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Scarlet Witch vs. Captain Marvel

The State of the MCU's Actual Overpowered Hero

Kevin Feige called Captain Marvel “the most overpowered hero in the MCU.” Well, the only way that could possibly be the case is if he completely ignores the powers and abilities of Scarlet Witch and has no intention of introducing other heroes that would easily overpower Ms. Danvers (Vulcan, Skaar, Grandmaster, Phoenix Force I could go on and on). The unfortunate truth is that if they are going to make her as “overpowered” as he seems to think she is they would have to ignore big gaping weaknesses.

In this article, I will describe in great, agonizing detail why Scarlet Witch and not Captain Marvel is the most powerful character in the MCU and why she should be responsible for saving the Avengers with the help of Doctor Strange.

The first and most important point that I would like to make is that Carol Danvers is absolutely useless against opponents that possess magical abilities. She has no defense against magic and no way to combat its effects. Scarlet Witch, however, is a magical being unto herself and is very effective in fighting enemies with powers of magical origin.

My second point is that Carol is extremely vulnerable to mind control, a power that Scarlet Witch possesses. Realistically, Scarlet Witch could not only control Carol’s mind but also manipulate her enough to use Carol and her powers as Wanda sees fit, as Danvers has also proven herself susceptible to possession by telepaths. How could anyone with weaknesses this big, especially considering current MCU enemies possibly be considered “overpowered?”

Also, Carol Danvers was featured as Captain Marvel for the first time in House of M, a reality that was created by Scarlet Witch. She was also asked to join the Avengers in Scarlet Witch's absence. She was a substitute at best, though not nearly as powerful as Scarlet Witch.

I think that it is fairly obvious that if it came to a battle between the two Scarlet Witch would defeat Captain Marvel easily, and quickly. So in the context of the MCU what should happen in the recovery of our beloved Avengers is…

We know that all of our fallen heroes are trapped in the soul stone, therefore in this time that we have been waiting for the next movie they have all been trapped together, giving Doctor Strange plenty of time to help our Scarlet Witch unlock new levels of her witchy powers (Strange taking the place of her comic book mentor Sorceress). Wanda could potentially use her reality manipulating/creating powers paired with Doctor Strange’s ability to open doors to other dimensions to release them from the soul stone, or at the very least get a message to a Doctor Strange from a different time period/dimension to get them out.

The role of Carol Danvers is going to be completely unnecessary and overshadow the heroes that they have spent the last 10 years getting us to care about. Heroes that have the power to easily save the Avengers with no outside help. With all the things that have changed from comics to screen, I see no reason to include Carol, especially not so far into the universe many of us have sunk 10 years into connecting with. From a strictly business standpoint, introducing a new character to save all the existing characters we love is irresponsible and wasteful. Why should care about Carol? Why should we believe that she is worthy of saving everyone we love? And are we, after a single movie, supposed to love her and accept that she is to be the savior of all of our little dust turned Avengers? Also just one more time, Scarlet Witch is far more powerful, therefore, why do we need Captain Marvel? Oh, that's right, we don't.

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Scarlet Witch vs. Captain Marvel
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