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Stopping by Stars Hollow: A Critic’s First Watch of 'Gilmore Girls' - Season 1, Episode 3

"A crazy evil spirit obsessed with bra-size took over my body."

Can we talk about how dysfunctional Rory’s relationship with her mother is? Because that is all that is on my mind with this episode. Let’s see if there’s a therapist as we stop by Stars Hollow.

Season 1, Episode 3: “Kill Me Now”

Let’s start off with the positives, shall we? I could watch an entire ten hours of Rory and her father walking through a golf course and be thoroughly entertained throughout. The chemistry between the two of them is both charming and captivating. They play beautifully off of each other and the writing showcases that both characters highly respect one another as intellectuals and individuals.

If I could have had this entire episode be just Rory and her grandfather at the golf course, I would, but unfortunately, we had to deal with Lorelai’s weird jealousy.

The twin wedding storyline coupled with Sookie and Jackson’s strawberry antics would have made for some great comedic moments if they hadn’t been overshadowed by Lorelai’s weirdly obsessive behavior regarding Rory and her grandparents.

The beginning of this through-line is familiar enough, Lorelai actively rooting for Rory to prove her right and her mother wrong when it comes to whether or not she will enjoy golfing. However, when it is revealed that Rory did enjoy golfing and that Lorelai was wrong, instead of Lorelai handling the fact with grace (which I wouldn’t expect) or trying some cockamamy scheme to try and get Rory back on her side (which I would expect), we are given a pretty disturbing reaction when Lorelai acts more like Rory’s jealous best friend or little sister.

I understand that Lorelai had Rory when she was young and that Lorelai is immature and still learning as much as her daughter is, but for the love of God did it really have to take a turn like this? Lorelai’s jealous turn is so severe that it left my jaw dropped and cringing.

Lorelai’s behavior is borderline emotional abuse and while I’m all for a serious plot line that highlights an often unspoken topic that is prevalent in everyday life, I have this fear that Lorelai’s behavior will never be truly addressed.

From the way it’s handled in the show, it seems as though Lorelai’s childish behavior is used as a joke, a funny character trait to show that she’s a cool, young mom with maternity issues. And while it works well in episodes one and two, in this episode takes it to a scary place where Lorelai’s immaturity leads her to bully Rory and throw a temper tantrum. She does admit her mistakes to Sookie later in the episode, and makes a point to make amends with Rory. However, her apology seems half-assed and crafted by someone in the middle of a manic episode. Her transgressions are easily forgiven by Rory, and are followed up with the two of them making lighthearted jokes.

I’m worried for Rory and hope that I get to see this aspect of their relationship grow and shift over time. While I am all for showcasing that mother-daughter relationships can be deep, meaningful friendships; showing a plot line that sacrifices the maternal aspect for a more amicable and not addressing the consequences is just sloppy.

But this all a prediction and has yet to be proven. With the meaningful relationship developing between Rory and her grandparents, the promise of an emotional breakdown between Lorelai and Emily, and the hopes to see more of Rory’s friendships with Lane and Dean, I am still excited to see how this show progresses. Let’s hope the quick wit and great characterizations continue.

On to Season 1, Episode 4: “The Deer Hunters”!

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Stopping by Stars Hollow: A Critic’s First Watch of 'Gilmore Girls' - Season 1, Episode 3
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