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‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ - Trailer Review

A Whooooole Lot of Web-Slinging!

Miles Morales FINALLY gets some screen-time!

The second trailer for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse has been dropped. It’s a good’n, really it’s a good’n. 

This trailer gives a lot more insight into what the story will entail and how Morales’ debut will be spun onto the big screen. Without further ado, let’s get picking at those big moments from the reel we’ve been gifted.

Miles’ family will be central to the story.

It’s about time a superhero got a comedic cop-dad.

The trailer opens with clarity that Miles’ parents are still alive. In a lot of superhero lore, especially Spider-Man lore, the hero’s parents are not around, so this breaks the mould. Thank God it does, because the back and forth between Miles and his dad through the trailer gives us high hopes for some truly funny moments.

Peter Parker lives!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood O.G.

From looking at the old trailer, a lot of y’all, like myself, assumed Original Spidey, Peter Parker, was dead by the time the film takes place. This trailer contradicts that in every way possible. Parker is very much alive, at least in the beginning, and the intrigue about this version of him doesn’t stop there!

The Green Goblin appears!

Norman? You okay, pal?

Yes, Spider-Man’s possibly most famous villain, The Green Goblin, appears to be fighting Peter Parker. It looks like in terms of appearance, the guys at Sony have took a leaf out of The Ultimate Spider-Man comics version. As to whether this is Norman or Harry Osborn, we have no clue as of yet. But he looks pretty badass, right?

Miles meets his potential mentor.

"You’re just like me."

It seems that this will be the moment Parker and Morales meet, after Morales stumbles upon Parker’s battle with Goblin and gets in the way somehow. Plus, with some cool spidey-sense imagery, Peter realises Miles is just like him in terms of his powers.

Miles didn’t know how he got his powers?

Intruiged? So am I.

The trailer gives us hints that Miles either acquires his powers during the film or learns how he got them during the film. We see him instinctively leap over a taxi to avoid being hit and he looks pretty shocked that he was able to do so. We then see the image above, where Miles is intrigued by the (radioactive?) spider in front of him. 

I’m leaning towards Miles acquiring his powers during the film. Why? The opening of the trailer. What teenager with spider-powers would even dare let his cop-dad drop him off at school? Very doubtful unless he’s just keeping up appearances.

Peter Parker is an EXPERIENCED Spider-Man!

Peter Parker in His Late Twenties FINALLY!

Miles gets to look around what seems to be a Spider-Man version of The Bat-Cave... and I love it. There are alternate suits! Just what you’d expect an older, experienced Spider-Man to have!

Peter Parker is a... bum?

‘You got cash right?’

Yeah, this comes as a bit off to me, but the trailer shows Peter Parker to be older but very much down on his luck, not even being able to afford some fast food. I can only assume this is being done as a kind of "this is what you will become if you commit to Spider-Man" lesson. He does tell Miles to not do things his way later in the trailer... maybe this is why.

The Prowler kills Peter Parker?

Was good knowing you, Pete.

The Prowler has been said to be the main villain of the film, and it adds up with him being Miles’ uncle. That alone makes him suited as it gives obstacles to Miles having to take down his uncle during the film. But the above image tells me there's more to it:

  • The Prowler is the main villain.
  • The film will feature Peter Parker’s grave.
  • Prowler will go head to head with Peter Parker.

I got a good feeling Parker will die at the hands of The Prowler, and Miles’ story arc will be taking him down to avenge his mentor. However, maybe the gravestone is from Peter maybe faking his death and that's why he looks homeless? From having to stay under the radar? Two strong possibilities but this writer prefers the latter.

A LOT Of Comic Book Referencing!


The film’s animation is very much in homage to comic book art. It’s something that’s never really been done before and it’s visually striking! 

The trailer does feature interior thought bubbles and also sound effect words like the one in the image above. This is going to be a new type of superhero film. 

Miles Vs. Daddy Morales

Miles on the Wrong Side of the Law

Miles’ dad makes his thoughts known on Spider-Man earlier in the trailer, so it was a given that Miles would be on the wrong side of him sooner or later. The above image shows Miles corner by his old man in an alley, so Miles is probably going to spend a good chunk of the movie shutting his father out due to his crime-fighting. Oh, just before I forget, notice that costume Miles is wearing?...

Training In A Halloween Costume!

Love it.

We’ve all had a costume like the one Miles is wearing for his Spider-Training, and seeing this type of thing in a movie is thrilling! All those times you imagined wearing that suit and swinging around? Well, you're going to see it on the big screen at Christmas!

Gwen Stacey/Spider-Gwen will appear!

Well... didn’t see that coming!

Yep, a shocker, but Spider-Gwen will appear in the film! This only opens up avenues for other surprise webslingers to appear in the movie! Not too shabby if they pull in some old voices we might find familiar too! My biggest thought with this one though is how Peter Parker’s Spidey will react.

A bad-ass trailer to say the least. This movie I was skeptical about at first but this trailer has dragged me into excited territory! 

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse will be released December 14, 2018 in America. The UK currently doesn't have a release date.

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‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ - Trailer Review
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