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Maria Vikse4 days ago
Marvel Girl Power: Top 10 Hottest Female Comics Book Characters
Although male heroes outnumber female characters, the latter ones occupy a special place in each movie, always causing a stunning and memorable effect. Most likely, you are familiar with all of them b...
Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up – July Week 3, 2019
Sticking with DC and Marvel comics, the third July round-up features Batman #75, Nightwing #62, Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #1, Uncanny X-Men #22 and Loki #1.
Prior to 1992, no one—no monster, nor villain, nor alien with superior technology, had been able to put as much fear into Superman as much as this fearsome foe had: Doomsday! Doomsday evokes images of...
Why Beyonder Is Over-Powered
Superman has been said to be over-powered, and in fact, one of the most powerful characters in comic books. One character that deserves mention, however, is the Beyonder.
'Crisis on Infinite Earths'
Crisis on Infinite Earths is a company-wide DC comics crossover that featured 60 superheroes and a number of Earths from parallel universes that had been part over the years of DC Comics shared fictio...
Comic Book Battles: Superman vs Wonder Woman
The Man of Steel vs The Amazon Princess
Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up – July Week 2, 2019
For the second week of July, we are looking at another new Batman title, Batman Universe #1, while also returning to Batman #74, The Flash #74, Event Leviathan #2 and from Marvel, we have Invisible Woman #1.
The Last Batman Story Begins in 'Last Knight on Earth #1'
When DC Comics (An AT&T/Warner Media Company) announced their new imprint for adult and out-of-continuity stories called "DC Black Label" many people were skeptical of its potential. It didn't help wh...
Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up – July Week 1, 2019
We are now officially halfway through the year. Kick off the new month with DC titles Female Furies #6, DCeased #3 and Lois Lane #1, Image Comics’ Thumbs #2 and Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men #21.
SKYLERIZED 18 days ago
Reason First: Is It All over for 'Mad' Magazine?
With the cessation of Mad Magazine, it is important to take stock of what brought the nearly 70-year-old publication to a halt. Unlike ballsy rags like Charlie Hebdo, Mad lost its zest and verve. The ...
Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up - June Week 4, 2019
We end June with reviews of The Flash #73, Detective Comics #1006, the long-delayed Batman: Damned #3, War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #3 and Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Darth Vader #1.
'Static Shock': Worthy of the Silver Screen?
Soooooo... I'm a Static Shock stan. There... I said it. I've read a lot of comics and watched a ton of DC-based animated shows over the years, but Static's presence in DC via the Dakotaverse represent...
Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up – June Week 3, 2019
It’s the penultimate week of June, and this week’s round-up includes Superman: Year One #1, Batman #73, Nightwing #61, Uncanny X-Men #20 and a new entry from IDW Publishing, Usagi Yojimbo #1.
WatchMojo a month ago
Top 10 Most Disturbing Marvel Moments
The life of a superhero sure isn’t easy. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Disturbing Moments in Marvel Comics. For this list, we’re looking back at some of the darkest days ever faced by the heroes of the Marvel Universe, and moments where the funny books might have gone too far.
Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up—June Week 2, 2019
Week two of June, and my round-up includes 'Star Trek: The Q Conflict #5,' 'The Flash #72,' 'Detective Comics #1005' and 'Event Leviathan #1.' From Image Comics, I look at 'Ride: Burning Desire,' and 'Sonata #1.'
Kerri Schiffa month ago
'Dina' Graphic Novel Review
DINA: Fulfilling the Dream started off as a personal project over 10 years ago. I had just read an illustrated version of The Hobbit, and loved the idea of making illustrations for a book, so started ...
Wilfredo Martinez2 months ago
'Heroes in Crisis': The New 'Identity Crisis'
Note: This article contains spoilers to both Identity Crisis and Heroes in Crisis. Identity Crisis was a DC Comics miniseries in 2004. It was a murder mystery: Sue Dibny, the wife of the superhero Elo...
Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up – DC Comics Special
It’s weird, but this week I’ve ended up covering only DC Comics titles. My Comic Book Review Round-Up includes Superman: Leviathan Rising #1, Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1, Detective Comics Annual #2, The Wild Storm #23 and Heroes in Crisis #9.