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'Spider-Man: Far From Home' - Trailer Review

Peter Parker + Summer Vacation = A Sequel

Get ready for Summer 2019!

After rumour after rumour after rumour after... you see where I’m going with this. Spider-Man: Far From Home FINALLY released its first teaser trailer today and boy is it a doozy! 

We have known quite a few details about the sequel for a while now but we now have some visuals to go with them which leads to this trailer review. So, without further ado, let’s get picking apart! 

Friendly NEIGHBOURHOOD Spider-Man

Spidey is doing his bit for the community.

The trailer opens with Spider-Man at a fundraiser to support the homeless. It would appear Mr. Parker is using his heroic alter-ego to show some community spirit!

Aunt May is pro-Spidey.

We all love a supportive aunt.

Yep, in a surprising turn of events, Aunt May actually appears HAPPY about her son being Spider-Man. Traditionally May Parker is shown to be a lover of her neighbourhood, so maybe knowing that her nephew is the superest (humour me here) of glue is a bit of a kick for her! Speaking of the word “happy”...

Happy Hogan returns!

“... What just happened?”

Oh yeah! Fresh from the events of Avengers: Endgame is Happy Hogan, and erm... he seems to have a bit of flirtation going towards May... to Peter’s confusion and comical disgust.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: See the mahoosive cheque that Happy is carrying? It appears to be signed by one Pepper Potts. She’s still alive. She’s still a Potts. Which means no wedding. No Tony Stark wedding. No Mrs. Tony Stark. Looks like Iron Man isn’t making it out of Endgame in one piece people!

Time for a Vacation

“Peter Parker - here to pick up a passport please.”

Peter can’t rely on Stark Industries sneaking him through customs forever! Looks like our young hero is going through the proper channels this time to go travelling with his friends.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This film is said to pick up directly where Avengers-Endgame leaves off, and this passport marks its date of issue as July. Are we getting a new form of the MCU’s timeline?

Peter doesn’t want Spidey on the vacation.

“Europe doesn’t really need a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.”

When you think about it, Peter has had non-stop Spider action. Having to fight a mad titan and constantly doing community stuff can really take it out of a teenager. Is it possible that Peter is starting to get a bit sick of constantly wearing the red spandex? 

In Spider-Man: Homecoming Peter Parker took any and every opportunity to get in the suit. It looks like Peter is growing up a bit and seeing positive sides of having a normal life.


I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Not really a massive part of the trailer but a lovely, emotional nod. Peter is using his Uncle Ben’s suitcase to pack his stuff for Europe. *sniff sniff*. When will we get a clear indication to the MCU’s version of Uncle Ben’s death?

The gang’s back together.

Ned is back to give us some laughs!

I don’t think we could imagine a Spider-Man movie without Ned and co anymore. Ned, M.J, Flash, Betty, and the rest of Midtown High’s Junior Year will be grouped together with Peter on the trip around Europe. Interestingly, romance will begin to bloom between Peter and M.J, which will be a big difference from their dynamic in the last film.

Nick Fury is the mentor this time around.

“So nice to finally meet you... Spider-Man.”

Not only is the theme of “home” sticking around for the film series’ titles, but we’re also keeping the theme of Peter having a mentor. A mentor who is seen as a big part of The MCU. This time, the mentor is in the shape of Nicholas J. Fury. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Fury speaks to Peter as if they’ve never been introduced. Unless this is pure trailer trickery (we’ve grown wary of you, Marvel), it would appear that Fury won’t be around when pretty much every Marvel hero we’ve met so far takes on Thanos in Endgame

Spider-Man = Secret Agent

“I think Nick Fury just hijacked our Summer vacation.”

Secret agents. Night time. Speed boats. What more could spell espionage? As Peter takes his trip around Europe with his friends, it would appear that Fury will have him working as Spider-Man to take on the evil he has recruited him to face.

London’s burning... again.

Spidey saves the day in The UK.

A cool shot of Peter leaping into action London goes up in smoke! Which leads us to...

Web wings are back!

Bad... Ass

Those cool wings from Spider-Man: Homecoming are back on Peter’s new suit which we can assume he got from Nicky Fury.

Meet The Elementals.


We’ve known this one for a while. Spider-Man is recruited by Nick Fury to take on a group called The Elementals, a group who can harness the power of the three elements. 

To me? This looks like the scene that brings Maria Hill and Fury into the film, where they realise they need some help from our favourite webslinger.



Stealth Suit

Spidey just went full secret agent.

The Stealth Suit! Another aspect of the film that we have been aware of for some time now through leaked footage and onset pictures. 

The reason for the suit? My best guess is the same reason Peter wears his “onesie” in the climax of Homecoming; he doesn’t have access to his normal suit. So maybe this is more of a quick makeshift suit from S.H.I.E.L.D?

Meet Quentin Beck AKA...

The Movie’s True Villain

Here he is! In HD! Jake Gyllenhaal as the film’s version of Quentin Beck. In the comics, Beck is a special effects artist who uses his skills to get on the wrong side of the law.


What is Quentin Beck up to?

We know that in this film, Fury has recruited both Parker and Beck to fight side by side against The Elementals. Beck is apparently an expert on The Elementals and a key in defeating them. 

What does this tell us?

Mysterio is... a good guy?

He is an illusionist after all.

HE IS A FAKE! Mysterio cannot be included in this film without him being outed as a big bad. My theory? The reason Beck is an expert on The Elementals is because he is has created them. Fabricating them with his special effects. It would make sense. This will be the classic story of a man who tries so hard to look the hero that he eventually becomes a villain. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: They’re truly giving Mysterio his comic book look. AWESOME! And he appears to be using the look of Stephen Strange’s magic for his illusions (surely you recognise those green illuminated shapes!).





From looking at this first few minutes snippet of The MCU’s Spider-Man sequel, we are in for a roller coaster that has Peter Parker battling enemies on a bigger scale than ever before! Now we can start looking forward to a second trailer that is likely to be released after Avengers: Endgame debuts in cinemas!

Spider-Man: Far From Home releases July 5 2019 in the U.S.

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'Spider-Man: Far From Home' - Trailer Review
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