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'She Has Made Me Feel Beyond Beautiful': Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz Are the Epitome of Friendship Goals

Their friendship is an example of how important it is to always spend a moment with the ones you love in your busy life.

'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' [Credit: Columbia Pictures]

In an industry that seemingly strives to pit women against each other in the media, it's always encouraging to hear about those who rise above the outside influences lingering around them. Santa Clarita Diet actress Drew Barrymore and her Charlie's Angels co-star Cameron Diaz recently reunited and took to Instagram to post a sweet selfie paired with a touching caption.

Their friendship is an example of how important it is to always "spend a moment with the ones you love in your busy life," a sentiment shared by Barrymore, which resonated with thousands of fans who voiced their agreement in the comment section.

From Co-Stars To Sisters

It seems their bond was destined to be from way back when as Diaz revealed during an Access Hollywood interview in 2011. The pair originally met when they were teenagers and Diaz recalls their initial meetings at a store where Barrymore used to work:

“We’ve known each other so long... we met when [Barrymore] was 14 and I was 16... We met at a place that we both used to hang out in Hollywood [or Beverly Hills]... when I was modeling and she wasn’t acting. She was working at this coffee shop or this soda shop, and I used to go hang out there and we became friendly."

Once Diaz began acting (most notably stealing the show in 1994's The Mask), she revealed that Barrymore asked if she would be up for starring in the 2000 reboot of Charlie's Angels. The rest, as they say, is #friendshipgoals history.

The duo starred alongside Lucy Liu in the initial reboot of Charlie's Angels and its 2003 sequel, Full Throttle. The first Charlie's Angels exceeded expectations with its impressive box office run, earning over $264 million worldwide on a $90 million budget, with critics praising Diaz's comedic performance.

Although its sequel didn't receive as much acclaim as the first, both films ultimately earned over $250 million at the box office with many thanks going out to the foreign market, which seemingly adored Full Throttle. The immense chemistry between the main trio is present throughout the films and it clearly affected Barrymore and Diaz as they have remained the best of friends ever since.

Referring to Diaz as the one phone call she'd make to get her out of jail, the famed actresses are consistently present in each other's lives. Their respect and adoration for each other is difficult to find in any friend, let alone when the Hollywood spotlight is shining bright on you.

They've experienced many key milestones including Barrymore becoming a mother to Olive, age four, and Frankie, age three, and Diaz's wedding to rocker Benji Madden in 2015 wherein Barrymore served as a doting bridesmaid.

With the good always comes the bad and these two have shown that they are there for each other regardless of what is occurring in their own busy lives. After four years of marriage, Barrymore filed for divorce from her husband Will Kopelman in 2016. Around that time, Diaz appeared on Andy Cohen's SiruisXM show and the host asked the following:

"So when you're going through your ups and downs, and Drew is going through something now… is it an automatic reach out to the other person?"

Diaz responded by providing some insight into their tight-knit friendship and emphasizing the importance of keeping those lines of communication open:

"Of course... Everybody pulls the wagons around, you know, our friends, whoever needs us at whatever point in time. Even if it's something that the public doesn't know about. Internally we're all going, like, 'OK, who needs us now?' And that really is, I think, a major part of the connectivity that we need. We need to keep those things connected."

There's something to be said about seeing such a genuine friendship shared between these two inspiring women. They never fail to commend each other during interviews and truly seem like an incredibly enjoyable couple to have all the fun with. We'd all be so lucky as to have our very own Diaz or Barrymore and for fans of seeing the two on the big screen, never lose faith! Perhaps they'll make a cameo in the upcoming Charlie's Angels reboot because there can never be enough Angels.

What are some of your all-time favorite celebrity friendship pairs? Let me know in the comments below!

(Source: US Weekly)

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'She Has Made Me Feel Beyond Beautiful': Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz Are the Epitome of Friendship Goals
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