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Sir Patrick Stewart Feeling Love For New Foster Pooch

Ginger, A Young Pitbull, Has Won Over Stewart And Wife Sunny Ozell

Sir Patrick Stewart seems to have found a new leading lady.

Thanks to Wags and Walks, a 501c3 rescue group dedicated to reducing the numbers of dogs in Los Angeles shelters, Stewart and his wife Sunny Ozell have taken in a rescue pup - a pit bull named Ginger - and the pair seem to have fallen in love with their new "fur baby".

“Meet Ginger," Stewart said in his Instagram post earlier this week when the dog came into the home for the first time.  "I’m in LOVE."

Indeed, it's pretty clear that Stewart and Ozell are smitten with their new arrival.  It would seem that Ginger feels the same way about Stewart and Ozell, too; not only was Ginger's tail wagging happily on her entry into the home, she greeted Stewart with a slobbery kiss.

In a series of images, Ginger can be seen, wondering if she should try and get into the pool with Stewart and kissing his head, ultimately pushing the actor behind Star Trek:  The Next Generation's Captain Picard and X-Men's Professor X off the seat he found at the edge of the pool.  She's also seen sprawled contentedly on the couch with Stewart beside her, clearly enamored as he strokes her.  When Ozell tells Stewart, "No dogs on the furniture," Stewart playfully waggles his finger at the sleeping Ginger and tells the pup, "Absolutely not," and later leans forward to give her a kiss on the cheek.

The cutest video of the bunch is probably one where Ginger is laid back, looking rapturous as presumably Ozell cuddles her.  A moment later, the dog sneezes, and Ozell and Stewart share a laugh.

The videos might also be seen as evidence to many that pit bulls are not as terribly vicious as many might think, as the pup is clearly melting into the arms - and the furniture - of Ozell and Stewart.

Sir Patrick Stewart And His (Canine) Lady Love

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Sir Patrick Stewart Feeling Love For New Foster Pooch
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