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Stephen Amell Teases a Surprise Cameo for 'Arrow' Season 5 Finale — Who Could Return?

The 'Arrow' Season 5 finale is shaping up to be one of the show's most anticipated episodes to date.

We're quickly approaching the Arrow Season 5 finale and the anticipation is building. A flurry of guest stars have already been announced to appear: Slade Wilson, Nyssa al Ghul, Malcolm Merlyn and Black Siren have already appeared in the previous episode. But Stephen Amell offered an intriguing tease for one more:

With so many character returns already given away for the finale, it's almost nice that there's still a surprise in store for us — and with both Oliver and Prometheus assembling their own teams, it's sure to be one hell of a fight. Let's have a look at some potential recruits for Oliver:

Roy Harper (Arsenal)

'Arrow' [Credit : The CW]

Since his introduction midway through Season 1, Roy Harper grew to become a key member of Team Arrow. He turned his life around when Oliver saved him; rather than live as a criminal, he was inspired to defend the Glades. After being injected with the Mirakuru serum, Roy began to train with Oliver and quickly became an essential part of the team.

He hasn't been seen since the Season 4 episode "Unchained," aside from a quick hallucinated cameo in the "Invasion" crossover, but Oliver's relationship with his protege means it would be logical for Roy to appear. After the police discovered Oliver's identity, Roy appeared in Oliver's costume and was arrested so that Oliver could go free. After faking his death, Roy left Star City.

Oliver clearly trusts Roy and respected him enough to train him, so it make sense that he would call upon his former disciple in his hour of need.

Helena Bertinelli (The Huntress)

'Arrow' [Credit : The CW]

Roy Harper wasn't Oliver's only disciple, he first took Helena Bertinelli under his wing. Helena was the daughter of crime boss Frank Bertinelli and detested him for arranging the assassination of her fiancé. Because of this, she attempted to kill her father but was stopped by Oliver's intervention. He told Helena that her vengeance could be channelled in a more positive way and led her on the path to becoming a vigilante.

She joined Oliver on his crusade and the two began a relationship, but it all went wrong when she realised that Oliver wasn't willing to kill her father. From that moment on she became an enemy to Oliver. We've already seen that Prometheus has started assembling his own team with Talia al Ghul, Artemis and Black Siren, it stands to reason that he might also have a surprise in store for the Green Arrow. After all, he's always 10 steps ahead of Oliver.


'Arrow' [Credit : The CW]

While the previous suggestions have been potential combatants for the final battle between the Green Arrow and Prometheus, there is another way a cameo could be made. It's plausible that the cameo will be made in the form of a hallucination that gives Oliver the inspiration he needs to defeat Adrian Chase (it's happened before, many times), so it stands to reason that Oliver could be confronted with a vision of Shado.

Shado was Yao Fe's daughter and Oliver's love interest during his time on Lian Yu who was killed by Anthony Ivo. Shado's death was a significant development in Oliver's journey from spoiled billionaire to dangerous vigilante as this was the moment that drove Slade Wilson insane. Shado has appeared to Oliver before to offer inspiration in the excellent "Three Ghosts", so perhaps she could appear once again. Her body is buried on the island alongside Robert Queen, Taiana and her father, maybe something happens during the battle that disturbs the graves and Oliver sees Shado once more.

Sara Lance

'Arrow' [Credit : The CW]

Though Sara now acts as the captain of the Waverider, she is another character who could return. Just as Oliver's origin story begins on Lian Yu, Sara's life changed forever when she got on that boat with him. She went from naive young girl to dangerous assassin all because of the island. Her story and Oliver's are directly linked, so with the finale being the culmination of five seasons of storytelling, it would make sense that Sara would return for the fight.

She hasn't been seen since the finale of #LegendsOfTomorrow when she used the Spear of Destiny to defeat the Reverse Flash, and we all know the #Arrowverse shows do like to cross over. If the Legends aren't in too big of a scrape, perhaps Sara could return to Lian Yu to bring her story full circle as well.

Tommy Merlyn

'Arrow' [Credit : The CW]

Oliver's best friend has appeared quite a bit considering he was killed off in the Season 1 finale, and that underlines his importance to Oliver. Like Shado, he would appear as a ghostly vision to offer inspiration to Oliver; perhaps Tommy would be the final push Oliver needs to prove Chase wrong. Tommy would be the man to tell Oliver once and for all that he's not a killer, but a hero.

This cameo would be a bit of a coup for Arrow as Colin Donnell now stars in Chicago Med (as beautifully referenced in Arrow's hundredth episode) and Stephen Amell clearly formed quite a bond with Donnell. It would be a nice surprise for the fans if Tommy did make a guest appearance and it would certainly validate Amell's claim that it's his favorite cameo, explaining why he is particularly happy this person returned. After being unable to return in the hundredth episode, it would be a great way to round off the series.

Whoever the cameo is, the fans are sure to love it. The Arrow Season 5 finale is shaping up to be one of the show's most anticipated episodes to date. With the return of a number of fan-favorite characters, it looks very promising indeed.

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Stephen Amell Teases a Surprise Cameo for 'Arrow' Season 5 Finale — Who Could Return?
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