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Rogue Omega #1

A Playful Heist

Caspin Concept Art

This is the raw (all be it edited) script for Rogue Omega Issue #1. For future updates as this comic goes from script to drawn book, follow @Jacob_thewriter on Instagram. Enjoy!

Rogue Omega Issue #1


(Caspin and Azar walk down the street in Earth-looking clothes.)

AZAR: That one wasn’t too bad…

CASPIN: Eh, these films are missing some sort of… Emotion lately. They're getting kinda boring.

AZAR: They’ll probably bounce back once these people get tired of mindless action...

Caspin: (Looking down an alley way as they pass it) Maybe—What’s that?

Someone in the alleyway is getting mugged by two grown men.

AZAR: That is none of our business… We need to get home.

CASPIN: But it won’t take long. We’ll just go in there and give ‘em a little slap on the cheek. No one will even notice we were gone.

AZAR: We already snuck out, though! Let’s not cross any lines. The Embassy closes in 15 minutes! We can’t miss it or we’ll be stuck here all night!

CASPIN: (Walking into the alleyway) Well then, why waste time?

AZAR: Wait—No! Caspin!


CASPIN: Hey, bad people!

THUG 1: What the—what are you doing here kid?

CASPIN: Kid? What am I, a goat? Besides, I’m 17.

THUG 2: Whatever, just scram.

CASPIN: (Cracking his knuckles) I don’t know, man, I feel pretty comfortable right here. Not too much wind, ya know? Clear sky… Nice temperature…

THUG 1: (Pulls a gun to Caspin’s head) One last chance, boy!

CASPIN: (Grabs gun) I’m still gonna pass on that whole ‘scramming’ thing.

AZAR: (As Caspin crushes the gun like a piece of styrofoam) Hurry up! We don’t have time for banter!

Caspin tosses the gun aside.

Caspin flicks Thug 1’s forehead.

Thug 1’s head flies back (still attached to him) and hits a wall.

Thug 2 raises his wooden bat.

CASPIN: Nice stick.

Thug 2 hit’s the side of Caspin’s head with full force, cracking the bat.

CASPIN: (Snatching the remainder of the bat) Really? It’s not even metal!

CASPIN: That’s almost insulting...

Caspin slaps Thug 2, hitting him so hard the Thug is knocked down.

AZAR: Are you done?

Thug 2 starts getting up and running away.

CASPIN: Yea, just a sec...

CASPIN: (Extends his hand out to the victim who was getting mugged on the ground) Sorry about that, are you ok?

VICTIM: (Getting up with Caspin’s help) Uh-huh.

AZAR: Great, you saved the day and all… But we gotta go! The Embassy’s still 25 blocks away and we only have five minutes left!

CASPIN: (Beginning to jog back towards Azar) Yea, I’m coming!



AZAR: Did you really have to get involved?

CASPIN: (Hurdling a chained up bike) Lighten up, I was just toying around.

AZAR: You probably gave that one guy a concussion!

CASPIN: (As the two turn) To be fair, he did hit me with a baseball bat...

AZAR: Don’t pretend like that hurt.

CASPIN: Eh... I felt a tingle.

Caspin and Azar reach the barred off end of a subway staircase and jump the rails to get down.


Azar and Caspin land at the bottom of the stairs in the subway.

AZAR: (He and Caspin walk towards the railway) You just need to be softer on those people, they're not as tough on Earth as we are.

CASPIN: (He and Azar jump down onto the train rails and walk into the subway tunnel) Well what do you want me to do, just poke their shoulder bones out of place?

AZAR: (Reaching for and turning the doorknob belonging to the Omega symbol door) That would probably work...

Azar pushes the omega door inwards, revealing The Embassy.

Azar and Caspin run to the service desks in the middle of The Embassy.


CASPIN: Checking in!

DESK GUY (The guy behind the desk): You’re late.

AZAR: What? But we sprinted the whole way here!

DESK GUY: You should’ve run faster.

CASPIN: Wait, you’re gonna have to make an exception for us!

DESK GUY: And why would I do that?

CASPIN: My name is Caspin Omega.

DESK GUY: (With a concerned face) Oh? And who’s the other one?

AZAR: Azar Argenti... Sir.

DESK GUY: Oh... Well anyway, Caspin, what are you doing on Earth?

CASPIN: We just watched a movie and explored… and stuff.

DESK GUY: Does your father know?

CASPIN: Not at all. But if I’m stuck here all night he’ll get mad. At us and you for not getting us home…

DESK GUY: Ok, fine. I didn’t shut down the teleporters yet anyway. Go on!

