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Review: B.J Mendelson’s ‘Vengeance, Nevada’

Superpowers, David Bowie, and an Ambiguous Beginning

Our lead, Kristen Jacobs, getting into trouble.

In this apocalyptic, future-esque story, writer B.J Mendelson has created a darkened world full of questions, leaving us looking forward to revealing answers in upcoming issues.

This is not a spoiler-review, you guys, so I am afraid I am not giving too much away, but I’m at liberty to drop a few breadcrumbs about the vibe and where the story seems to be headed towards. The story kicks off with some time timey wimey manipulation that on your first read can come off as a bit confusing, but once you’ve got your head around the ‘Now’ and ‘Then’ concept of the timeline, it's a strong flowing narrative. We follow the steps of law enforcer Kristen Jacobs, whose life is slightly, partially pieced together in this issue as we discover more about where she’ll be found in the next issue and where the people around her will come into play. It’s of course difficult to not say too much with such an informative story, but all I will say is Kristen is seemingly twisted into a world she didn’t expect to be a part of. One of potentially heartbreaking results and repercussions. 

The pop culture references Mendelson peppers in his writing are sure to please music and franchise lovers. Within a few panels I was humming "Life on Mars" by David Bowie to myself. The world Mendelson is starting to build on appears to give clear indication that cultural referencing could become a thing down the line, in the vein of reference-heavy universes like Stranger Things and Ready Player One. I found myself smiling when a certain Star Wars roll-call was referenced. Let’s face it, we all love a nod to our favourite childhood franchise or musicians of yester-year, right?

The artwork we are working with is simplistic but entertaining of the highest order. The expression of "less is more" definitely comes to mind as artists on the piece, Peter Czaplarski, gives us a beautiful display of black and white that creates an eery, noir feel for the plot. Colour wouldn’t have given this story the edge that is created with the monotoned scheme.

Where the issue ends, again, is not for me to say. But I will say that it gives off the hint of the story going for a ‘fighting fire with fire’ storyline. Certain individuals we meet are set to fix what has become broken in the world of Kristen Jacobs as where we leave her gives the impression that she’ll be central to where the antagonist of the plot is headed.

On the whole, the issue gets an 8/10 rating from this avid reader! The story struggles a tad to find its feet on the initial read, but once you’ve firmly planted yourself in the timeline playing and the terminology Mendelson is introducing to address groups and individuals, it's a strong story. I have a feeling ‘The Kingdom’ will be addressed actively. Vengeance, Nevada has lingering threads, it’s got a hook for us to want to see more from characters that we meet, and it ultimately makes us hope for some kind of resolve for the key character in the future! 

In the meantime, issue #2 is expected to make its way onto the web in August of this year, so do what you do best, guys, and get your hand on a copy of this first chapter and begin to theorise and discuss until the next step in the story gets released! 

Remember, to follow on with the story, Vengeance, Nevada is expected be released on Comixology this coming August. Keep your peepers peeled! 

Happy Nerding, folks!

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Review: B.J Mendelson’s ‘Vengeance, Nevada’
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