Strongest Marvel Superheroes

Not all superheroes are equal in power. The strongest Marvel superheroes often put others to shame.

The Marvel comics universe, also known as the MCU by True Believers, has many, many awesome superheroes in it. It's home to the X-Men, the Avengers, and a number of other "solo rider" superheroes who have won our hearts. 

Though every superhero has redeeming qualities, some are definitely more powerful than others. In fights between the biggest heroes in the Marvel comics world, you'd definitely want to be on the side of the stronger team. 

But, who are the strongest Marvel superheroes, anyway? The answers might surprise you. We decided to make a list of the strongest Marvel superheroes in the comic brand's history, and some of them really aren't the ones you'd expect to see. 


Wait, what? There's a superhero called Hercules in the Marvel comics universe? Yep, and he's appeared in quite a few Avengers comics, too.

Hercules, much like the Greek mythical person behind the character, is the alleged son of Zeus. According to comics writers, Hercules is the strongest superhero in Marvel — at least when it comes to physical strength. 

He's so strong that he actually overpowers his own father, can survive the vacuum of space, and also has no issue with being blasted by others. In one comic, the guy even pulled the entire island of Manhattan with his bare hands. 

So, he definitely lives up to the rep of being one of the strongest Marvel superheroes to date.

Wonder Man

Wonder Man has long been overshadowed by his more popular counterpart, Wonder Woman. And, to a point, not a lot of comic book readers really read his stuff — but they totally should. He's a baddie-turned-superhero with an amazing storyline. 

Wonder Man has classic Marvel superhero powers like super strength, super speed, super stamina, and an ionic energy form. Marvel Comics officially rated him as one of the most physically powerful superheroes in the universe. However, unlike Hercules, they never really go in depth about how strong Wonder Man really is. 

So, he's definitely one of the strongest Marvel superheroes. But, we just don't know *how* strong he is.

Thor, Loki, and Red

All three of these Norse god superheroes are known for having insane strength and awesome super powers. This trio also have all fought on the side of good at one point or another in the Marvel universe, and are typically assume to be the same strength. So, they are all tied as some of the strongest Marvel superheroes on this list. 

Red, who wasn't born a god, was given his powers by Loki, and quickly learned how to wield them. Loki's powers include amazing strength and magic powers. And, Thor, we all know that Thor has his hammer that does cool lightning stuff. 


Sentry and Captain America both gained their powers from super soldier serum. However, unlike Captain America, Sentry received a way more powerful version that made him almost godlike in terms of power and strength. 

Sentry can easily lift 100 tons, has molecular manipulation powers, and also seems to be virtually invincible. To a point, it'd seem like they made him into a Mary Sue, but they did have one major issue with him: he is in a constant battle with his dark side. 

Either way, this guy could whoop Cap's butt, so he's definitely among the strongest Marvel superheroes out there. 


Cyttorak has been called both a god and a demon at different times, and he's helped and hurt quite a few Marvel superheroes in his comic book career. So, while he's more of a villain than a hero, he's done enough good (sorta) to be featured on this list of the most powerful Marvel superheroes. 

It's really hard to explain how powerful Cyttorak is without mentioning some of the characters who are afraid of him or invoke his name in spells. Dr. Strange, Dormmamu, and Zom have all invoked his name to get power into their spells. 

Cyttorak's gem also turns people into the Juggernaut, so there's that too. He can move between dimensions, and occasionally gets wrapped up with us mere mortals. He's beyond power, and even Galactus is afraid of him. Need we say more?

The Hulk

The Hulk might not be as "officially strong" as many of the other characters on here, but he is one of the strongest Marvel superheroes to make it to the silver screen on a regular basis. This green ball of rage regularly gets described as possessing "limitless strength," so it's safe to say that he could give most other superheroes a run for their money. 

That being said, Hulk's biggest weakness is the fact that this Hulk form doesn't have magic powers — and this list is literally chock-full of people who can do magic (or seemingly magic) things. Despite the lack of magic powers, Hulk still makes the cut simply because of his rep alone. 

Franklin Richards

If you love Fantastic Four comics, then you already know why this small child is on this list. Franklin Richards, who is the son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, is one of the strongest mutants to ever be born in the Marvel Universe — and thus is one of the strongest Marvel superheroes ever created. 

His abilities all revolve around energy projection and telekinesis, which means that he can read minds, warp reality, go back in time, and basically bend the laws of physics as he sees fit. If he were to grow up and become evil, he could literally break the entire Marvel universe with minimal force. 

Thank goodness he's on our side, eh?

Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is one of those Marvel superheroes many of us love to hate, simply because he's so 80s in design. However, as much as you might want to rag on him for his design, you can't argue with the fact that the Silver Surfer is one of the strongest Marvel superheroes to go mainstream.

He's stronger than the Hulk, and also has teleportation powers. Did we mention that he's immune to disease, has energy manipulation abilities, and also can withstand extreme heat? Yeah, he can do that too. In terms of mainstream superheroes, it's rare to see someone stronger than the Surfer.

Captain Marvel

Originally an alien from the Kree race, Mar-Vell rebelled against his planet's empire, and by doing that, became a "Protector of the Earth." Earthlings call him Captain Marvel, and considering the sheer strength of his powers, we can see why people were marveling at him. 

He helped bring down the Kree government, boasts super strength, super speed, precognition, and also could blast energy-enhanced strikes. Simply put, if you think of a superpower, he probably had some version of it. 

Surprisingly, Captain Marvel died multiple times, including succumbing one time to cancer. Despite him being dead, he's been resurrected a bunch of times, too. Death can't even stop him, and that makes him one of the strongest Marvel superheroes in Earth 616. 

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