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Spider-Man: Spiderverse Extended (Pt. 4)

Chapter Four: The Man in Their Dreams

Location: ???

"Miguel? What's going on?" Miguel watched from a distance as what he assumed was an alternate version of him, was standing in between a woman and a tall, intimidating, man with long black hair and glowing orange eyes. 

"Stay behind me, MJ. I won't let him get his hands on y—" The man grabbed the alternate Miguel by his throat lifting him up in the air as he thrashed around, MJ screaming at the man to stop. 

Miguel watched as the light in the man's eyes grew brighter, and the other Miguel's thrashing slowly stop.

"No," Miguel said quietly, in sync with Mary Jane. 

The man let go of the other Miguel, or what was left of him. The limp body fell to the ground with a thud as a portal opened behind the man, who gave Mary Jane a look before walking into it. Once the portal closed, Miguel watched as Mary Jane clung onto the corpse, sobbing and begging. 

"Please Miguel, not like this. Not like this, Miguel. Please, Miguel!"

Location: The Hub, Earth TRN588 

Miguel sat up, gasping for air as he wiped sweat off of his forehead. What had he just witnessed? He took a shaky breath as he got off his bed and walked to the bathroom, rubbing his unusually red eyes. His curly brown hair clung to his forehead as he splashed water onto his face. This was his third nightmare in the past week. Someone was out there killing people like him. Killing people like Miles and Gwen. He needed to find a way to stop this. He needed to find a way to save the rest of the Spider-Men, before whoever killed his alternate gets to them. 

"Miguel?" Miguel turned to find Miles standing at the doorway, with a sleepy look on his face. 

"Oh, Miles. What are you doing up so early? It's four in the morning," Miguel said as he wiped his face with a towel before hanging it back up on the rack and turning to face him. 

"Oh you know me, I like to wake up early," Miles said, yawning as he wiped his eyes. 

"I don't think so. Go back to bed and get some rest. We got a busy day ahead of us, Miles. Alright?"

"Yeah, yeah. You don't look so good. Are you sure you're alright?"

"Trust me, I'm fine. Just had a bad dream, that's all. Now, bed."

"Okay. I actually kinda have to pee, so—"

"Oh. My bad. See you in the morning, kid." Miguel left the bathroom and headed into the kitchen, turning on the lights as he sat down at the counter. Miguel reaches over, turning on the coffee machine before drinking the rest of the water out of an old mug as he waited for the coffee to finish cooking. He watched as coffee slowly accumulated in the pot, steam rising out of the machine, before the noise died down. Sighing quietly, he grabbed the pot and poured coffee into the mug, up to the brim. He never really liked coffee, but the hot liquid helped wake him up. Bringing the mug to his lips, he took a small sip and set it down, a content sigh leaving his mouth.

"Save some for me?" Gwen took a seat next to him, rubbing her eyes tiredly as she shot a web at the rack of mugs, catching one in her hand as it flew back towards her.

"Shouldn't you be sleeping too?" Miguel asked as he slid the coffee pot over to her. Gwen filled the mug halfway before sliding the pot back over to Miguel. 

"I couldn't sleep. It sounds weird, but I feel like something bad is happening somewhere out there." Gwen sipped the coffee, nose scrunched from the bitter taste as she held the steaming mug in her hands. 

"Yeah, I've been having a couple bad dreams lately. Something is definitely wrong, besides the fact that universes are colliding into each other at the very moment. Like there's another danger that we have to worry about besides that." He finished his coffee and poured himself some more, feeling the edges of his sleepiness going away. 

"Do you know if Miles is experiencing anything like this?" Gwen set her mug down, still a quarter way full.

"Not sure. I'll ask him about it when he wakes up."

"Great. And Miguel? Is there any chance the dream you had was about some dude with really long, black hair?" Miguel set his mug down, now wide awake.

"Yes. I—I saw him kill me, well, an alternate version I'm assuming. I couldn't tell for sure, but-" 

"You were there, just unable to do anything?" Gwen said,  finishing his thought.  

"Yes, exactly. Did anyone die in your dream?" Miguel asked. Gwen blinked, before shaking her head. 

"No, no one died, but I did see the person I was telling you about. I don't know his name or anything, but I could tell he was strong."

"Anything else?"

"Yeah. Just before I woke up, I heard him speak. There's more people like him, and they all have the same goal. To kill every Spider in existence." 

Time: 7:38 A.M

Miles sat up, yawning loudly as he stretched his arms. Sunlight peeked through the window blinds, settling right in Miles's eyes. Miles groaned, standing up and walking around the room to wake himself up. He didn't remember much from the night before, but he did remember the distressed look on Miguel's face. After walking a few more laps around the room, he walked out into the main room, rubbing the rest of the sleep out of his eyes.

"Morning, sleepyhead." Miles found Gwen sitting at the kitchen counter, holding a steaming mug in both hands. 

"Morning, Gwen. Oh, you drink coffee?" Miles asked as he sat down next to her.