AZAR: (As and Caspin walk towards a teleporter) Thank you!

AZAR: (He and Caspin are in a public teleporter now) Aurelia would’ve had my head if we missed this...

Caspin looks at him with a mischievous grin.

DESK GUY: (From off panel) Next stop, Planet Griian!

The teleporter emits a bright flash of gold light and Azar and Caspin disappear.

A landscape scene of the planet Griian in space surrounded by it’s two suns.


CASPIN: Aurelia? Really? I dream of the day I can worry about what my girlfriend thinks instead of my parents.

AZAR: (While he and Caspin walk out of a teleporter in Eirini Village with a blue sun going down behind them) You’ll grow up one day, little Omega.

CASPIN: Yea, and I’ll own this whole planet!

.AZAR: Maybe I’ll run against you...

CASPIN: I bet that’s what all the other politicians said to my ancestors…

AZAR: (He and Caspin begin to part ways as they walk to different parts of the village) Good luck with your parents, see you at MoonBall tomorrow!

CASPIN: (Waving off to Azar) Yea, man. Have fun with Aurelia!

AZAR: Shut up…


Caspin reaches for the doorknob (which has a bug on it).

The bug bites Caspin, drawing a drop of blood.

CASPIN: (Flicking the bug off) Ow! If only I was still on Earth…

Caspin opens the door and walks into his house.

CASPIN: Dad! I’m home!

FORNAX: (From off panel) Where were you all night?

CASPIN: (Walking out of the entryway into another hall) Oh… Azar and I got caught up in the library…


FORNAX: Oh, the library was it?

CASPIN: (Entering the living room where his dad is watching t.v.)Yea, but we were in the Solaris wing... so you probably wouldn't of seen us...If you went there or anything like that…

FORNAX: Caspin, I get the public teleport records sent straight to my office. What were you two doing on Earth?

CASPIN: Ok, fine... Azar and I just went there for a movie. But that’s all, I promise!

FORNAX: I understand.

CASPIN: You do?

FORNAX: Well... no. If I catch you doing anything like that again you are most certainly in trouble. However, there are more important matters at hand right now.

CASPIN: Not that I’m trying to get myself in trouble, but what ‘matters’ are at hand?

FORNAX: (Calling into the house) Elara! Will you come here please?

ELARA: (Walking into the living room from somewhere else) Yes, Fornax?

FORNAX: (Holding up an old fashioned t.v. remote.) I wanted the whole family to see this.

Fornax turns on an old fashioned looking t.v. with golden bunny ear antennas.

The TV displays a man (Halcyon) giving a speech in Solaris.

HALCYON: As we all know, that family, the ‘Omega’ bloodline, has been in power since the beginning of this planet’s civilization as we know it! Ever since Aubron Omega created teleportation and used it to unite the planet under one government, they have insisted on keeping everything the same!

HALCYON: No technological advancements, they say it only leads to conflict! They don’t have roads built between our villages because they say teleportation is all we need!

HALCYON: I am making this speech today as an invitation to President Fornax Omega. Come to Solaris City and meet with me so we can discuss the future of Griian, the advancement of our planet!

CASPIN: Is that seriously a protest on Griian? I thought that was just an earth thing…

FORNAX: Protest may be too strong a word for now, but I’m showing you this so you all know to be on your best behaviors. The public eye is growing sharper. This speech was made only a few hours ago, so please be careful.

CASPIN: Yea but what’s he really complaining about? Why does he need roads when we have teleporters in literally every town on our world?

ELARA: It doesn’t matter, just be sure to do as your father says. He knows how to run a planet.

CASPIN: It just… doesn’t make sense. What would anyone wanna change here?


Azar knocks on the door.

MR.PRIMULA: (Opens the door) Azar! What brings you by?

AZAR: Hello Mr.Primula, I came to check on Aurelia.

MR.PRIMULA: How sweet.

MR.PRIMULA: (looking into the house) Aurelia!

AURELIA: (walking out of the house while Mr.Primula walks back in) Well isn’t this a surprise? I thought you might never show up.

AZAR: Well, you know how Caspin gets. He almost made us miss the Embassy…

AURELIA: (Hugging Azar while giving him a kiss on the cheek) I was kidding, smartie.

AZAR: I know, I just like to see you every day. It's sort of a tradition now.

AURELIA: And I’m glad, but you worry too much.

AZAR: I like to worry. How was your day?

AURELIA: Perfectly fine, and I finally found out the day for my final test!

