to predict what everyone will be into, but Thomas Sanders is someone you can look into if you like an entertainer who is bubbly, talented, funny, and open-minded (to name a few traits). Anyone of various ages can check him out without feeling corruption. Feel free to check out the video in this article to get started of look for another video of his to get started if you want to. And, as Thomas Sanders ends his videos, take it easy, guys, gals, and nonbinary pals.

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Recommending Thomas Sanders
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