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Short Films: 'The Grinch 2: The Return'

The Unnecessary Sequel that was Definitely Worth Our Time

When Aaron is called back to the Grinch's lair, he must fight for his life and save Marie... and himself.

The Grinch has a sequel! Who would have thought, am I right? If you read the last article (and hopefully you did) on the first Grinch short film then I am pleased to tell you this was made in the exact same fashion and amount of time. The Grinch 2: The Return by my friend, Aaron Gray, was written because we wanted to continue the plot of what our friends and other peers astonishingly enjoyed from the first one. We had no objection to making this and took on the project with open arms because, like the first one, we found amusement, enjoyment, and we bonded over making such a cringey and sloppily done film. I use "sloppily" and "cringey" truthfully, because these films are, but I use them lovingly as they are creations of our own and we are proud of them.

As I said in my last article, about the first Grinch film, Aaron and I both see filmmaking in our future (I at least said it for me). Making these movies, as humorous as they are more than serious, gives us movie making experience and allows us to appreciate the time and effort it takes to make something of this length. Furthermore, our attention and belief in even the smallest detail has increased during post production when we have to treat almost every frame of the film. Maybe not EVERY frame, but it takes longer than one can imagine to go through and make sure every shot is exactly how we need. Film making, in my personal belief, is an art and it takes just as much creativity as painting on a canvas.

If you decide to watch this film (I have the link above again, and look, I'm on the thumbnail again!) you will notice it is significantly longer than our first film. Aaron and I found ourselves becoming, once again, directors, writers, producers, actors, and editors. In fairness Aaron did most the directing and editing. Wait until the next movie though (Spoilers!). We knew that, despite our hard work, these films would not get much attention at all on YouTube. However, making these movies gave us more than just experience. These movies have given us something to be proud of, and through this journey we have even bonded and grown closer while in the production of these movies. Yes, none of the continuity matters in the plot, and yes there are some serious plot holes, but Aaron and I can definitely say that we can look at these movies and smile. Maybe even give each other a high five. The reason we can do this is because we know what it took to get us here and we know how much fun it was to do these. The Grinch movies have become a passion of ours and we look forward to working on them as much as a Whovian looks forward to watching the newest Doctor Who episode.

I will not reveal much about this movie, unlike my first article where I gave a short synopsis of the first film. I will only tell you to click that play button up at the top, sit back, and enjoy (more or less) the work my best friend and I are proud to call ours. If you want to know what these movies are about, and how and why they were made, I encourage you to read my first article. Moreover watch the first film before you watch this one. If you, the reader, were able to read every bit of this, I hope you at least can say you do not regret taking the time to scan your eyes over each word of this, and that you learned something or enjoyed the story.

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Short Films: 'The Grinch 2: The Return'
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