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'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', Theories, Speculations, and More Insanities

Everything that might happen in 'Episode VIII'

On January 23rd, 2017, the subtitle of the eighth “Star Wars” movie was revealed. With this, Lucasfilm and Disney have decided to smash the brains of fans of the most famous, important, epic, and influential film saga of the story.

“The Last Jedi” has been chosen as eternal companion of the so far known as “Episode VIII”, which has opened infinite debates in the most prolific social networks of the planet for two reasons:

  1. It is not clear if the sentence refers to one or more characters, since throughout films, animated television series or books, the word "Jedi" has always been used in both singular and plural. In addition, an article like "The" could also means about female or male gender.
  2. The Red logo of the film. This colour had only been used with "Revenge of the Sith" and "Return of the Jedi", and both films were the third ones of their trilogies. This movie will be the second one of the new trilogy.

Now, here are a bunch of personal theories, thoughts, along with all sorts of (probably absurd) answers. They all have been born with every viewing of “Star Wars. Episode VII: The Force Awakens”, and since the name of the eighth chapter of the saga was announced:

From now on, everything could be considered a SPOILER, so it is the responsibility of the reader to continue, or not, reading these lines.


It's almost certain that the title refers to "Jedi" in the plural (Luke and Rey), and not singular because if it were so:

  1. It would be a way of despising Rey. Then, what would be the sense of the discovery of her as a new being with the Force? Right, she's not a Jedi yet, but she has a personal mentor, Luke, who may not be Yoda, but he's also very powerful. In addition, Luke has been mentioned twice as "the last Jedi" (Yoda named him this way in "Return of the Jedi", and it was also stated in the opening crawl of "The Force Awakens"), so if the title refers only to Luke, this would be very redundant.
  2. The title could be a great spoiler, because if the "last Jedi" is only Rey, it could mean that Luke does not appear in the next movie, and that would be a huge mistake, basically because it is not mandatory to kill a main character in each movie.
The red logo of the film may anticipate a dark, mature story with surprises, though it could certainly be a strategy to generate hype in high doses. The tone of this new chapter is very obvious, since the previous film prepared us for a hard continuation:
  • Luke owes explanations to everyone. One can understand the disappointment over the mistaken training of his nephew Ben Solo (Kylo Ren), but to exile yourself to the other end of the universe, leaving the Resistance weakened due to the emergence of the New Order with its Supreme Leader Snoke, it is a radical and bad idea.
  • Kylo Ren killed Han Solo. A son who kills his father with premeditation is a very serious and almost unclassifiable act. Something similar to what his grandfather Darth Vader did when he annihilated the Jedi. A parricide against a massacre. Oh God. Anyway, what happens inside the head of a son to murder a father? The Dark Side could have the answer. In addition, with this Kylo has surpassed his grandfather, because already he killed a good batch of Jedi when he joined Supreme Leader Snoke.
  • Finn was seriously injured the last time we saw him, due to his brave but useless face-to-face with Kylo Ren. Although he will have recovered by the time he is back on the big screen, being hit by a lightsaber in the back should leave any person behind, unless you are a superhero. And Finn is very brave but not a superman.
  • The sword of Anakin Skywalker / Luke Skywalker. Maz Kanata told us that the story behind getting that relic from the galaxy would be told later, so it would not be too fair to leave people waiting for the third movie to know it, unless it hides more than it looks like. The sword is a clear "Mcguffin", although its origin must fit in this new trilogy in some way. In addition, everyone knows that it is a cursed object, because all who carried it ended up mutilated: Anakin by Obi Wan; Luke by Darth Vader; Finn by Kylo Ren ("only" was seriously injured, but because he did not intimate much with the sword). We hope Rey does not end up losing any members of her body.
  • Rey defeated Kylo Ren without training. That leads us to think that she is not only powerful. She is probably the most powerful creature that has ever existed in the galaxy, above Anakin Skywalker. By humiliating Kylo in this way, one would expect an exemplary drive for Kylo's revenge, beyond his tantrums displaying his rage with the nearby furniture, using his templar lightsaber. Snoke said he would work harder with Kylo, but Rey could be even more invincible now, with her Jedi training, so another face-to-face between them could be incredible.

With all these questions, the answers about the future of 'Star Wars' could be the following, with common sense, logic (good or bad) or intuition:

  • Rey is not from the Skywalker family, nor is she Luke's daughter. At least she is not technically, because it would be something too obvious, without giving opportunity for any surprise, something that this saga has always lived. It is not illogical to think of Luke as Rey's father, but J.J. Abrams and the other creators have shown us that they are the smartest guys in the class. They could give the public what they want, or they could innovate. The last choice would make them win a pedestal in the "Star Wars" universe. The prequels did not really show many surprises (except the Clones and Jango Fett, or Count Dooku), but the original trilogy gave us a good batch of them. Everything persists in everyone's mind, fans or not. Few people in this world do not use the most serious sound of their voices when saying "I am your ..."
  • If Rey is not Luke’s daughter, then where is Rey coming from? There are two possible options:
  1. She is a creation of the Force (with the help of the ghosts of Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin, along with Luke) to overcome Luke's absence, in order to protect the galaxy from the evil Snoke and his New Order. It would mean Rey was born as Anakin Skywalker was too, probably because of the dark arts of Palpatine/Darth Sidious. If this theory is true, the voices from beyond of Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi, when Rey touched the sword of Anakin/Luke, would even make more sense. That way Luke would be Rey's father, but with that "certain point of view" of the Jedi.
  2. She is a member of a new family, very powerful with the Force. If so, Kathleen Keneddy, president of Lucasfilm, should explain why she claimed - not long ago - that 'Star Wars' is the story of the Skywalkers. If she is a Force creation, the lineage of this family would be [almost] respected, but if she comes from a different family, Lucasfilm would be killing any possibility of maintaining the Skywalker tree. But of course, rectification is wise.
  • Who left Rey in Jakku? A flashback showed how the girl was delivered to Unkar Plutt while a spacecraft disappeared into the sky. Honestly, I think that whoever is inside that spaceship is an irrelevant character, or at least not too important to the story. Like Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, in the original trilogy. A kind person who voluntarily decided to adopt a little orphan. Or it may be a new Shmi Skywalker (mother of Anakin) if, finally, Rey was created by the Force. But that would mean that the girl was abandoned because Luke ordered it. That is, in that particular way in which the Jedi do things.
  • Kylo Ren is not going to die in the new movie, because he is the natural reflection of Darth Vader in the new trilogy, keeping the distances, of course. It is an evil being with the same level of cruelty as Palpatine and, like him, Kylo will probably not be redeemed in this trilogy. He will always be a villain, because the possibility of approaching the side of the light was discarded when he decided to stay on the dark side murdering his father with his lightsaber. It would be logical to see a new confrontation between Rey and Kylo in this chapter, with a different result. This would force them to tiebreak in "Episode IX", King as complete Jedi, and Kylo as the most powerful and darkest man in the galaxy, after killing Snoke.
  • Yeah, I bet Kylo will kill Snoke. Because even though Han and Leia's son claims to be the Vader of this trilogy, his true parallelism is with Palpatine, who killed his mentor Darth Plagueis, once he thought there was nothing more to learn from him. Although he could also kill him to redeem himself, as his grandfather did before with Palpatine, but the evil is too ingrained within Kylo Ren so that he returns to the Light Side. Snoke is only a means to Kylo, with the idea of being the total dominator of the Dark Side.
  • Who is Snoke? He is not Palpatine reborn or cloned. Nor is it Darth Plagueis. He is a founder of the Order of Ren, because the Sith were extinguished with the deaths of Vader and Palpatine. Snoke's scars are most likely the result of some struggle between the Sith and the Ren. Of course, this could end up appearing in some flashbacks. The Order of Ren also belongs to the dark side, that is, they are one more faction of it. As Christianity has Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants. It's time for the Ren because the Sith have already starred in other movies before, and the saga deserves a new dark wave. They have weaknesses, of course, as demonstrated in the duel between Kylo and Rey. But we had never seen before one person enter into the mind of another, reading their thoughts, fears and desires, as Kylo did. And we do not forget the ray suspended in the void at the beginning of 'The Force Awakens'. That was really impressive.
  • Some members of the Order of Ren will be showed up. Most likely the actor Benicio Del Toro will be one of them, in fact he's been confirmed as one of the villains of the film. Maybe Kylo Ren's right hand? Someone else, besides Luke's nephew, must lead the quest of the old Jedi and his new apprentice, Rey, across the Galaxy.
  • Leia will lose relevance, not the death of Carrie Fisher. It is the natural cycle of life, here and in a galaxy far, far away. It would be very strange to see her die in this movie. She must be the key in the attempt to bring her son Ben / Kylo back to the Light Side. In fact, at some point, mother and son will meet again, and you can be sure that he will not murder his mother. But in spite of this, it does not mean that she ends up triumphing in her attempt to make him change his mind. And surely, Luke will get the same result as his sister when he finds Kylo again (believe it, that will happen sometime).
  • Finn and Poe Dameron will be the film's greatest comic and action exponents. The Starsky and the Hutch of the Galaxy, with a cynical touch, but not as scoundrel as Han Solo. He was unique. In addition, BB-8 will be their perfect companion, as we saw in "The Force Awakens". And despite the controversy, who knows if Finn and Poe end up being more than friends ... Gestures, looks and other winks could make it possible. That would be great, right?
  • Some important secondary characters, such as Captain Phasma or General Hux, will have their great moments, but not relevant enough to take time to think about their destinies. But certainly, it would be fair for Phasma to have some brilliant scenes after the enormous disappointment we felt with her testimonial contribution in "Episode VII". After that she was introduced as a prime character for this new trilogy.
  • What about Chewbacca, R2D2 and C3PO? They will be part of the story, of course. Surely Chewie will not die in this trilogy, although the wookie may withdraw from social life when this trilogy concludes, since his life debt to Han died with him. Only his story with Leia, Luke and Ben Solo retains the wookie, who should seek a quiet life next to one of his race when it's all over. R2D2 will continue to be decisive, because the droid has not yet cast its final whistle, and has always given much to the story of Star Wars. On the other hand, its eternal partner, C3PO, should be sold in a Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in exchange for a PS4, because the protocol droid no longer adds anything, and is just one step away from generating hatred among fans.
  • Finally, we will never see another Death Star, Starkiller Base or similar war machine again. It is time for something new, with no secondary elements like these. We all know they always end up being stars dust.
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'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', Theories, Speculations, and More Insanities
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