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She's Just a Girl in Love

'Crazy (Ex)-Girlfriend'

"She's the crazy ex-girlfriend."

Hell yeah she is! 

Crazy (Ex)-girlfriend is a one of its kind. Funny, modern, and crazy. The show already has 3 seasons and a fourth and last is on the way (October 13).

The TV series focuses on Rebecca Bunch, a brilliant lawyer who went to Harvard and Yale, but who also suffers from depression and anxiety. One day she decides to leave New York for West Covina (California) after she sees Josh Chan, her former high-school crush, in the street. In California, she meets her new co-workers including Paula Protor, who will soon become her best friend. Paula is a middle-age woman whose wedding is (almost) falling apart. By the way, Paula is also crazy! She is watching Rebecca and Josh's love story as a viewer of a soap opera. She is literally in front of a TV screen eating popcorn!

                                           SPOILER ALERT!                   

In West Covina, Rebecca tries her best to reconnect with Josh, who she is in love with. But Josh has a girlfriend, Valencia, a very hot yoga instructor who has already planned her entire wedding with him. Rebecca, with the help of Paula, spies on Josh... but she also does worse. She manipulates his family, his friends, she puts a sneak in his phone, lies to him, and creates a virtual boyfriend, who will later show up and fall in love with Rebecca. To sum it up—big mess! In the middle of season one, Josh finds out he has feelings for Rebecca and kisses her... with Greg Serano watching them. Greg is Josh's best friend who is secretly in love with Rebecca but is also Rebecca's friend with benefits. And in such an intense way, Rebecca had to go to the hospital after contracting a virus due to too much sex (seriously). At the end of season one, Josh reveals his feelings to Rebecca and you know... L.O.V.E

"I'm just a girl in love, I can't be held responsible for my actions."

In season two, Rebecca and Josh are in loooove! So in love that they are planning their wedding, "The wedding is in two weeks!"But before that, Rebecca bonds with her neighbor Heather who "is a student" and Josh's former girlfriend Valencia. - ! CATCH UP  ! Before the wedding, Josh and Rebecca had casual sex, fought and broke up. That's why, she reconnects with Valencia who tries to survive her post-breakup- Also Paula goes to college in order to get a law degree and soon her and Rebecca tear apart. (They will reconnect later of course!) . In the meantime, Greg leaves West Covina in order to deal with his alcoholism and to recover from his "Rebecca heartbreak." Now the wedding thing; believe it or not, Valencia is planning her former boyfriend's wedding. Yep, that's happening! Anyway, at the end of season two, Josh starts to have concerns about his future life and commits the worst crime to Rebecca. He doesn't show up at the wedding leaving a humiliated Rebecca Bunch on the aisle to become a priest... yes, a man of God! Oh, I forgot to mention Rebecca's new boss Nathaniel (very hot guy!) who is a pain the a.. at first but will soon feel attracted by Rebecca!

"Crazy is when I go off the rails, this is what you've done to me."

Season three is for me the most intense as it deals with serious mental issues. First, Rebecca is ready to get revenge ("Revanche") She wants Josh to pay for what he did to her. And she is using all her energy to achieve her goal. Maybe too much. Rebecca breaks, leaves California and tries to kill herself. This is what the beginning of season 3 talks about. Honestly, it was very painful to watch as anxiety and depression are shown in their worst sides. However, Rebecca recovers and she is ready to fight for survival. She gets a new diagnosis; she has been suffering from BPH (Borderline Personality Disorder) her entire life. And that caused her emotional distress and self destruction behaviors. Rebecca goes to therapy, meets new people and also starts a sex routine with her boss who soon starts to have feelings for her; he is even ready to let everything go for her (girlfriend, job, family...). However, at the end of the season, Rebecca takes an important decision; she admits all the illegal things she has done and is sentenced to jail.... Season four on Saturday.

"I imagine my life as a series of musical numbers."

I forgot to mention one important thing about this show. Music! It is everywhere, this show is a musical. A real one! A real hilarious musical. The actors perform all the songs and dance moves. The opening of each season is sang by Rachel Bloom (Rebecca Bunch) who also created the show. I have to admit, she is amazing and so is the entire cast! They all sing, dance and act perfectly! Please pay attention to the lyrics, they are the funniest you will ever hear. Plus, the songs and videos clips are amazing parodies to rock bands, pop stars, rap music. It is very funny.

"Don’t mess with a bitch who’s crazy in the head!"

There is something very different about this TV show, at first it seems to only care about being funny but when you look deeper, real issues are pointed. All the characters have serious mental issues or traumas; Rebecca of course with her BPH disorder but also with Greg's alcoholism, Heather's fear of responsibility, Paula's abusive parents and her fascination for Rebecca and Josh's relationship and finally Nathaniel and his fear of failure. Rachel Bloom created a very complex character through Rebecca. I am pretty sure that her character is an extension of her real life. She said in few interviews that she herself suffers from anxiety and depression. So maybe, this show is a sort of therapy; who knows! Fortunately, Rachel Bloom did not do all the things that Rebecca did but still. 

To conclude, please watch this show! It is brilliant, seriously. It is the kind of show that you binge (Netflix helps, let's be honest) and that is so crazy that you can't stop watching it! It is a very good show and I am not the only one to say that. The show and Rachel Bloom won several awards including five Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes! Trust me, you won't regret it!



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