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(SDCC) Exclusive: Trailer For 'The Flash' Debuts With Major Insights On Flashpoint In Season 3.

New reveals came out of San Diego Comic-Con, including a teaser trailer for season 3 of The Flash.

This week has been filled with new reveals coming out of the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), ranging from Marvel's newest cast additions to DC's Justice League trailer. The latest reveal out of (SDCC) provides us with our first look at a teaser trailer for Season 3 of The Flash. Check it out below.

After viewing the teaser trailer, a few aspects of Season 3 are made abundantly clear whereas the conclusion of Season 2 left us with a vague interpretation of what is come in the upcoming season. For one, we know that Barry Allen successfully returns to his time after stopping Eobard Thawne from murdering his mother. In doing so, he's changed the destined course of events set to happen in the DC' universe and created an entirely new parallel universe which Eobard Thawne has deemed the Flashpoint universe; made evident by Eobard Thawne's callback during the last seconds of the aforementioned teaser trailer.

Flashpoint, Eobard Thawne a.k.a. Reverse Flash

Apart from creating the Flashpoint universe, Barry Allen has also succeeded in something that he once thought was impossible. He's defeated Eobard Thawne and stopped him from murdering his mother.

Since hearing of the 'Flashpoint' event taking place on The Flash, many fans have assumed that Eobard Thawne would be the main villain of the Flashpoint universe in but it doesn't appear so when accounting for the presence of Eobard Thawne in the trailer for Season 3 of The Flash. It's obvious that Eobard Thawne has been trapped by Barry Allen due to his current state in a cage; which likely happened immediately after Barry stopped Eobard from murdering his mother during the Season 2 Finale of The Flash. But despite being seen trapped in a cage, Eobard Thawne may find a way to escape at some point and leave the Flashpoint timeline in an attempt to avoid being affected by the change when Barry corrects the timeline of events destined to occur. Then it would be possible for Eobard Thawne to return as the Reverse Flash; but that topic is best saved for another time. For now, we still have to discuss the reveal of Wally West becoming Kid Flash.

Flashpoint, Wally West a.k.a. Kid Flash

Promotional images for Season 3 of The Flash have already featured Keiynan Lonsdale as Kid Flash but it wasn't until today that we gained our first official confirmation of his character's role on The Flash. Lonsdale was introduced during Season 2 of The Flash as Iris West's younger brother, Wally. Since his introduction to the series, fans have expected Wally West to become Kid Flash but it wasn't confirmed to be happening until recently. And now that Season 3 of The Flash is preparing to debut Wally West as Kid Flash, he's going to be speeding around Central City, for as long as the Flashpoint universe is around. When the timeline of events is corrected, Kid Flash will likely be erased from existence, returning the vacancy of Central City speedster back to Barry Allen a.k.a. the Flash. Apart from Wally West, there's still the aspect of Cisco Ramon in the Flashpoint universe as he's become a completely different individual on The Flash.

Flashpoint Cisco

Within the teaser trailer, we can see that Cisco is no longer the modest tech-genius he was introduced as on The Flash. In Season 3, he's become the owner of a global conglomerate, much like Palmer Tech on Arrow. But regardless of Cisco Ramon's career ventures, what's more apparent are the changes in personality. Within the brief interactions between Cisco and Barry, it's obvious that Cisco isn't the same person. He's become corrupted by power and money which could inevitably lead to Cisco turning into Reverb in the scenario that a Particle-Accelerator explosion causes another meta-human epidemic in Central City.

Flashpoint, West family

And then we also have the other members of the West family being drawn into the fold during Flashpoint. Although, the teaser trailer for Season 3 gives the impression that Barry Allen will have to convince both Iris and Joe West of where his true origins stem from. The dialogue in the teaser trailer provides the implication of Joe West having no idea who Barry Allen is and neither does Iris. That in itself will be an interesting aspect of Flashpoint as Season 1 and 2 of The Flash heavily emphasized the relationship between Barry Allen and the West family.

More subtle Easter Eggs dropped in the trailer

Those are just some of the newest reveals on Season 3 of The Flash. There are more important events hidden within the split second screenshots of the trailer for Season 3 of The Flash. In the trailer, we can also see John Wesley Shipp as he's set to return as Henry Allen during the Flashpoint arc of Season 3. And what's of great interest is that we can see Henry Allen (Shipp) pressing his hand up against glass, almost as if he's talking to someone who's in prison. Could that be signifying Barry Allen's trip to prison? There's already been one tease of Barry Allen going to prison; during his first time traveling excursion, Barry sees a future wherein he's in prison, talking to his father on the other side of the glass. Accounting for this new screenshot in the teaser trailer, we can safely assume that some event will see Barry Allen going to prison during Season 3.

Todd Lasance coming to The Flash as the Black Racer

The last reveal which can be spotted in the trailer is the subtle introduction of the Black Racer. Before (SDCC) this year, some images from the set of The Flash leaked out, exposing the Black Racer as the titular villain of Season 3. To portray the Black Racer, The Flash television series has recruited Todd Lasance (Spartacus: War of The Damned) to its growing roster of heroes and villains. No confirmation has been given as of yet, but the behind the scenes images of Todd Lasance in costume and the split second images of the Black Racer in the teaser trailer for Season 3 is enough evidence to positively conclude Lasance's role as the Black Racer in the upcoming season of The Flash.

Where is Caitlin Snow during Flashpoint?

Nothing else can be deduced from the aforementioned teaser trailer but there's surely a lot more we're not yet privy to that will come to light in the coming months. Those events will likely explore the rest of Central City and the residents of the city who haven't been given their Flashpoint introduction yet. One cast member of The Flash whose Flashpoint depiction may differ substantially from her normal characterization is that of Caitlin Snow.

It's possible that the lack of Caitlin Snow's appearance in the teaser trailer for Season 3 means that she'll be taking on the villainous identity of Killer Frost. We've already seen Caitlin's Earth-2 doppelganger as Killer Frost in Season 2, who's to say the Flashpoint Universe hasn't pushed Caitlin of Earth-1 in the same direction - but that's speculative for the time being. Keeping Caitlin out of the spotlight for now could be a perfect ploy for introducing her later on, that is unless she and Ronnie Raymond found a life outside of Central City. To where they are never affected by the going-ons of The Flash.

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(SDCC) Exclusive: Trailer For 'The Flash' Debuts With Major Insights On Flashpoint In Season 3.
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