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'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse': Peter Parker/Scarlet Spider Theory

Because no else thought to bring this idea up.

After seeing the most anticipated Spider-Man film in history 10 times, I wanted to take my source to Vocal. So after looking at the film multiple times, I have a theory as to what the sequel may be about. Now the info I’m gonna share is major a (spoiler) in the film so if you don’t want to know, then I suggest you get yourself a ticket and see this kickass film.

If you have seen it, then you're golden. But if you haven’t seen it but are still a bit interested, then you might as well stick around (no pun intended). So let’s begin with just two words: Scarlet Spider. That’s right the Scarlet Spider. As in the Ben Reilly version of Scarlet Spider, not the Kaine Parker version that we all know that wears black and red. No I’m referring to the old red spandex and blue hoodie wearing Spider-Man that we’ve all come to know. Now on to the next. As we all know in the movie, before Miles Morales became Spider-Man there was already a Spider-Man before him which was of course Peter Parker. 

And later on in the first half of the film, sadly, Peter Parker was brutally killed by Kingpin/Wilson Fisk. What’s so significant is that this version of Peter is actually blonde instead of his usually brown hair. To most die-hard Spidey fans, they would notice that the blonde hair is a big Easter egg to Ben Reilly. And from there we already know the rest. Now here comes my theory. What if in the next film, we of course see Miles Morales as a fully experienced Spider-Man now. And then all of the Spiders from the previous Spider-Verse movie, along with additional Spider characters, face off against a big threat. 

While that’s going on, we then tackle another major origin story. Which of course, talks about Scarlet Spider. If you’re wondering how, there are two possibilities. One, being the primary possibility of resurrecting the Peter Parker of Miles’s universe. It could basically have the same story. Miles Warren aka the Jackal, tries to create his own version of a Spider-Man, or in this case, a clone of Spider-Man, after the death of Gwen Stacy. Out of pure hatred towards Spidey and Peter, he then sends out the clone to defeat the real Spider-Man. That goes south and the clone starts to realize who he is and what he is. He has all of Peter Parker’s memories and looks, but he wasn’t him. So he decided to take on a new identity which of course is Ben Reilly. A combination of two names that are apart of Peters life. One of course “Ben” came from Uncle Ben, the other “Reilly” was Aunt May’s maiden name before she changed it to Parker. That’s the first possibility. 

The second actually comes from an issue in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. In that issue Miles is seen coming home all tired and banged up and he goes to his room and who does he find? Peter Parker. It wasn’t another version of Peter from a different universe but was in fact the Peter of Miles' dimension. The reason why and how he’s alive is because the spider that bit him when he was at Oscorp, had a special serum inside besides the radioactivity that gave him his powers. The serum not only gave him the abilities of a spider but it also allowed him to come back from the dead. This also applies to the Goblin of that universe. He too came back from the dead the same way Peter did—with the serum that turned him into The Goblin. So in a way the two are basically immortal.

 My biggest hope is that they might introduce both of these storylines, but of course, with their own spin on it. What do you think? Do you guys think that Peter of Miles’ universe might come back as Scarlet Spider? Or will he remain dead? Leave your thoughts behind. Thank you. And peace out Spidey fans!

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'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse': Peter Parker/Scarlet Spider Theory
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