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Scarlet Witch and Loki TV Shows

Scarlet Witch and Loki are heading to the small screen.

It has been announced that Loki and Scarlet Witch, joined by a few other characters, will be getting their own shows on Disney's new streaming service. I think it'll be interesting to see the direction they take the characters. There has always been a desire amongst fans for more Loki content and Wanda is a really interesting character in the comics. It'll definitely be a big hit for the new streaming service. If they keep it up, many people will see it as more than just a Netflix rip-off.

For Loki, there are many directions and times you could go with. Depending on what happens in the next movie, it may take place in the past. It would be interesting to see his many adventures before the Avengers. There are probably some wild stories to be told. And what about Thor? Will he be in the show? He'd have to be, right? If Loki is getting his own show, Thor would have to have at least a small role in the show. There is such a complex relationship between them that would be interesting to explore in small screen format. Chris Hemsworth is a big name now, so who knows if he'd even be interested in being in the show?

For Wanda, there are so many good storylines from the comics that they could go with. They could also develop her and Vision's relationship further, possibly (but not likely) giving them kids like they did in the comics. Although, that probably won't be the case since most comic book readers know what happens with that. It would be more of a movie plot than anything. They could do the 2015-present comic plot. It's a pretty interesting one, although I haven't read all of them. I'm also not clear when it takes place so that may be a problem.

They have also talked about other characters that would get the small screen treatment. They haven't confirmed any others but people have been speculating a Hawkeye series. If they were to do that, they should have Kate Bishop included in it. It would be interesting to see that character in film. She's an interesting character and her friendship with Clint Barton is so entertaining and wholesome.

Another character that would be good for this would be Bucky Barnes, AKA The Winter Soldier. There is a lot to go off of with him, as he has lived through so much. It would be interesting to see what he did in the Red Room or something like that. He's such an interesting and beloved character. He has so much potential.

They could always do a Young Avengers show. That would be interesting to see as long as they don't go down the same path as The Runaways. The Runaways had a lot of potential but due to the poor writing, it didn't really live up to the source material. It was overall disappointing. Hopefully, if they do a Young Avengers show, they learn from their mistakes and don't make it as relatable and try-hard as The Runaways

There are tons of characters that they could work with, some that haven't even been introduced yet. But whatever they end up doing, I just hope they do the characters justice and have them keep the quirks that keep these characters interesting. It would be such a shame if they mess up these two great characters. There's so much potential that could go to waste. But I have a bit of faith in Marvel and Disney to keep it decent. Although, I don't think we'll be getting anything too explicit for the shows, seeing as it is still Disney. 

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Scarlet Witch and Loki TV Shows
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