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'Spiderman: Far From Home' Just Introduced the Phase 4? X-Men

Spider Tingle Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert Ahead! 

For those who had the chance to watch Spider-Man: Far From Home, I personally thought it was a great way to bridge the unanswered questions from Avengers: Endgame. What happened to those who came back from the snap, and what happens afterward. I won't break down the whole movie or the significance of those who returned, because there really wasn't any significance to those who returned from the snap. To get to the point, overall the movie stayed true to who Peter Parker was from the comics facing his everyday issues as a high school student would. It was like a romantic teen flick, only with an evil villain, a psychedelic trip, and somewhat of a confusing plot. Mysterio was Jake Gyllenhaal. That's about it. I have always had this love-hate relationship to whom Mysterio is in the comics. Although, I just didn't feel all too connected to him, and I love villains. At times I get excited when they reference a certain Easter egg that may give foreshadowing to the next phase, but within this movie, it just seemed those ideas were placebos. I found myself on the edge of the seat, then slowly sinking back to my seat. Spiderman: Far From Home was an overall good movie. I did get a kick to a number of Easter Eggs, but I wasn't on the edge of my seat. It was a great bridge to begin the next Phase. 

So where does this leave the whole Marvel Mania, and its next phase. The LAST credit scene. 

In this scene, you see that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were actually Skrulls shapeshifted. Appearing as Skrull Talos and his wife from Captain Marvel. In which they are known to have Shapeshift abilities, having done so on many occasions. Talos then connects on his phone to connect with the actually Nick Fury.  Nick Fury is seen on a beach, relaxing, eventually, the beach turns into a hologram, showing that he was only part of a room in a ship. At first, I was confused. I agreed that Captain Marvel really put in the work to help rebuild the Skrulls colony. Then continues to Nick Fury walking inside what seemed like a space station with a number of Skrulls walking around. It ends with a spacecraft lifting off within the space station. Pretty much an end Credit with no "OMG" reaction. 

As I was heading home it then clicks to me, that ship was The Peak where S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient World Observations and Response Department) is located, introduced in Astonishing X-Men Vol.3 #6. Something Pokemon is going on here. Which consists of members Abigail Brand and Beast. Is this the bridge they were talking about? Is this the way of saying the X-Men is coming? If so, we can expect Avengers like Spiderman, Captain Marvel, even the Asgardians of the Galaxy to team up. For whom? Space? Something Huge? A bit too obvious, Galactus. Or even the powerful Beyonder. There are many possibilities they can take Phase 4. As Mysterio has claimed in the movie, that he was from another multiverse. In which it does exist, I just think he wasn't. 

So, how do The Eternals, Fantastic 4, and Shang-Chi tie into all this? BTW, I am pretty excited they are introducing Shang-Chi,  who is connected to Amadeus Cho and Kamala Khan. But we'll see if they are willing to take that route. Adam will also so be introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. He definitely had a very crucial existence in the comics. How will he play in? 

The overall concept to me in Spiderman: Far From Home, was "illusions." As too that being Mysterio's overall powers, the Skrulls who created the "illusion" to be Nick Fury and Maria Hill, which created the story for Peter Parker, and overall the "illusion" Nick Fury created himself that created just about the whole entire movie. There is something Nick Fury is hiding, and is currently planning to make Spiderman the person he is meant to be for a very specific reason. 

Is Spiderman the next leader of the Avengers? But wait, wasn't Iron Lad, Harley Keener, Hawkeye's daughter Faith Barton, and  Antman's daughter Cassie Lang, just introduced in Avengers: Endgame. We may just rely on the Young Avengers. 

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'Spiderman: Far From Home' Just Introduced the Phase 4? X-Men
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