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'Stormlight Archive Book 3 — Oathbringer'

It's nearly here!

Brandon Sanderson, the author behind the Mistborn series and co-author of Wheel of Time is releasing the third book in his massive 10-part series (The Stormlight Archive), Oathbringer. Sanderson started Stormlight Archive back in 2010 with The Way of Kings. This book will focus mainly on the character of Dalinar who has to deal with the choices made in his past while also coming to terms with his current decisions and how they may affect not only himself and those around him, but the world at large. 

The book comes a mere three years after the previous installment (Words of Radiance) which was released in 2014 both to critical and commercial success. Sanderson has made a name for himself by not only writing stories of high quality that are intriguing and fascinating to read but by delivering them in an incredibly short time frame. Contrast that to authors such as Patrick Rothfuss and George Martin who have consistently taken years to finish the next installment in their respective series, Sanderson's pace seems almost god-like.

Oathbringer UK Cover

Stormlight Archive evolves Tolkien fantasy for the modern era while also building on the successes of series such as The Wheel of Time. Sanderson creates an epic much in contrast to Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Instead of being gritty, dark and grey, Sanderson has adopted a more traditional epic fantasy that does not feel dated or old but rather new, refreshed and evolved. It serves as a reminder that traditional fantasy is still very much prevalent in today's world and not every new series needs to be dark, gritty and grounded in reality. 

Sanderson has, in the first two installments, done an excellent job of establishing the universe in which the story takes place. Sanderson has already developed his characters in drastic ways over the course of two books. In the first installment, The Way of Kings, Sanderson focuses on Kaladin, a medical apprentice turned mercenary. Throughout the novel, Sanderson does an expert job of helping us understand and develop Kaladin through internal thoughts and vivid flashback sequences. His chapters also serve to illustrate how common soldiers are treated in times of war and helps establish the class structures that exist within Roshar. 

In his sequel, Sanderson decided to focus on the flashbacks of another charter, Shallan, who played secondary main in the first novel. Through her story, we are introduced to an entirely different setting within the world of Roshar which makes the universe feels more alive than ever before. By adopting this specific style of storytelling, Sanderson expertly crafts a very effective way of getting the audience invested in the lives of the characters. In doing so, not only a does he create fascinating story for us to get involved in but also introduces us to a world that feels truly alive.

So what can we expect from book three in this 10-part epic? Well, we will see Oathbringer pick up after the events of Words of Radiance. Kaladin will be rushing to warn his family of the impending danger of the Everstom. Shallan will be studying the ancient and wondrous stronghold of the Knights Radiant which is bound to hold intriguing secrets both good and bad (plus I'm hoping for a reunion between Shallan and Jasnah). And Dalinar will have to face the consequences of his blood-soaked past. This, in addition to all our other beloved charter story arcs, is what awaits in the next epic tale in Roshar. 

Oathbringer is out now for preorder and will be officially released on November 14, 2017. If that is too long a wait, you will be able to read the first three chapters of the book on tor's website. 

You can preorder Oathbringer on amazon today!

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'Stormlight Archive Book 3 — Oathbringer'
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