"Yep. Found out this morning it's not as bad as it seems," Gwen replied, stirring the black liquid around with a spoon, a bored expression on her face. 

"Just make sure you don't drink too much, or else you'll be bouncing all over the place." Miles said jokingly, pouring himself his own cup, assuming that it would taste as good as it smelled. 

Lifting the mug to his mouth, he took a large gulp, barely managing to swallow it before bursting into a fit of coughs. 

"Something wrong?" Gwen giggled, watching Miles's face scrunch similar to Gwen when she first tasted it.

"Nope, everything's fine," Miles said, gagging as he set the mug down. "Anyways, where's Miguel? Is he still sleeping?" 

"No, actually, he should be back any minute now." Just as Gwen finished speaking, the door to the apartment opened. 

Miguel walked inside, face covered in sweat.

"Hey. Sorry, I'm late, we had a little bump on the way here," Miguel said as he leaned against the doorway to catch his breath. 

"We?" Miles asked. Miguel nodded, walking in some more to let the man beside him in.

"Miles and Gwen, long time no see." Peter B. Parker said with a grin. Miles and Gwen ran over like little children, hugging Peter tightly.

"Hey now," Peter said with a small chuckle. "It hasn't been that long since we've last seen each other." If he were to be honest, Peter was just as excited if not more to see them as well. 

He let go of them as they stepped back, silly smiles on their faces as they laughed.

"So, how's Mr. O'Hara been treating you guys?" Peter asked as he sat down at the counter, grabbing Miles's mug and drinking the coffee. 

Normally Miles would have complained, but coffee wasn't that big on his list of concerns. 

"Just call me Miguel," Miguel said as he sat down, wiping the sweat off his forehead. 

"Jeez, what happened to you two? You run a marathon or something?" Miles asked, watching the two catch their breath. 

"Things didn't go to plan," Miguel started, pausing to drink from a water bottle. "Someone is watching out every move. I barely got to Peter before the Doc's arrived. Let's just say we got our morning exercise, and that we need to get moving."

"Moving? Where are we going to go?" Gwen asked tossing an empty mug up and down in the air.

"It's simple. We need to go to different universes to warn the Spider of there of the incoming threats. Even better if we get them to join us on our mission to stop whatever's causing this." Miguel said as he stood up.

"Wait. I need to go back to my universe and explain to my parents about what's happening."

"You're going to tell them you're Spider-Man?" Miguel asked, crossing his arms. 

"No, of course not! Not yet, at least. I'll figure something out, but I don't want to disappear without letting them know. Not again." Miles said quietly, his eyes cast to the floor. 

The room was silent before Miguel uncrossed his arms.

"Did Gwen ever tell you how to work the watch?" 


"Alright, it's simple. Every universe is numbered. Yours is 1610, I'm pretty sure. Just make sure the dial is on the right number, then push the go button. If things get messy, hit the button that says Home."

"Hold on a second, you're just going to let Miles go back by himself? What if the Docs are there when he arrives?" Peter asked.

"It's his choice to make, Peter. He's a Spider-Man, he can fight for himself, and he can definitely fight those stronger than him. Once he's done, he'll come straight back." Miguel answered flatly, showing that he wasn't going to change his answer.

"Yeah, I'll be fine, Peter. And besides, if something does go wrong, I can always turn invisible." Miles said as he caught the watch that Miguel threw to him.  

Putting it on, he switched the dial to the number 1610.

"Miles." He looked up at Gwen, who's eyes were narrowed with concern. "Be careful. And if anything is there that you know you can't beat, come straight back, alright?" 

"Yeah. I will," Miles said, looking away to force down the light pink that was making its way to his face. "Thanks, Miguel. I'll be back before you know it." 

Standing up, he pressed the green button on the watch, then watched as a portal opened in the middle of the room. He waved before walking inside the portal as it closed behind him.

Location: ???

Miles stood in the familiar tunnel of colors, watching as he passed through countless dimensions. He sat down, knees crossed as he moved down the tunnel, waiting to arrive at his destination.

Location: The Hub, Earth TRN588

Gwen paced around the room, biting her fingernails nervously. Peter was sitting at the counter, stirring his coffee blankly while Miguel as leaning against the wall, his eye closed.

"He shouldn't have gone alone," Gwen said, looking at Miguel and Peter.

"I know. As much as I wanted us to go with him, we can't let his needs distract us from the mission. We need to go as well, to find the others before he gets to them." Miguel said as he pulled out another watch from his pocket, working the settings before putting it on his wrist.

"How will Miles know where we are?" Gwen asked, grabbing her spider suit.

"Same way you talked to him yesterday," Miguel said as he twisted the dial, causing a hologram to come out of the watch. "Miles? This is Miguel. Can you hear me?" 

Everyone fell silent for what felt like many minutes, before they heard something on the other end.

Location: Brooklyn, NY, Earth 1610

"How do I work this thing," Miles said as he pressed random buttons on the watch, until a similar hologram from Miguel's watch appeared. "Hello? Anyone?"

"Miles? Are you alright?" Miguel's voice came from the watch as Miles sighed, relieved. 

