From Marvel to DC, Geeks explores the popular and independant comic titles in the geek universe.

Sarah Quinn3 years ago
Best Steampunk Comic Books
How do you know if steampunk comic books are for you? Ask yourself if the following images would excite you: a man with a glowing furnace for a chest; a Victorian Batman in aviator goggles; pterodacty...
Matt Cates3 years ago
Iron Man’s Box Office Invincibility
With the mystic entry of Marvel’s hot n’ fresh cinema star Doctor Strange, it’s time for a peek back at who fired the MCU’s boosters in the first place. SHARP ZOOM IN on: Iron Man!
Jason Schwartz3 years ago
The 3 Best Archie Comic Crossovers 
When you hear about classic comic book characters most people don't consider Archie and his friends in that mix. However, Archie has been around since 1939 and shows no signs of slowing down. Just lik...
Matt Cates3 years ago
Which Watchman Was the Worst?
The city may fear him, but Rorschach is a bigoted virgin who never bathes and eats cold beans from the can.
Sarah Quinn3 years ago
Best Fantasy Graphic Novels for Kids
Reading children’s books is fun. Reading children’s graphic novels is even more fun. A major benefit of having kids (or nieces and nephews) is that you get to enjoy all sorts of things that you’re sup...
Anne St. Marie3 years ago
The 'Doctor Strange' Controversy: Is Marvel Whitewashing?
With Marvel’s Doctor Strange on the verge of hitting theaters everywhere, the conversation regarding it is only getting louder ---- and, with that, the controversy. Said controversy kicked off the mom...
Alysha DePerna3 years ago
Movies and TV That Helped Shape the Modern Superhero Universe   
With the recent release of Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix, and its overwhelming popularity, it’s not hard to see the impact that superheroes have on our culture. The show is a great example of the clev...
Sarah Quinn3 years ago
Funniest Webcomics for Gamer Geeks
From classics like Penny Arcade and VG Cats to newer strips like Intelligent Life, these satirical webcomics poke fun at gamers and geek culture while sharing inside jokes that never make it to mainst...
Sarah Quinn3 years ago
Dressing Up, The Geeky Way
From sedate to sexy, these amazing dresses are all you ever dreamed of in your adorable geeky heart. Maybe you’re a serious scientists or programmer; maybe you’re just extremely serious about superher...
Sarah Quinn3 years ago
Most Binge-Worthy Fantasy Webcomics (And They're Safe for Work, Too)
There’s a slew of superb fantasy webcomics to choose from these days, but some of them could get you fired (think Oglaf, one of the most notoriously NSFW fantasy strips on the internet). But you don’t...
Stephen Hamilton3 years ago
Top Super Villains Turned Superheroes 
Everyone knows that for every superhero there is a super villain. But what of the super villains turned superheroes? The super villain turned superhero is one of the most exciting devices used in comi...
Peter Carriveau3 years ago
Marvel Archenemies: The Most Heated Feuds in the Marvel Universe
Marvel archenemies have resulted in some of the most dramatic storytelling in the Marvel universe. They come in a variety of forms and occur on a multitude of levels. From the cosmic scale that can de...
Patricia Sarkar3 years ago
Best Graphic Novels for Women 
Are you a female with a huge interest in comic books and the best graphic novels for women? It may have been against the grain once upon a time, but they’re becoming more popular than ever with female...
Sarah Quinn3 years ago
Madaya Mom: How Marvel's Latest Comic Profiles A Real-Life Superhero
As starvation and death plunge the Syrian mountain town of Madaya into despair, a mother fights to keep her family alive. Since the town is under siege by the Assad regime, access to fuel, food, and e...
Jason Schwartz3 years ago
Is Magneto a Hero or Villain?
Many superhero films follow a basic dichotomy, the split between good versus evil. The good is represented by the superhero and the bad represented by the villain. The notion of good versus evil works...
Alysha DePerna3 years ago
The Best Gender-Swapped Comic Book Characters
Every once in a while, comic book characters are in for a serious makeover, whether it’s because sales are dragging, or there's been a fundamental change in the comic book universe that requires men t...
Sarah Quinn3 years ago
The Best Gifts for Wonder Woman Fangirls
Sometimes life is an uphill battle and you just need a reminder that it’s worth fighting for. Whether you’re the one who loves everything about Wonder Woman or you’ve got a friend who idolizes her, yo...
Patricia Sarkar3 years ago
Richest Comic Book Characters
Calculating who the richest comic book characters are can be extremely difficult. The wealth of some of these characters would need to be adjusted for inflation. For others, their true worth has never...