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Six Most Memorable Scenes from 'The Return'

What are yours?

1.) Has GOT to Be When Cooper Went Back to Save the Life of Laura Palmer!

Whether you agree with the decision to change the timelines or not, you have to agree that amongst the scenes from "Fire Walk With Me," the new scenes linked up perfectly. When we see that it is Cooper Laura screams at it's a truly chilling moment. Feeling as though she is finally saved from the darkness of Bob was an uplifting—if short-lived—moment. There was a moment of euphoria as we realised what was going to happen, and then goosebumps as we watched her corpse being removed from the beach where she would no longer be found by Pete Martell "Dead! Wrapped in plastic." For me I must admit I was shouting "no, no, no!!" as I watched this scene—because, well, everything changed! But I suppose this only serves to make the scene more memorable. I see this scene as the most major takeaway from the series as a whole.

2.) When the Old Lady from the Casino Approaches Dougie (Mr. Jackpots) as He Is Eating with the Mitchum Brothers

This is a heartwarming scene that shows how an act of compassion can affect another person's life. Seeing the gratitude the woman had for Mr. Jackpots was one of the few moments in the series where we actually experienced deep emotion. For me this scene was especially memorable due to the wonderful piano playing in the background and throughout the credits. There are not many scenes in The Return that make us feel emotional in this way so it stuck with me for that as well.

3.) Our Introduction to Diane

I'm sure I'm not the only one who was delighted to finally meet the elusive Diane. Meeting her and discovering she was being portrayed by Laura Dern was definitely worthy of the wait. In addition, this scene being after Albert's "fuck Gene Kelly" scene after he goes to the bar in the pouring rain makes it even more enjoyable. I think almost everybody loves Albert, so him as the choice to help reveal Diane's identity was well made. The way she was sat in the bar with her back to the camera added to the suspense of the scene, and any true fan was surely thrilled to see Diane as a real person at long last.

4.) "He's dead."

In case it was not clear to any of the characters in the scene, Gordon Cole kindly pointed out that Bill Hastings was now, in fact, deceased. Some people may have forgotten this scene/line soon after they watched the episode, however for me I found the comedy of it coupled with the shock aspect of the scene itself incredibly memorable. Lynch nails the deadpan, stating of the obvious punchline—and the expression on the faces of everybody around him (a personal highlight was Tammy Preston's expression) only improved this further.

5.) Audrey's Dance Scene

A mesmerising moment of nostalgia. This is one of the few scenes that feels genuinely nostalgic of the original seasons. I am not suggesting that the inclusion of more nostalgia would necessarily have made the series in it's entirety better, however in this particular scene it was nice to experience it at least once. Considering how scrambled Audrey's timeline and life appeared, this almost felt cathartic and was transfixing.

Her dance seemed to be a direct callback to her dancing in the Double R although her audience was much bigger. I thought this scene was especially memorable for it having come right before the shot of Audrey looking into a vanity mirror in a white room and pulling a horrified expression. That is the last we see of Audrey.

6.) The Death of Margaret Lanterman

This has got to be the most heartwrenching scene in the entirety of Twin Peaks. Not only is The Log Lady a much loved character, but everybody liked Catherine Coulson. The fact that the actress was dying alongside her character was heartbreaking. In addition to this, we all know her friendship with Lynch was long-lasting and meaningful. Her death was incredibly sad and I thought about this scene and how difficult it must have been to film for a long time after I saw it.

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Six Most Memorable Scenes from 'The Return'
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