"Yeah, I'm fine. I got to my dimension safely. I'm heading to my parents right now. Are you guys still at the hub?" Miles walked along the roof of a building, hopping down onto his apartment and walking down the walls.

"No. We're going out to try and find the others. If you go on the watch settings and turn it to 'Rendezvous,' it'll bring you to our location. Alright, go talk to your parents, and stay safe.

"Right, thanks, Miguel." Miles turned the call off, crawling into the hallway window. Sliding in, he landed silently before walking to his apartment. He paused at the door, trying to think of an excuse to tell his parents. "Screw it," he mumbled to himself before knocking on the door. He heard footsteps inside, then watched the door open, and the tired face of his father appeared.

"Hel—Miles?!" Miles was instantly pulled into an embrace. 

"Hey, dad. I—"

"Why haven't you been answering our calls?" Miles sighed quietly, trying to think of something to say.

"It's only been one day, dad." 

"Miles, do you even know what happened?" Miles nodded, even though he really had no clue.

"With the Sinister Six missing, and Spider-Man going AWOL, the local street thugs thinks its okay to do whatever they want. The world's going crazy, I feel like." Miles flinched at what his father said. 

If he and the others went to get all the Spiders from their dimensions, who would be left to protect it?

"W-where's mami?" Miles asked, stepping back from the hug, more stressed than he's ever been before. 

"She's working overtime at the hospital. With everything going on at the moment, they're not sure if a big attack is going to happen out of the blue, so they need all hands on deck. I'd be working too, but I think two days is my limit." Miles swallowed, his heart beating in anticipation. 

He needed to tell Miguel, or at least someone.

"Get some rest, dad. I'm going to check on mom." Miles said as he stepped back into the hallway. 

"I'll drive you. The streets aren't a safe place anymore." Jefferson said as he reached for his coat.

"No, dad. It's fine. I can take care of myself, and besides, if anything goes wrong, I can call Sp—...I'll go somewhere safe," Miles said, finishing his sentence. His dad gave him a concerned look, but his fatigue got the better of him.

"Alright. Stay safe, and always be—"

"Where someone can see you. I know. Bye, dad." Miles said as he began to walk down the hallway.

"Love you," Jefferson said, a small smile on his face as Miles stopped walking and turned around. 

"Love you too, dad." Miles knew better than to just keep walking. 

The two words gave both of them a boost of confidence when they needed it. 

"That's a copy," Jefferson said, before closing the door and heading back to bed.

Location: 51st Street, NY, Earth 1610

Miles left the hotel, body jittering as he made his way towards the hospital. At this time of day, the streets would be packed with cars and people, leaving barely any room to move. Now, it was like a barren wasteland, only a few people walking by who were brave enough to step outside. Miles stopped walking, his spider senses going wild. There were people all around him, waiting. There were at least three, all fairly strong. This wasn't good. Suddenly, the feeling that he was being watched, lifted. This was his chance. Quickly, he turned his camouflage on, darting into the nearby alley, throwing his jacket and pants next to a dumpster. Pulling the mask over his face, he swung up to the top of the building he was next to. His trip to visit his mom would have to wait.  

"Spider-Man." Miles turned around, facing a lady with a gaunt, pointy chinned face and short brown hair, each end being pushed back. "A please. My name is Lady Verna." 

Miles felt the same feeling of danger as he watched three figures land on the room, on in front, and two behind. They each wore some sort of mask, no, restraint on their face which covered their mouths.

"And these are my lovely Hounds. Sable? Fireheart? Kravinoff? Make sure you take your time, alright? The hunt is over far too quickly," Miles took a step back as the three Hounds began to close in on him. Verna laughed as she floated up the air, smiling at Miles. "Also, it's so much better when you run."

Miles didn't need to be told twice. His camouflage instantly kicked in as he fired a web at each of the Hounds before leaping off the building. "Get him!" He heard Verna shout as he flew down towards the street, waiting until the last possible second before swinging over to a different building. He looked behind him half expecting the Hounds to be far behind but let out a surprised yelp when they were trailing right behind him. He fired another web, waiting for it to hit the building so he could swing again, but instead felt a white-hot pain on his back, quickly spreading throughout his entire body. Next thing he knew, he was falling, wrapped in some sort of electric restraint. He struggled midair to try and free himself, but didn't succeed, closing his eyes as the ground rushed towards him. 

He waited for impact, but it never came. He opened his eyes slowly, finding himself suspended inches from the ground. He made one more attempt to break the restraint, and this time he was successful. He barely managed to stand up before he was yanked up into the air once more. He expected it to be the Hounds again but was surprised when he saw a person dressed in a suit similar to his. He fired a web of his own, and began to swing next to her, dodging projectiles that were being shot at them from behind. 

"Who are you?" Miles asked once they were far away enough from the Hounds that they could slow down slightly. The masked woman turned to get a better look at Miles.

"I'm Spider-Woman, but you can call me Jessica. I assume you're Miles? The blonde spider spoke fondly of you."

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