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Spaced Invaders: A Look Back At Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's Unique Cinematic Bromance

Together, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are comedy central.

Credit: Dread Central

Over the years they've graced our screens and given us plenty of laughs with the likes of horror comedy Shaun of the Dead to the alien road-tripping Paul. With the pair now in talks to tackle a new comedy project, let's take a look back at their cinematic friendship over the last two decades.

Before they were famous, Pegg's girlfriend and Frost worked together in a London restaurant and, one night after their shift, they went out for a meal together. Their beautiful friendship blossomed from there. Pegg recalls:

"Nick was the funniest person I knew. Funnier than me."

"He's got a gift; it's genius, because it comes from somewhere you can't think about."

The two budding comedians had a lot in common and it was easy for them to strike up a friendship that has only gotten stronger through the years.

"I realised after two weeks of hanging out with Nick, I really, really like this guy. It was like a romance blossomed between us."

Their first cinema man date together was in 1994 when they went to see Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, which they both absolutely loved. This prompted their Christmas presents for each other that year, with Frost gifting Pegg a Pulp Fiction T-shirt and Pegg gifting Frost the screenplay. Needless to say, their friendship was cemented.

Both men have grown over the past two decades. Having been at various times housemates and each other's best man at their respective weddings, not only have they found success together, but they have also found it individually. It's safe to say these two have one of the most enviable bromances in the world of film, whether we're talking real life or reel life.

1999: Pegg and Frost First Team Up for Spaced

In 1999, the first episode of the sitcom Spaced aired, with the plot revolving around Pegg's character Tim. After a chance meeting with a twentysomething woman who is also house hunting, Tim and the woman decide to pose as a professional couple in order to snag an apartment they both like. Pegg and Frost played best friend losers who don't have much to offer the world. The show lasted two seasons.

At the time, Frost was still unknown, but Pegg had an established career thanks to his appearances in comedy shows like Hippies and Big Train. However, the groundbreaking and popular Spaced gave them a solid foundation to build upon. They gained a following of fans that only continued to grow with each new project the duo released. Indeed, Pegg and Frost's first project together marked them as synonymous with one another.

2004–2013: Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy

Ever wondered why Cornettos were a continuing thread in the trilogy that would eventually become known as co-writer and director Edgar Wright's Cornetto trilogy? In 2004's Shaun of the Dead, the first film in the trilogy, we see Frost's character Ed eating a Cornetto ice cream as his hangover cure. This is something Wright once did and thought it would be funny to include in the film:

"When I was in college, I got very, very drunk once, and I had a Cornetto in the morning and I felt a lot better. So, it became my hangover cure, and it still is."

Shaun of the Dead is a zombie film inspired by horror flicks such as Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead. Hot Fuzz, the second instalment in the trilogy, came in 2007. Filmed in Somerset in the southwest of England, Hot Fuzz follows the lives of two police officers fighting crime in Sandford, supposedly the "safest village in the country."

The third and final instalment in the trilogy was 2013's The World's End, in which we saw a group of guys attempt an epic pub crawl before the film turns into an action/sci-fi flick.

Credit: Collider

In each of the entrants in the trilogy, Pegg and Frost play characters that some might deem as losers, but who nonetheless seem to come out on top. All three films were extremely well received by critics and fans alike, and proved that the two actors are brilliant together — so why split them up? Yep, people want to see these two together again and again. Their chemistry is energetic and we love it.

Other Pegg/Frost Films You May Not Know About


Not only have they starred in the Cornetto trilogy, but they have also done several other films together. Perhaps the most overlooked of these films is their uncredited parts in a fictitious trailer segment of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse.

The horror double feature displayed several fake movie trailers, one of which was Don't, starring Pegg and Frost and directed by Cornetto trilogy's Wright. It is a mock video nasty trailer, with the joke being that it's an American teaser for a British horror film and that we have no idea what the movie's plot is.

Tarantino has often talked of his love for Shaun of the Dead, even calling it "one of the best scripts written in five years," which is an extremely flattering remark considering Frost and Pegg's bromance was sparked thanks to their shared love of Pulp Fiction.

Pegg and Frost also made appearances in The Adventures of Tintin, Ice Age: Continental Drift, The Boxtrolls and Paul. As well as feature films, the duo have made short films together, which have all been spoofs, naturally. Here are a few of them.

Spider-Plant Man

This short is a spoof of Spider-Man, starring the beloved Brit Mr. Bean, a.k.a Rowan Atkinson.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's Star Wars

This, of course, is a parody of Star Wars. Funnily enough, Pegg eventually became friends with J.J. Abrams and went on to star in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, playing Unkar Plutt.

It's impossible not to love these two — they can make anything funny!

2017 and Beyond: Future Pegg/Frost Projects

It's been confirmed that Pegg and Frost are working on something new. This is what Frost told Inverse in regards to the untitled, mysterious project:

"Simon and I are working on something. We’re trying to do something a bit special at the moment. It’s a work in progress, and we may have some more information on it later in the year.

"I think I’d [want] to do something in the sci-fi world. Something a bit ghost hunter-y, or a bit Monster of the Week in a comedy. With two guys and a girl, it’s like the X-Files, but they’re not affiliated with any government agency."

This news is super exciting for the loyal fans among us.

I can't wait to see these two back in action. I can't wait to find out more about the nameless project. It's been four years since we last saw Frost and Pegg in action together, so we fans deserve something new.

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Spaced Invaders: A Look Back At Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's Unique Cinematic Bromance
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