AZAR: That’s amazing. When we were growing up I never would’ve thought you wanted to be a teleporter technician of all things…

MR.PRIMULA: (Shouting from within the house) You two! Come in here!

AURELIA: (While she and Azar walk into her living room) What’s wrong?

MR.PRIMULA: (Pointing at a different T.V.) Look!

The TV shows Halcyon (the same man giving the speech from earlier) shaking hands with people holding protest signs that say ‘Advance!’

AZAR: What the—

AURELIA: What’s that all about?

MR.PRIMULA: Not sure. Frightening though isn’t it?

AZAR: Well they're all the way in Solaris City, it shouldn’t bother us too much. Anyway, I should be getting home…

MR.PRIMULA: Alright, but remember to be careful! This planet may be twice as big as earth but they could be anywhere in an instant!

AZAR: (Leaving the living room) I will, goodnight Aurelia!

AURELIA: (From off screen as Azar leaves through the front door) Meet me by the mill house tomorrow!

AZAR: Wouldn’t miss it.


Caspin opens the window.

CASPIN: (From off panel with the deer looking in towards the window) You hungry?

Caspin’s hand throws a piece of bread out the window.

CASPIN: Here, catch!


CASPIN: (Leaving the window while the deer eats) Good girl!

Caspin leaves his room.


CASPIN: Mom! Dad! I’m going out!

ELARA: (Walking into frame) Where to?

CAPIN: Azar and I have a new strategy for MoonBall that we were gonna use today, so tell dad—

ELARA: You’re father is busy in Solaris today.

CASPIN: Oh right. Cause of that... guy.

ELARA: Yes… Anyway, have fun!

Caspin leaves.


Caspin walks past the teleporter while someone is herding goats that keep walking out of its golden glow.

VILLAGE BOY 1: (Running towards Caspin and waving) Hey, Caspin! You going to moonball?

CASPIN: Of course, is anybody else there yet?

VILLAGE BOY 1: (Catching up to and walking beside Caspin) Yea, loads of them. Can I be on your team, though? The guy’s I usually play with won’t let me be the rogue.

CASPIN: (Walking out of the back end of a small group of houses, the landscape revealing a Moon Ball field with a group of kids playing on it) Yea, of course.

CASPIN: (At the edge of the field shouting through his hands) Hey Azar!

VILLAGE BOY 1: I don’t think he’s here…

CASPIN: (In a narrator box as the panel shows the mill house area from above) Oh, well I bet I know where he is. I’ll be right back, save us a spot in the next game!


Aurelia and Azar stand looking out a window over the pond.

AURELIA: (Pointing out the window at the other side of the pond) And over there is where they should build a treehouse, cause you can see the Capitol City skyline if you climb high enough.

AZAR: That’s a pretty cool idea, or maybe they should build a tower with a garden on top of it?

AURELIA: Maybe, but only if they planted a tree on top so we can still build a house there.

CASPIN: (Dropping into the room from a hole in the floor above it) You guys are missing the obvious.

AZAR: The obvious way to kill a mood?

AURELIA: I think that is right in front of us.

CASPIN: No, no. Why don’t you guys just build a treehouse in one and then grow another tree on top of that, and then build another treehouse and keep going until it’s like a tree-ception tower.

AURELIA: (With a laughing face) Maybe because that’s a really awful idea?

AZAR: (Talking towards Aurelia) Or maybe it’s a work of genius?

AURELIA: (Smiling at Azar) Maybe you just don’t know what genius means—

CASPIN: Yea, whatever. Enough of this, are we gonna go tear up the Moon Ball field or not?

AZAR: Oh, yea! I completely forgot about that…

CASPIN: (Already climbing out of the room) Whatever, man. Just hurry up!


Aurelia, Azar, and Caspin walking to the edge while other kids from the village are gathered around, getting ready for another game.

AURELIA: Tell me again why it’s called ‘Moon Ball’ when there's no ‘ball’ involved?

CASPIN: Cause all the earth sports have it in their names.

AZAR: Or maybe it's because the moon was a ball before it exploded?

CASPIN: (Looking up at the sky) Who knows?

VILLAGE BOY 1: (Walking up to them with three people following him) I got us a guardian and two defenders. We’re in the next match!

CASPIN: (While he, Azar, and the other four walk onto the field while Aurelia stays behind) Remember the plan, boost me on my que.

Everybody from both teams are in their rightful positions.

VILLAGE GIRL: (Running to the side of the field) I’ll ref!

VILLAGE GIRL: Rogues! Ready?

