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Gerald Lombardo4 months ago
Jim Carrey has been raising some eyebrows recently after making a few rather bizarre public appearances (like the one below):
Ivan Neychev4 months ago
Who Will Be the Next Bond?
1.109 billion dollars. And that was the box office for just one movie of four. The latest series of James Bond films starring Daniel Craig as 007 has been the most profitable ever made—grossing over 3...
Christina St-Jean4 months ago
Should Disney Re-Hire James Gunn?
It would seem that the Guardians of the Galaxy have James Gunn's back. Gunn, who was ousted from the third installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise over tweets he made a decade ago which a...
Kate Quinn4 months ago
Johnny Depp - a Survivor, and a Hero
Johnny Depp—actor, musician and humanitarian extraordinaire—is a powerful force who never stops evolving. He is just as relevant today as he was back when Edward Scissorhands hit the silver screen and people really saw what this "pretty boy" could do. Having broken out of the mold of formula, teen magazines, and 21 Jump Street, which of course gave him his start, Johnny made his own way after Edward Scissorhands's success. Since then, he has never stopped. Like Alice Cooper, he is yet another En...
Rob Taylor5 months ago
Disney...We Need to Talk!
(Any views expressed in this article are my own.) In the past week, the world has gone into meltdown, literally and figuratively. As temperatures soar around the globe, the internet has been aflame wi...
Karl Hoscik5 months ago
Top 8 UK Youtubers
With the UK Youtube scene growing and improving day by day, I thought I'd list my top 8 Youtubers.
SKYLERIZED 5 months ago
Why Are You Ranking: Best Ways That Lindsay Lohan Is the Metaphor for America From Her Reckless to Her Most Beautiful Points
Once a darling of the cinema, actress Lindsay Lohan has experienced both the crests and the doldrums of her profession. Through bizarre run-ins with paparazzi to drug and alcohol abuse, to her romanti...
Katie McGuire5 months ago
Who Is Timothée Chalamet?
Actor on the rise Timothée Chalamet is sure to be a familiar face in the upcoming months. He recently made his breakthrough in a hit movie and has starred in many projects since then. So who is this 22-year-old French American?
Shannon 🍒5 months ago
People Who Became Famous Too Easily
In this generation, becoming well-known can be a piece of cake.
Ellowen Ophelia5 months ago
Kylie Jenner Accepts Handouts From Fans?
Kylie Jenner at 20 years old is on the forefront of becoming the world's youngest billionaire. While we don't want to dim Kylie's shine people have been making statements constantly about the legitima...
E.A. Forster5 months ago
Why ScarJo’s Choice to Play a Trans Man Really Is an Issue
I absolutely do not support Scarlett Johansson playing a trans man. I will not ever support a cis actor in a trans role, but I will not support her playing Dante “Tex” Gill in Rub and Tug and dismissi...
Wes Shiflett5 months ago
Ingmar Bergman
Swedish director Ingmar Bergman's 100th birthday is coming up on July 14 and what better way to celebrate him than to reflect upon his work. Bergman started out as theater director before transitionin...
Jessica Tanner5 months ago
Hollywood Power Couples: Part 2
The People Behind the Pen
Nattalie Gordon5 months ago
Slave Dust and Tyler Perry
Once again, the latest series of social media attacks on Tyler Perry is in full swing. Following household name Monique’s release of a recorded conversation between the two, the cyber bullies have onc...
Jessica Tanner5 months ago
Hollywood Power Couples
Creative Power Couples Ever wondered who the creators are behind some of your favorite TV shows? Sure, the actors and actresses are great, but without the writers, producers, directors, and cinematogr...
Texxx-Man Cosplay6 months ago
My Thoughts About Jason David Frank
With his loyal fans on social media supporting him all the way, Power Rangers star Jason David Frank has a fanbase who's always on his side and devoted to him. Growing up, I loved his character, Tommy...
Jordon Dumenil6 months ago
Top 10 Actors to Play the New Joker
The Joker is an extremely complex character and takes a high level of acting to play accurately, and with Martin Scorceses' upcoming film, the question being asked is who is next to take the throne as...
Christopher Hales6 months ago
Fan-Casting... Matt Reeves’ Batman Trilogy
So it’s that time of the decade again! A new director, a new direction, a new Batman. Or as we’re meant to believe, at least. The rumours have been doing the rounds for almost a year now that The DCEU...