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Roboclock: 'Westworld' Boss Drops Huge Spoiler On Season 2's Timeline

Showrunner Jonathan Nolan already joked that Westworld's Season 2 has undergone change thanks to those pesky Reddit spoilers.

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

We have already been promised that when #HBO's wild western #Westworld returns it will be a completely different show, but after taking it with a pinch of salt, the latest news points to this really being the case. Showrunner #JonathanNolan already joked that Season 2 has undergone change thanks to those pesky Reddit spoilers, however, now wife #LisaJoy has just revealed one major intended change.

For those who struggled to keep up with the LOST-esque jumping timelines from Season 1, Joy promises that Westworld Season 2 will return to more linear storytelling that won't have you reaching for the rewind button:

"I think as with season one, any basic different timelines were rooted in what the characters were going through. At that point, it made sense to do multiple timelines."

Time is a healer.

'Westworld' [Credit; HBO]

While the timeline twists may have been one of the show's most interesting aspects, it was also one of the most divisive, with some fans claiming they spotted it almost immediately. Excitingly though, the change could be for the best; just because we will stay in the same era, it isn't to say that we will just plod along from scene to scene. Joy teases a change in a different way:

"I think we'll experiment in different point of views and different angles. You don't necessarily want to repeat the same thing."

Read what you want from this, but could we see the same event from various different sides, a' la Pulp Fiction?

The finale of Season 1 closed with our cast dramatically split up and several of the characters with their lives in the balance. Given that Ingrid Bolsø Berdal's found herself trapped in the newly discovered Shogun World, and that #ThandieNewton's Maeve was on the fringes of the park, Season 2's narrative change is the perfect opportunity to move the goalposts of Westworld.

Man In Back

'Westworld' [Credit; HBO]

We also know that Louis Herthum's Peter Abernathy and Talulah Riley's Amanda have been promoted to series regulars, however, Joy's news could spell disaster elsewhere. While it may be easy for ageless robots to return 30 years into the future, the consistent timeline doesn't look so good for Jimmi Simpson. Simpson had already said he was unsure if he could return as a young Man in Black and this seems to be the bullet to the cranium (sorry, Dr. Ford).

Also, could we really have seen the last of Logan? Ben Barnes played the bearded bastard whose fate was left up in the air as he was sent naked into the sunset on the back of a mechanical horse (they aren't as fun as mechanical bulls). There were no references to Logan in the "current" timeline, other than the implication that an aged William had assumed his position on the board.

Whatever the fate of the characters, it is clear that the husband and wife duo have big plans for the world of Delos. Nolan also teased that Westworld was in it for the long haul, so those expecting quick answers should probably just quit while they are ahead:

"I think we imagined with the show, it would be a slow and steady pullout [of what's going on]. The first season would be a glimpse of the world, and as the seasons go on, you see a little bit more as our hosts come to understand what the real world is."

We have already seen Shogun World and there were teases of the "neighbors" complaining about the noise. With the classic Westworld film and its sequels setting up Roman World, Medieval World, Spa World and Future World, there are more than enough locations to pull from. Who knows, maybe Logan is still riding horseback present day over in Pirate World? With no official release date for Westworld Season 2, fans will have to wait until some time in 2018 to find out more.

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Roboclock: 'Westworld' Boss Drops Huge Spoiler On Season 2's Timeline
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