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Simple, Overlooked Solutions to Prevent an Entire Movie!

Just a relatable rant about the simple solutions we all know could've prevented the horrible chaos and terror in some of our favorite movies!

Still from Jurassic Park

Do you ever notice, as you're watching a movie, or realize five months after you've watched it, that the plot-line really could've had a simple solution—overlooked by the characters and perhaps even the writers—and prevented all the trouble the characters had to go through?

Here are a few that just kind of drive me crazy! As a disclaimer, these movies are not ruined for me even with giant plot-holes. They're each still great, and I love them all!

So let's begin with Jurassic Park... I think the meme says it all, but I'm going to rant a little anyway!

This is a classic, and I actually really love this move! But here's what bugged me like a mosquito stuck in sap...

"Spared no expense!" Hammond says about the luxuries at his amusement park.

"Spared no expense!" He says about the research and development put into actually genetically creating dinosaurs.

"Spared no expense!" He brags about the incomparable ice creams the kitchens are stocked with.

Why didn't he 'spare no expense' with the man he hired to set—oh, I don't know—the entire computer system that Jurassic Park is run on? The entire system which, if it should have an error or virus that does a little jig and finger waggle with the comment, "Ah, ah, ah! You didn't say the password!" unleashes Hell upon the island and all of its inhabitants?? 

Nedry particularly comments that Hammond was cheap with paying him. Personally, I think hiring a sleazeball like that guy was cheap anyway, but it's amazing how this entire movie of death and mayhem could've been prevented if the guy had only spared no expense!!!

Night at the Museum 2

Still from Night at the Museum 2

A life hangs in the balance: well, a very tiny life. But Horton the elephant remarked, "A person's a person, no matter how small!" If Larry doesn't find out the pass code to the Tablet of Ahkmenrah within a certain time limit, little Jedediah will be buried in the sand of an hourglass. Larry better hurry before Jed breathes his last breath...oh, wait. Jed doesn't breathe. What??

Let's take a little jog back to the first movie...

WHAT?? Teddy's been chopped in half?? Noooo—oh, wait, he's fine. He's doing impressions for Sacagawea while she melts some wax to glue him back together.


If Teddy can still breathe and imitate a Pygmy just fine while lying adjacent to his bottom half, why are we so worried about Jed suffocating again? Maybe if Kahmunrah had threatened to guillotine him instead, Larry would've realized there would be no harm in saying, "Meh, go ahead."

Captain America: Civil War

Still from Captain America: Civil War

Another amazing movie! Let me just get that out of the way; who doesn't love the Avengers? However, there is one plot-hole that I just can't get past.

Okay, so... scene: bad guy sneaks into where Bucky is being held and starts reading aloud the mumbo jumbo that turns him into the super Winter Soldier. Cool. I have one question: why didn't Bucky do anything about it?

It was as maddening as watching Princess Peach stand ten feet away from Mario and just reach out to him dramatically without lifting a finger toward her own rescue!

Bucky sits there and wriggles and goes, "No! Noooo!" 

What he should've done: sing at the top of his lungs. Take the classic, "Blah blah blah!" approach that a six-year-old would've thought of! It's not sexy, but it would've worked! He wouldn't have heard the special password, and he wouldn't have become the evil, mind-controlled Winter Soldier, killing everyone and all that jazz! Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, Bucky.

Thank You!

GIF from Thor: Ragnarok

Thanks so much for reading and bearing with me throughout my plot-hole rant session!

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Simple, Overlooked Solutions to Prevent an Entire Movie!
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