BOTH ROGUES (Including VILLAGE BOY 1): Ready!

VILLAGE GIRL: Guardians! Ready?


VILLAGE GIRL: Defenders! Ready?


VILLAGE GIRL: Warriors! Ready?

ALL 4 WARRIORS (Including Caspin and Azar): Ready!

VILLAGE GIRL: First to one point wins! Go!!!

Caspin retreats behind the two defenders while Azar goes towards enemy lines.

AZAR: Rogue! Back me up!

VILLAGE BOY 1: (Running through and tackling somebody in front of Azar) On it!

CASPIN: (Reaching the end of his own team’s side of the field) Get ready!

THE GUARDIAN: What are you doing?

CASPIN: You’ll see.

Caspin starts sprinting towards the other team.

One of the defenders tackles someone out of Caspin’s way while the other defender pulls someone away.

The other teams’ player tries to jump on Caspin, but Caspin slides underneath him.

AZAR: (Kneeling on one knee with his hands cuffed) Hurry!

CASPIN: (Running at Azar with Village Boy 1 saving him from an attack) I’m trying!

Caspin jumps through the air with one foot out for Azar to catch.

Azar cups Caspin’s foot as it lands.

Caspin is launched through the air, over half of the other team’s defender zone.

Caspin comes down hard, slapping the button on his way down and hitting the ground with a loud sound.

CASPIN: (Hitting the ground) Oof–!

AZAR: (Calling from where he boosted Caspin while the rest of the plays on the field are halted) You ok?

CASPIN: (Starting to get up) Yea, I’m good!

VILLAGE BOY 1: (From across the field while everybody else is walking off) Nice play!

ELARA: (From off panel) Caspin! Come here!

CASPIN: (Walking to his mom on the edge of the field) Hey mom, whats up?

ELARA: (Holding up a file folder) Your father left this at home on accident. I need you to take this to his office.

CASPIN: Can you do it?

ELARA: I don’t know my way around Capitol City as well as you.

CASPIN: Oh. Is dad still dealing with that guy in Solaris City?

ELARA: Halcyon? Yea, he’s still there.

CASPIN: (Taking the file) Ok, fine.

AZAR: (To Caspin as he walks away) Where are you going?

CASPIN: (Holding up the file folder) Capitol City! I guess...


Caspin walks into one glowing gold teleporter on one side with the background of Eirini Village, and then walks out of another glowing golden teleporter in Capitol City.


DESK DUDE: (As Caspin walks into a fancy looking lobby) Caspin? What are you doing here?

CASPIN: (Showing off the file folder) Just dropping something off.

DESK DUDE: (Pressing a button on his desk that makes a buzzing sound as Caspin walks towards an opening elevator) Alright, go on up.


Caspin walks into the office from the elevator.

Caspin slams the folder down on the desk.

Caspin turns on a small tv sitting on the desk.

CASPIN: (The T.V. turns on to show Halcyon and Fornax sitting in chairs and facing each other) Yep, there's that Halcyon guy…

HALCYON: No, Fornax—

FORNAX: I prefer the term President, if you will.

HALCYON: Ok. Anyway, you need to understand these grievances didn’t just start recently. They started years ago when President Onir Omega took the teleport remotes from the public so that only government officials can use them! That took our own ability to teleport at will, without being near a city or one of the Embassy’s!

HALCYON: For a government such as yours, who claims to be purely passive, taking away that ability to teleport from all of its citizens you put us in danger. What if one of us gets stuck in the wilderness on earth? How do you expect us to get out? We need more privatised teleportation for our protection!

FORNAX: What exactly are you proposing here today?

HALCYON: For years we have watched earth and took lessons from them to make our own society on Griian better. One lesson you Omegan’s took from them was to halt our culture in it’s steps. To not advance by means of an industrial revolution. I ‘propose’ that instead we allow such a thing to take place under a controlled environment. And spread our civilization to earth for both their good and ours! We need more progression, an advancement for Griian!

CASPIN: Ugh, what a tool.

Caspin turns off the T.V.

While pulling his hand back, Caspin knocks over something on the desk and reveals a teleport remote behind it.

CASPIN: (Picking up the remote) Did dad leave his remote?

CASPIN: (Opening a drawer with a dusty remote outline in it) Guess not…

CASPIN: But I might be able to use this…

Caspin walks back through the Elevator as it closes with the teleport remote in his hand.

NARRATOR BOX: To be continued...

Follow @Jacob_thewriter on Instagram for updates as Issue 2-10 come out! Thanks for reading!