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Systemspace: The 4chan Cult that Believes Earth Is a Simulation that's About to Be Wiped Out

Also there's a cyberpunk heaven awaiting those who sign up in time.

You're too late.

The website's countdown was over months ago.

And if you didn't sign up, your soul will be lost to oblivion in about one-hundred and fifty years.

But if you were one of the almost five thousand folks who managed to do it in time, congratulations; upon death, you will be sent to a new simulation or "System" called LFE, where each and every soul more important than anything, and were everyone is a god, and let's not forget the magic.

'Course LFE isn't all that great.  It is so massive that getting lost is easy, not to mention the typical mortal issues of wars, slavery, and so on.

But that's okay, because it's all worth it.

At least, that's what the adherents to Systemspace beleive, though you'd be hard-pressed to find one who thinks of it as a legitimate religion, rather than just, well, knowledge.

This all began early 2017, when a user who came to call himself Tsuki posted on subreddit MaladaptiveDaydreaming that he had to die before the 28th of August, because his doing so would activate the end of Life.  Not life as in that which moves our bodies and operates our brains, but Life, the simulation, or System, in which our universe resides.

This continued onto other websites—particularly /r9k/ on 4chan—and soon, a compilation of all of Tsuki's claims came together on github to be called the Compendium.

LFE exists beyond Life as a strange, cyberpunk-esque afterlife which has vast oceans of species and cultures, united by a language which is, according to Tsuki, very similar to Japanese.

If you work at it, you can even become a superhero.

There's an energy called Aurora which is effectively like a god, and it's the purest form of energy that the omniverse knows.  It has its own will, though it will typically obey those wishing to create a new System.

Interestingly, the age of consent in most of LFE is 12, as that is how long it takes for one to regain memories of their past life, that is, from previous Systems.

If you die in LFE, you are simply reborn, and, if you wish to break the cycle, you can leave LFE, or soulshatter.

Tsuki and all his partners are, however, not from the LFE System, but from another one by the name of RISEN.

RISEN is also a company, which is working alongside others such as eNdymioN, and SYNAPSE, though these companies do not exist for profiteering; think of them as non-profit organizations. 

This is all just a small piece of the lore surrounding Systemspace.

As of recently, Tsuki's identity was stolen by a friend of his, and after that, he has disappeared.  The original Systemspace website has been taken down, though a mirror still exists, maintained by Systemspace adherents while they try to find Tsuki.

The Tsuki timeline reveals that his psychologist wanted to put him on anti-psychotics, because he has been slowly losing his ability to tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

This was very upsetting to him, which may clue in to his disappearance, though many beleive he did end up committing suicide after all.

No matter where he is, a good number people signed up and became Migrants, almost five thousand.

As far as religions go, rather small, though even if Tsuki is gone and even if the entire thing was only the spawn of a disturbed mind, Systemspace, its culture, and its legacy are worth a look.

Systemspace championed, above all, individuality, which in today's society, with so much chaos and warped media, has the tendency to overlook, and five thousand people is still a pretty good number.

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Systemspace: The 4chan Cult that Believes Earth Is a Simulation that's About to Be Wiped Out
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